President Trump slammed CNN reporter, calling him a ‘rude and terrible’ person

President Trump slams Jim Acosta at news conference.

Grumpy Trump in sour media mood.

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WASHINGTON — The Commander in Chief appears to be a sore loser. Perhaps livid that rival Democrats have taken over the house, President Donald Trump went postal on CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta on Wednesday after the 47-year-old political correspondent asked too many damn questions relative to the migrant caravan and Russian probe. As the quarrel intensified, a bellicose Acosta refused to unfetter the microphone as a White House aide kindly reached for it.

“That’s enough. Put down the mic,” said a truculent Trump who appeared ready to step away from the podium and kick some ass. “I tell you what, CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a rude, terrible person, you shouldn’t be working for CNN.”

Trump also went after members of his own party, including Utah Rep. Mia Love who he claims distanced herself from his administration. He even made fun of her defeat in Utah’s 4th Congressional District. “Mia Love gave me no love and she lost,” Trump said. “Too bad. Sorry about that, Mia.”

After the confrontation, the White House suspended Acosta’s press pass.

CNN returned the favor on Twitter, calling Trump’s assault on media “un-American.”

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  1. Trump is mentally and emotionally compromised on a daily basis. He’s not fit to be POTUS. Look at him belittling people and pointing at people like that.
    He refuses to answer questions regardless of his feelings on CNN and other news companies.
    He doesn’t let people speak their mind and ask questions if it’s difficult for him and or doesn’t agree with his agenda.
    … SMH. Seriously. This is how Trump behaves during a press conference?

    Trump is looking at people as if he’s king of the US.
    Trump is POTUS. He’s supposed to be serving the need and well being of Americans. He’s not and he hasn’t been.

    If RoboCop was here .. 🤣

  2. Who this chick grabbing microphones, Jim acosta need a lesson from a pimp named slickback on the fine art of keeping your pimp hand strong . That is crazy she got up and did that lol. Trump just brings out the stupid in everyone .


  4. The Press is a bunch of rude people that can’t wait their turn. When it is their turn, like Jim Acosta, they hog all of the attention like no one else matters. Very rude! If I was President I would be yanking some press passes and telling the media bosses that they need to send another reporter that isn’t so rude. Ask one question, wait for the response, ask a quick follow-up question if you have one, and then hand the microphone to the next reporter.

  5. tehkoalainsurgency

    Jim Acosta doesn’t have to respect the president but he’s disrespecting other journalists by taking up their time. He was allowed to ask his question then he kept going with additional unrelated questions. The guy doesn’t play by the same rules the rest of the journalists play by.

  6. Acosta BANNED from White House. #goodriddance


    This Nation is currently a cartoon.

  8. i just came here to say… jim acosta and cnn are fake news. have a good day.


  10. A REAL “reporter” does NOT START a question with “I want to challenge you on..” and then proceed to give liberal talking points and argue with the President of the United States! WTH??!!

  11. trump dont give a fuck he’ll say anything, anytime, anywhere

  12. CNN is pathetic!

  13. Toadley Browne

    If Jim Acosta or anyone who looks like Jim Acosta interrupts the President, a device or “trap door” will be activated where he will be dropped into a room where he will be required to listen to the sound track from the Beverly Hillbillies for no less than 12 hours. At which time he may return to future conferences. After 3 violations, the music room will be replaced with Alligators and he will spend no less than 12 hours with the Alligators. (I know it’s silly but we are all tired of Jim Acosta)

  14. american express

    I ain’t go no pantiesz on 😂👋

  15. Nobody has an inherent right to be at a press conference or to behave like a partisan hack (as Acosta is).


    CNN and Acosta made a BIG mistake! Now they have to deal with the TRUMP CURSE! When anyone goes after Trump it comes back on them! Only a matter of time now!

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