Nobody’s Fool: Tiffany Haddish remains incredibly active as popularity expands

Tiffany and Tika team up in “Nobody’s Fool.”

Crazy Tiffany is “Nobody’s Fool.”

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LOS ANGELES — She hosted the MTV Movie Awards. She emcee’d Saturday Night Live. And she starred alongside Tracy Morgan in the hit TNT comedy “The Last O.G.” Needless to say, it’s been a busy, yet remunerative 2018 for ‘Girls Trip’ alum Tiffany Haddish and she certainly warrants credit for striking while the iron’s hot. Roughly a month after the release of Tiffany’s “Night School,” the 38-year-old comedienne is back for more chortles in Tyler Perry’s newest farce “Nobody’s Fool.”

In the film, Tiffany portrays a latterly paroled ex-convict who fuses an amalgamation with her Boujee corporate sister (Tika Sumpter) to help nab a “catfish” posing as an eligible bachelor.

Joining Tiffany and Tika onscreen are adept thespians Whoopi Goldberg and Omari Hardwick. The flick, of course, is written and directed by Perry. His renowned alter-ego, Madea, isn’t in the film. “Hallelujer!” But the pistol-packin’ granny certainly deserves a break after engendering boatloads of mazuma for Perry’s long-running cinematic franchise.

Madea has grossed roughly a half billion dollars worldwide through an octet of familial comedies.

“Nobody’s Fool” hits theaters Nov. 2nd.

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  1. More black imagery to set black ppl back by tyler Perry what a shocker.

  2. Beatrice Martinez

    Omg I wanna go see this movie

  3. Love Tiffany enough to see it even if whoopi is in it

  4. so many loud negative stereotypes. I’m sure white people will eat this up

  5. BLack filth…this colored has gone from wearing a dress to telling black vaginas to keep on being a real good filthy ghettogagging whore for white boys.pitiful.

  6. Shanika Patterson

    Lol seriously not interested. How someone make a movie with that title but is a fool themself. Lol things people do for money.

  7. Please stop with these damn movies. She’s a walking caricature of a stereotypical black women and it makes us look bad. Sadly we aren’t seen as individuals but as a one.

  8. Deonna Whitaker

    I love it, im not racist but i love to see a good all black cast just like white people be having a good all white cast no matter your race every race got talent.

  9. This looks like its gonna be REALLY funny

  10. People did say Girls Trip was gonna be wack and it wasn’t so bye negativity. ……

  11. nancy ediagbonya

    Maaaan,Tiffany is starring in movies and tv shows left and right!!! I love it!!!❤❤❤

  12. RoyalMasterpiece

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I’m so happy to see Whoppi acting again. I just love her!!!! She’s such a legend! This looks so funny! Thank you Tyler Perry and Paramount Pictures!!!!

  13. Love you Tiffany.
    You deserve everything that’s coming.

  14. I understand people being concerned about the image of black women … But at the same time Tiffany has JUST made it to the big leagues and ALREADY y’all talking about typecast. She’s famous for being funny and most comedians make movies acting the very same way they do in their comedies. This is not really out of the ordinary and is what is making her big and make bank at the moment. People offer you roles at least initially … based on your brand knowing that your brand will sell the film. If at some point down the line she wants to be a more serious actress then hopefully she can explore that. But I think this whole issue of race is a lot more nuanced that people are treating it … It’s like .. can’t an individual do anything they actually like even if it’s being ratchet? Or do they need to be in lockdown to protect the entire black identity? I see some people citing Monique’s dramatic role and Oscar win. But even THAT was criticized .. Halle Berry’s win was criticized … Octavia Spencer, Denzel, Lupita … On and on and on because of the roles they won it for.

  15. this movie was great and had a great message! Tiffany made the movie!

  16. Dominique Crutchfield

    This movie was so dam funny and I’m glad they had Tiffany haddish in this movie

  17. Noelia Gonzalez

    Not everyone grew up in yhe hood so those that can relate to her comedy will find if funny and some won’t find it funny, I watched it and I thought it was entertaining.

  18. This movie was great and 😂

  19. This movie is epic lol funny as hell

  20. Racist movie. Where are whites Asian indians?

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