Former NFL wideout Rae Carruth leaves penitentiary seeking rehab & forgiveness

Rae Carruth released from prison after 17 years/ABC News

Carruth now free, challenges await.

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CLINTON — After serving 17 years in the joint, former NFL wideout Rae Carruth is a free man. Carruth, if you recall, was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder in 2001 after he remunerated callous hit man Van Brett Watkins for extirpating Cherica Adams, his pregnant baby mama, because… he didn’t want to pay child support. Cherica, 24, was shot four times while driving her BMW. Watkins, who received 40 years behind bars, pulled up to the side of Cherica’s vehicle and let his gat explode.

The gravid damsel died at an area hospital but her baby survived after being surgically removed from her womb via C-Section. The rescue didn’t come without a corollary. Due to deprivation of blood and oxygen, Cherica’s baby boy suffered colossal brain damage that rendered him handicapped.

Today, Chancellor Lee Adams is 18-years-old with cerebral palsy. He’s stuck with a caregiver for the rest of his life… thanks to dad. Back to Rae. Around 7 AM CST Monday morning, Carruth sauntered through the security gate at Sampson Correctional Institution in Clinton, North Carolina.

Amid a smattering of applause, Carruth jumped into a white Chevy Tahoe and burned out without speaking to reporters. He did, however, chat with WSOC-TV on Sunday in a phone interview. “I’m excited about just being out of here,” said Carruth who’ll spend 9 months in a post-release program.

“I’m nervous just about how I’ll be received by the public.”

Um… Rae, don’t expect any cake, balloons and party favors no time soon.

There’s a vocal majority who’d still like to see you in prison.

“I still have to work. I still have to live,” Rae said.

“I have to exist out there and it just seems like there is so much hate and negativity toward me. I’m actually somewhat frightened.”

When asked if he plans to form a relationship with his disabled son, Rae brushed off the question.

Do you think he feels too much culpability to start something with Chancellor?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Wow this fool is free and his son is without his mother what a system!!!!

  2. The African KING Somali warrior

    Welcome home HERO
    Fuck these hoes

  3. Rebecca Bonaparte

    There are a lot of disgusting garbage in America and this dude is the stinkiest. He should be tortured. The girl, Cherica lost her life, why should this filthy animal get to live ?

  4. margaret frost

    This broke my heart when he did this crime!, the strength of Cherica in the hospital writing down stuff to help and her son was hartwrenching! Such a BASTARD to do this to her & his son. I always felt he deserved life in prison

  5. Rae Carruth and George Zimmerman FREE! The system is fucked up system, Ms Adams RIP

  6. Let’s not forget, the pregnant broad was a hood rat stripper who threatened to extort him and ruin his life. Not defending him, just saying let’s not portray her like she was some saint. In any situation i always feel for the kids because they suffer the most.

  7. Fuck thos dude. Rehabilitation or not…..a killer is a killer. Plus he was on some bullshit

  8. Glad this man is free. Live your life man.

  9. wtf….how in the flying fuk dis man gets released……he killed his bm nd threw her n the trunk or sumthing like that…..this world we living in is sumthing krazy😟🙈🤔

  10. If that had been a white woman that he killed his black ass would’ve never seen daylight again…… Fucking Coward.

  11. He killed his pregnant wife right… And hid in the trunk😕

  12. One Angry Blackman

    A true piece of shit 💩

  13. Damn shame, RIP Cherica Adams


    I’m 1 of 10 people who still remember Rae Carruth

  15. Don’t be surprised if some DUMB HO MARRIES RAE LATER !

  16. Rae could’ve had a son who may have carried on his NFL legacy, but instead he disabled the kid

  17. I think he is a narcissistic sociopath who hasn’t changed.

  18. Roderick Davis

    Dude You will never be comfortable in American Society.

  19. There is a saying a fool and his money will soon part…you was getting NFL checks

  20. There is no way in hell I would EVER let that poor child around that wild animal!! IN LIFE!!!

  21. Sick. This man does less than 20 years for ordering the murder of a pregnant woman. While countless non violent drugs offenders are currently serving anywhere from 25 to life. Unreal…

  22. I remember the case and it was awful then and just as bad now. He definitely has no rights to custody of his son however I think he she be able to see him and spend time with him because he is the reason his son is in the condition that he is in. He should have to pay child support and have mandatory supervised visitation. I do understand that his son is over 18 however due to his limitations I’m sure he requires guardianship. My prayers go out to them all for peace love and forgiveness

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