Will Smith laments marital shortcomings during shocking Facebook Watch Q&A

Will Smith joins the ladies to talk love and marriage.

Will Smith talks marital failures. 

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LOS ANGELES — At one point… Will Smith was such an egregious husband, his wife Jada Pinkett Smith “cried 45 days straight” — this according to the 50-year-old thespian who spilled the beans during a preview for the forthcoming season of Red Table Talk — a Facebook Watch conclave that features Jada, her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones and eccentric daughter Willow Smith. We’re talkin’ three generations of ladies. Will, who appeared as a guest, broke down during the avowal.

“There was a period where mommy woke up and cried 45 days straight,” Will explained to Willow. “It was every morning. I think it’s the worst I ever felt in our marriage. I was failing miserably.” After he finished, Willow simply said “Damn!” Hmm… 45 consecutive days. What did he do?

Guess we’ll find out when we watch the interview in its entirety on the season premiere scheduled to kick off Oct. 22nd. But wait, there’s more. Will ain’t the only celeb telling his business. Former King of Queens icon Leah Remini will make a guest appearance to confabulate on Scientology.

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo will also appear on the show to concoct a disquisition on race.

Are you ready for Red Table Talk?

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  1. Whatever it was that they were going through at that time, am glad to see that they’ve moved past it and worked through their marital issues. Regardless of wealth and fame, Will and Jada are still human. They are still flawed people with their own individual trials and tribulations that they face or have to work on. Wealth doesn’t equal perfection. I admire their growth and their solidarity as a couple and especially as a black couple, it’s very important to see strong, beautifully flawed images of people that go through shit and come out on the other side.

  2. DaMarkis Brown

    So excited for the Will and Leah Remini episodes (i can listen to Listen to Leah talk about scientology for hours its so twisted & sad yet, interesting!)

  3. sounds like they got separated somewhere and now they just staying together on a family connection father mother best friend zone i think too it has to do with their children and how that would be if they spilt thee affect and also what the world would say cause their such a strong couple well that’s what they’ve shown us over the years…just my thoughts and i strongly believe this I’ve been watching both of them together and apart

  4. So y’all divorced 😐

  5. i love how open and honest he can be and the bond that they have its a beautiful thing

  6. I mean I can’t lie, Jada got finer!! Dayum!! Sorry Will

  7. Reabetswe Iman Moabi

    Will is gay…. I’ve been saying for a long time

  8. Govind Krishnan

    You know this family rich because Jada was crying 45 days straight and her kids didn’t hear it. That’s a big ass house!

  9. I will definitely be watching this amazingly talented family. God bless each and everyone of you on this journey called life.

  10. I am putting out in the atmosphere that I will be sitting at the red table telling my own story and will have my own table where others will tell their own stories. I decree and declare it. – Amen ✊ ✌

  11. Angelique Skyë

    If their marriage works for them then who are we to judge. I’m glad they’re happy and healthy.

  12. Dr.DisRespect 2x

    Will: You’re not breaking me today Jada
    Jada: I’ve broken you enough
    Will: !!!!TRIGGERED!!!!

  13. Now I See And Understand Why Their Kids Are Sooooo Confused And Fok’d-Up Smh…..

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