Chiefs QB Mahomes experiences family emergency during live gameday action

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Mahomes’ girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, loses her stepfather.

Mahomes’ chick loses stepfather.

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KANSAS CITY — Shortly after his team registered a 26-14 shellacking of the Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes eschewed the postgame news conference to deal with a family emergency. His girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, posted a doleful message on Instagram — explaining that her stepfather, Paul Massey, had collapsed and died outside of Arrowhead Stadium prior to opening kickoff. “Today is a day I will never forget!” Brittany wrote. “Directly after this picture I sprinted to the front entrance to see my step dad passed out! He did not come back from this and he was called to heaven today!”

Paul attended the game with Patrick’s father. Stadium officials confirmed paramedics responded to the scene. But resuscitation efforts came up short. Patrick said he didn’t find out anything until after the game. But he appeared to play with a heavy heart. He wasn’t his normal jovial self.

Critics are lambasting Brittany’s decision to post on social media while a loved one died.

Do you agree with them?

Was the announcement done in poor taste?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I don’t understand people today. If I experienced the death of a family member or friend, I’m sure not hopping on social media right after. I’d be a little more focused on what just happened. But having been a casualty notification manager/family liaison, I can sadly say this is a growing problem. When you have families to notify you have to do it very fast these days because in many cases loved ones are learning very bad news over facebook and twitter

  2. I’m sort of curious. Her stepfather died at the stadium and she is smiling sending out messages. The Quarterback looks more upset than she does. If I were him, I would think twice about taking this relationship much further.

  3. I read the article and have to say that under the circumstances a more somber post might have been more appropriate. It was of course her own choice to post what she did along with the smiling photo but it was in poor taste. The smiling photo and the exclamation points make it appear as if she was happy that her step father had collapsed and died before the game.

  4. Don’t forget…. you see that picture of her that she thinks is so amazing (it’s not) you then have to swipe right a few times to see the pics of step dad not making it at the hospital. Millennials… please put the phone down occasionally and rejoin life.

  5. IWantToBelieve

    I know everyone grieves differently, but it makes me uncomfortable that she posted a picture of herself in a post talking about her stepfather’s death. She also sounds really happy for some reason. It seems kinda disrespectful and weird.

  6. “Today is a day I will never forget!”
    Doesn’t that sound like the opening sentence to something good & joyous happening in one’s life..?? Especially with that smiling picture of her to go along with that quote..??

  7. She seems awfully cheerful/excited about the whole thing. Kind of creepy. Most normal people, if they were on Instagram at all after a family death, would post a picture of their family member with the news that he had passed away, not a picture of their own self grinning with a caption like “My stepfather was called to Heaven today! I know he is so happy up there!!!” Too weird for me.

  8. Sorry, but the last thing that I even wanted to do was post on Social Media after my mom passed away. I was too busy grieving! It did not want to be bothered with it. If I did it would have been a picture of my mom and not me happy smiling in a picture. But a tribute to my loved one. IJS!

  9. Honestly this is strange. She wrote “I’m sure he’s happy his chiefs won today”?? Really he just died! I’m sure he would be happier if the chiefs lost and he lives. But that’s just me..

  10. Most normal people would not post pictures of themselves , talk to the Press, or tell the whole world that a family friend died.

  11. She made this sad moment all about her. I wonder if she would have done the same if it was her biological dad.

  12. Why is this news? Should have been a simple announcement he was not available do to a family emergency. Not showcase his family crisis to the world.

  13. Ruthless Lover

    damn mahomes, hope u get a prenup before u put a ring on it

  14. if one my family members die the last thing im thinkin about is instagram

  15. I believe that Patrick Mahomes is the second coming of Len Dawson. And God, I hope his career will be spent in Kansas City. He and his girlfriend are in our prayers, but her step-father was doing something he loved and I believe he was happy when he passed away. I saw the coach with his arm around Patrick on the way out and I saw it was intense. I’m no longer a resident of KC, but I still love my Chiefs! I just bought a shirt that states “I’m a Sooner on Saturday and a Chief on Sunday”. I absolutely love FOOTBALL!

  16. And his girlfriend then went straight to social media to post a smiling picture of herself and made the news about her. An instant classic from the me, me, me generation.

  17. just goes to show millennials are insensitive assholes

  18. I’m sort of curious. Her stepfather died at the stadium and she is smiling sending out messages with exclamation points. Tweeting about something incredibly private and in the fashion she did it just seemed very odd to me

  19. Tony the Tiger

    Mahomes needs to show better judgment when picking chicks


    Love and prayers

  21. Bdog The train

    So sad hope pat can Win the super bowl for his girlfriends stepdad

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