The Conners: Roseanne character suffers narcotic overdose durin’ season premiere

Roseanne dies a junkie on ‘The Conners.’

Roseanne Conner resting in peace.

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LOS ANGELES — Surly matriarch Roseanne Conner died from an accidental opioid overdose Tuesday night during the season premiere of “The Conners” on Disney-owned channel ABC. The character’s quietus became inevitable when embattled comic Roseanne Barr tweeted a juxtaposition in May comparing Valerie Jarrett to an ape. Valerie, in case you don’t know, was Barack Obama’s senior advisor when he held presidential office. Realizing she screwed up, Roseanne apologized publicly.

The 65-year-old humorist said the tweet was political, not racist. But network officials didn’t buy it. ABC canceled the reboot of “Roseanne” shortly after the tweet. The original show ran from 1988 to 1997. Roseanne also took offense to the way her character was given a dirt nap.

In her mind, a drug overdose bespoke poor taste and brazen insensitivity.

They could’ve had her get hit by a bus, or choke on a chicken bone.

But, a drug overdose?

Now fans will remember the iconic TV mom as a sitcom junkie.

“We regret that ABC chose to cancel Roseanne by killing off the Roseanne Conner character,” she said in a statement. “That it was done through an opioid overdose lent an unnecessary grim and morbid dimension to an otherwise happy family show.”

Do you think the program will survive without Roseanne?

Did ABC make a mistake by firing her?

Should they bring her back?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Roseanne should come up with a spinoff that is just different enough that ABC can’t do anything about it and put it on fox. That I would watch but I will never watch the Conners. The Conners is not a spinoff, it’s a joke.

  2. Debra Stiffler

    How absurd, why would her co staff members would let that show line proceed. Back stabber, they all owe her so much and this is how they pay her back. CLASSY .🤤😨

  3. Crimson Courtney

    Roseanne could come back as a ghost to haunt the remaining cast for their disloyalty.

  4. The cast should have stepped up and did the right thing. Not one of them would even have a carrier if it wasn’t for Roseanne. The network should be worried, the show is going to fail and they can’t do anything about it. It’s dead on arrival.

  5. ABC showed their true colors, and it isn’t about empathy… or morals… it’s about MONEY! Everyone knows someone that is either addicted or dead from opioids. Instead of attacking Roseanns, attack Pharma. they are the true villains.

  6. Not interested without Roseanne

  7. just watched the first few minutes of the Connors (that’s all I could stomach) and not that I am in anyway supporting this show but I wanted to see for myself where they would take it and man oh man it was so uncomfortable to watch. The jokes were bad and all the cast seemed uncomfortable with each other. I will not be watching this again and I just hope they cancel it.

  8. To me it sounds like ABC already had something up their sleeves. To have Rosanna get addicted to pain pills,sounds like railroad was already in the making. It was so easy to write Rosanna as a junky, ABC should be ashamed of themselves. I saw it just to see how ABC would kill her character off,but instead of showing Grace to a larger than life person…. Well y’all showed the true character you hypocrite really are. Sincerely Lisa Herrera

  9. Everyone knows Roseanne is not a racist!
    I hope the Connors fails bigly!!

  10. The Gonners!

  11. Low ratings for THE CONNORS…..that’s whatcha get for getting all politically correct with the star of the show 💕💕

  12. It is just Entertainment, people, i hope Roseanne stayed with a percentage of her show because she can retire with the show’s profits. Love u Roseanne.

  13. What I don’t like is the WAY they killed Roseanne off. It would have been better had she just had a heart attack. But an opioid overdose from pills that weren’t even prescribed to her??????? I watched Roseanne since it first premiered back in 1988. The thing I like best about Roseanne Connor is that despite all she went through in life, she remained STRONG and she was the rock that kept her family together. Abused as a child, saw her sister get abused by a boyfriend, saw her daughter marry a bum, her other daughter get pregnant out of wedlock, her grandchild almost die as a newborn and her husband suffer a heart attack. She worked crap jobs at a factory and a burgher joint with a high school student as her boss. Yet through it all she remained strong, determined and was a fighter. She never gave up. Its what I LOVED about the character. And to have her succumb to being an addict and die, its like a slap in the face. I feel that Roseanne was stronger than that. Its almost as if the writers and network were trying to get back at Roseanne some way.

  14. Marie Marchant

    Crazy! ABC lets Whoopie and Joy on The View curse, yell, treat guests like dirt and walk off the set when they don’t agree with what you are saying! Roseanne made a mistake. Take the View off of the air!!! ABC BIG mistake!!! Show won’t make it!!!

  15. Oldladyinabigtruck

    Who would watch Roseanne without Roseanne that just stupid didn’t waste my time

  16. kareenacat Hart

    I mean she employed them since they were babies …I personally think they all threw her under the bus big time… she apologized … they could have banned with her… I guess a lot more going on that meets the eye …I think it’s weird …the only one I like is the one who plays Roseanne’s sister… even John Goodman is weird …. well I guess time will tell if they survive….

  17. I watched it and it pissed me off.

    Drug addiction wasn’t just a way to take yet another shot at her, it was also a way to explain her support for Trump.
    Worst of all, they used drug use to portray HER, as betraying the family.

  18. The people that should have died from a drug overdose are the ABC executives for making such a bone headed move firing Roseanne Barr. This show is doomed.

  19. Larry Strickland

    Roseann was the show. ABC should humble themselves and hire her back immediately! With an apology and a raise, new contract. After all what she tweeted was true and not racism! America needs to remember comedians do not have any restraints to what they consider funny!!

  20. Smoke through the giggles

    Roseanne might not be perfect but America loves her!
    Killing her character off with pills was a disgrace to those of us who grew up watching her. I won’t be watching the new show.

  21. BYE conners thx for ruining the legacy of my fav show of all time because of a misunderstood tweet. male comics say the most horrendous stuff ever and people LAUGH…..

  22. They should rename the show to “The Backstabbers.” 😂 Not watching this.

  23. How is calling a woman who looks white and looks like a Planet of the Apes character racist?

    Yet black men who don’t dress like rappers are called Carlton, as in the character from Fresh Prince of Bell Air.

  24. The show is hot garbage. None those actors are good enough. Roseanne was the draw, take her out and you have nothing. People tuned in to check it out. Watch the dive on the next episode.

  25. Gerald Pauschmann

    The Connors without Roseanne is like an Island without Gilligan

  26. The Connors show has no class.. they were actually making jokes while dealing with her death?? I didn’t watch it and I refuse to watch it but from the clip I saw here that you showed is very heavy and sad and dead and empty without Roseanne Roseanne was the show Roseanne without her this show sucks

  27. I will never forgive ABC Disney for screwing over Roseanne. I will never watch The Conners.

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