Black music teacher punches kid in class because student called him a “n*gger”

Marston Riley assaulted one of his students in class.

Black teacher goes Tyson on student.

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MAYWOOD – This week’s “I Messed Up A Good Job Award” belongs to Marston Riley, a California music teacher at Maywood Academy High, who apparently saved his greatest hits for a recalcitrant student. Marston, a 64-year-old black man, reportedly told the kid he was donning the wrong school uniform. Rather than respect his elders, the 14-year-old Hispanic student responded by calling him a n*gger and b*tch repeatedly in front of the entire class. The churlish teen also cussed him out (drawing laughter from the audience) before throwing a basketball at him. The incident took place on Friday.

Perhaps humiliated over the comical series of events, Marston completely snapped by knockin’ the hell out of the kid. When other students tried to intervene, a berserk Marston simply shoved them aside and proceeded to hurl a plethora of batter. At one point, Marston used his cell phone to wallop the scrawny youngster upside the head.

Students recorded the lopsided ordeal on their mobile devices. Police eventually responded to the scene to throw Marston’s black ass in jail. He now faces multiple charges tied to child abuse and assault. Marston’s scholastic career is pretty much in the toilet over a hard-headed pupil.

Yes, the kid instigated the grapple.

But, at 64-years-old, Marston should’ve known better.

Watch the disturbing footage.

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  1. Shout out to the one kid who keyed “Uh Oh” with his saxophone, good one. 🎷

  2. Fuck this young generation not matter what colour everyone think it’s cool to say n word when it ain’t

  3. That kid’s parents need their asses beat. Who raises a disrespectful little shit like this?

  4. Siren TheRocker

    Why did he not buzz the office 5 min ago and have him escorted out?

  5. That’s what the little piece of shit gets. Trying to show off in front of your ghetto band class. You got fucked up little Taco Bell eating bitch. Fuck that kid!

  6. That stuck up coward boy totally deserved that ass whoopin that his parents failed to give to him. His parents are also to blame for allowing that trashy kid to have that foul attitude.

  7. I am with the “student” on this one. Most teachers are members of the NEA A SUPER left wing group that helped create this monster. It is hilarious to see the trainer bit by the trainee with the trainer clueless as to how the trainee got SO VIOLENT. RED WAVE!!!! Unfortunately, the teacher will learn nothing. :-(

  8. Wanna talk like a man better be ready to fight like one

  9. Apparently from the video, this kid is very disrespectful and too mouthy and confrontational. He needed some good discipline but unfortunately the American and western systems do not allow that! This hardly happens in most countries because if you simply disobey or don’t do your homework you would get a good bamboo lashing in your buttock, let alone talking back and mouthing teachers. The system in the US spoils students and emboldens them making them think it’s cool to be so intimidating, disrespectful and give too much tasteless attitude to teachers. A teacher in most cultures is almost like a holly person, almost like your mom who gave you life.

  10. Righteous beatdown!!! Nothing but disrespect, street slang and insults came out of the gang bangers mouth. Teacher showed a lot of restraint and finally took action. Good on him.

  11. That’s crazy but the student talked smack and got laid out 🤣

  12. Teachers are verbally abused (and physically) each day. I guess this verbose child discovered there are consequences for your actions. Most teachers just take it. Send them to the office and they come back soon after smiling. There was a time a child would never even think of this. You know why? Because they would get their ass beat at school and at home. Now its a free for all and our schools are failing? Nope. Society and parents have failed in holding children *(and adults) accountable.

  13. I give that teacher props. I wouldn’t have lasted as long as he did without beating that little punks ass. Someone could only be pushed so much.
    What’s really sad is if the teacher didnt throw down and turned the little puke in nothing would have happened to the student. He would have got a lecture because its an “alternative” school.

  14. hard eating tacos with a fat lip…… lol

  15. Renee Benavidez

    Kids have no respect!!! Look at all those kids laughing and thinking it’s funny. The teacher should have not hurt that student, but this probably goes on every single day! The public school system is getting worse. Kids are given so much room to do whatever they want with no consequences for their actions. It needs to go back to old school traditional discipline. This is so sad because this is our future. No respect.

  16. As a retired cerified Youth Advocate, I applaud him. Modern day disobedience calls for a modern day swat. In regards to the teen, I’m almost sure it’s learned behavior; probably from a racist home. “Mr. Tough Guy” begged for that sort of attention, and he got it. The instructor should be left alone! He’s a good person loved by many. Reprimand (according to school codes) and give him his job back. Or continue to send a negative message to society.💜✌🏾

  17. Jeremiah D. Kimbrough

    I hate the News because they show the public what they want to see for views. On top of that it’s like the world in general forgot that tough love goes a long way when you being disrespectful sometimes getting knocked in your mouth is what you need not what you deserve. In my eyes that teacher basically showed him when you talk a lot of spit to people some of them are going to put they hands on you. People aren’t going to walk around letting you say what you want to them that’s not the way the world works. Oh, it didn’t need to escalate really,really. If you old enough to use profanity then you old enough to get knocked in the mouth too.

  18. Well he clearly gave the teenager what he wanted- the kid REAAAALLY wanted a fight! The teacher is 64? Dang!

  19. Ahilleas Tsavalos

    He’s in the right, that educator is cool…. give him a raise

  20. latengocomoburro

    Mr Riley warned him several times “you better leave”, “you better leave” and he did not do so WHAAM!!!!! The Mexican kid got what he deserved and more

  21. FunKitYourSelf

    We should get a crowdfunding started for this teacher.

  22. Thank you band teacher for playing music on his ass

  23. I say good for the teacher!! I have 2 teenage sons, one of which is very disrespectful. If I saw this tape of my son behaving this way I would advocate for the teacher.

  24. Austin Buckley

    This seems like a set up to me. The cell phones were ready and this punk provoked the teacher to fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and his friends wanted to see if they could get him fired. As an educator for the past 11 years, I have seen students conspire against teachers they didn’t like. I had one student try and set me up once but thankfully I was all the wiser to his intentions. I definitely feel for this teacher because being an educator in this day in age is scary and you put up with a lot of BS and disrespect. I would have told that kid that I’m not going to fight him because I’m not going to jail for assaulting a minor. Then I would buzz the office and explain that I am being threatened and need security ASAP. Easier said than done though.

  25. Lock the parents of this disrespectful kid up they dam sure never taught him any and lock the kid up with them then the dad will blister his little ass for having them locked up!!!!

  26. it takes 3 seconds to go out of the room and call security. Worse situations than this has happened at my highschool in queens. Each damn time you beat your ass they had security take care of the little cockroach. But ask this, what’s the point of fighting? What do you gain from this in the end? I blame both, more on the kid of course.

  27. Hey draco malfoy, you are obvioulsy not a teacher, so let me enlighten you. A teacher is not allowed to leave a classroom full of kids for any reason. I’ve seen teachers written up for going to get help when a fight broke out in their room because they left the class unattended. It takes security time to get to the classroom, some schools are very large and who knows where the guard is at the time they are called for. The problem starts at home. No fathers, all these boys want to get girls pregnant to start their own tribe of kids, that the government can take care of, so they have bragging rights. But the girls still want to go our and party, so their moms raise these hellcats. The girls are just as bad these days. Bring back paddling and you would see a HUGE difference in their disrespectful attitudes. Give the teacher a raise for combat pay.

  28. ThePeoplesChamp

    I’m not sure if people understand that the teacher was assaulted before throwing the punch. He assaulted the teacher when he threaten to do bodily harm to him, yes a threat like that is an assault. That also opens the door for the teacher to claim self defense.

  29. Got his ass WHOOPED by a geriatric! Best lesson that teacher’s taught to date.


  31. That little shit had it coming. And someone needs to beat the crap out of the kid who hit him from behind.

  32. If that was my son talking to that teacher like that, I would shake the teacher’s hand. My son knows better!!!!

  33. I seen the whole video about 20 times and I still agree with the teacher😡😡😡😡😡

  34. That should have been the day he took his ass home and his parents should have beat his ass again so bad he would prayed the teacher actually knocked him out the first throw. Imagine his filthy ass around family if he acts like this at school. His fail is well deserved. Lord knew what he allowed. Boy ain’t dead, right? #nocharges #deservedit 👏👏👏👏

  35. He’s innocent. Free the black teacher 👨‍🏫

  36. Mr Riley, you stopped too soon. Next time kick that mother fkrs ass!!!!

  37. bitch move…. teacher should pick on somebody his own size

  38. Mr. Marston Riley is indeed a good band teacher. He only hit the student in self-defense because the student called him a racial slur, which was definitely unnecessary. The student should have been expelled for that. When I was in high school in South Texas, I had one African-American teacher who was cool with us. She probably passed away a few years back during my adult years.

  39. A squeaky voiced, prepubescent, wannabe thug assaulted his teacher, degraded his teacher, harassed his teacher and threatened his teacher. But, when the teacher defends himself, it’s suddenly a travesty for the ignorant child instigating the altercation. I fully support the teacher and cannot understand why criminal charges have not been issued against the squeaker for assaulting and threatening his teacher. This new society in which we live has its priorities entirely backwards; people believe that they can say and/or do whatever they want without risk of retaliation from the target of said attack. It’s time these kids learn to respect adults, because a squeaker will never have the ability to beat down a grown man.

  40. If you watch the whole video, the kid threw the basketball at the teacher. If I were the teacher the kid would be in the morgue not the hospital. The disrespectful kid got what he deserved.

  41. This brat needed a good ass whoopin’. People think this kind of thing is uncalled for, but let him go out in the “real world” acting like he acted in that classroom. Kid is going to wind up dead or in prison. Then the narrative will be: “He was such a sweet boy”.

  42. Personally, i think he should have stopped after 1 punch but that kid should’ve just left him alone, teachers have to do deal with their know-it-all hormonal asses all day and why does he get to sit their and harass his teacher while the teacher is defenseless. I dont think violence was the answer but i also don’t think the teacher was in the wrong.

  43. When you first see this you only see a grow man hitting a child. Yes , the child was disrespectful. That doesn’t give anyone the right to hit someone. The child should have been room from the class and not punched. I was not there but I have had to deal with adults and children that need to be restrained. You don’t what is required to stay save and control the situation. We live in the moment his actions can be taken back, we can use this as a lesson and take the “Test ” Again..Teach love and this would ” Never” happen. Do you love me?

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