Lady offers to trade dog for baby before attempting to walk off with the kid

Rachel Youngs almost had her baby stolen at Target.

Woman tries to abduct a baby.

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SHAWNEE, Kan — Rachel Youngs freaked out the other day when a woman tried to kidnap her 9-week-old baby while she shopped at Target in Shawnee, Kansas. The near-theft took place on Friday. Rachel was in the parking lot when a strange woman with a dog suddenly approached her. “I made a comment on how cute her dog was,” Rachel said. “She went around to the front of my car and made a comment about how cute my baby is. She made a comment saying, ‘yeah, I’ll trade you my dog for your baby,’ and I thought she was joking.”

Turns out, the woman was serious as hell.

As their cordial conversation progressed, Rachel let the loony chick hold her baby. The next thing you know, the sordid damsel tried to walk off with the kid. “As she’s holding my baby, she started saying weird things (like) ‘do you have a godmother?'” Rachel said.

“I said no, and she said, ‘I’d love to be your godmother, I’ll split everything 50/50.’ And I was like this is kind of weird, like, who says this to a random person?”

Rachel chased down the crazy woman who reluctantly handed over the child. At one point during their confabulation, the insane damsel said she had criminal record. “She says, just so you know, I was arrested for attempted kidnapping,” Rachel said.

“That’s when I was like, okay you know what, there’s something wrong. All of a sudden, this woman starts walking off with my daughter, and I yelled to her, I said, ‘I need my baby back!'”

Rachel eventually called the cops but they couldn’t seek an arrest because she gave the demented lady permission to carry her neonate. “They just said, ‘well, there’s nothing we can really do because you technically gave her permission to hold your baby,'” Rachel said.

“And my exact words were, ‘okay, so me giving her permission to hold my baby for a couple minutes gives her permission to take off with my child?”

What’s your take?

Do you agree with Rachel or the police?

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  1. First offense of child abduction should be mandatory life sentence.

  2. I remember when i was little i went to mcdonalds and this guy in a wheelchair kept smiling at me and i went back inside to get more soda, and the guy kept cornering me and i was so scared and my brother went in at the right time and probably saved my life. Thank god the guy was in a wheelchair i wouldve been toast

  3. Tasha Williams

    The mother should be charged with neglect.

  4. Never let strangers hold your baby

  5. That mother is an IDIOT for letting a basket case near her baby.

  6. OMG I cannot believe these sick people this is happening in broad daylight, thankfully we have cameras everywhere now

  7. This is why I do martial arts.

  8. mandatory life sentence. we cannot have these vultures prowling around the streets.

  9. Keepin it Real

    this can’t be real…. a dog for a baby?????

  10. this kind of shit only happens to white people lol

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