Crossroads Prison video shows homicidal infliction between pair of rival inmates

Crossroads prison has gotten outta hand.

Viral video shows prison homicide.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

CAMERON, Mo. — In a ghastly development, solicitous inmates at Missouri’s Crossroads Correctional Facility have conveyed dozens of missives to local media and family members limning countless episodes of violence and murder within prison walls. To compound matters, a video has gone viral that shows a homicidal bout of fisticuffs between rival inmates Jeff Lane and Larry Miller. Raw surveillance footage shows Lane shanking Miller repeatedly with a pair of diminutive bayonets.

Maria Miller, Larry’s sister, seeks justice. “No one was there to protect my brother,” Maria said. “Someone needs to be accountable. Even though we are here with the people who are responsible for the act, someone else needs to be accountable. We pay taxes for guards to protect our loved ones.”

The maximum security penitentiary, located in Cameron, appears to lurch on the periphery of calamity. Riots and lockdowns are indeed the norm. Yet, there’s no urgency to meliorate subhuman conditions. In other words… at Crossroads, nobody’s safe — including inmates and corrections officers.

State Rep. Brandon Ellington visited Crossroads a couple months ago but was denied entry.

Are prison officials hiding something?

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  1. why not keep all inmates in their cells 24/7 and have food brought to them? Why do they even need to interact with each other, it’s called a prison for a reason.

  2. “Crossroads correctional facility”. sounds like a church

  3. My question is- Why does it look like one inmate is wearing street clothes?

  4. This was the first prison in Mo. to have electric fences with a lethal electrical current. For those who are a little slow this is not reform school for kids who smoked a joint or skipped school,this place is full of people who do not belong in a free society.

  5. Prisoners have way too much freedom these days.

  6. So we call this a correctional facility … what exactly does it correct? Most career criminals get out worse than they went in, people that got there and are not career criminals get out broken and often unable to function in society. Wouldnt it be better if prison was a job, if people earned their keep while serving their time, maybe gained a skill so that they dont go right back in after getting out? Shouldnt we try to change the people for the better instead of throwing them into a “criminal university” and paying for them to stay there?

  7. Prisons are supposed to “lurch on the periphery of calamity” because they are prisons… this aint a fuckin hotel

  8. There are more people in prison then in church.

  9. Its prison,what do you expect? Do not do any crimes and you would not have to worry about it.

  10. Derek Zoolander

    Build walls all around LA and send all the criminals there.

  11. blog king is such an asshole…… inmates dont need fair treatment

  12. She’s saying her brother didn’t deserve to die on a cold prison floor? Mr. Miller was serving a life sentence for possession of a controlled substance, second-degree felony murder, armed criminal action, first-degree robbery, kidnapping and first-degree assault from St. Louis County. I’m sure the person he murdered didn’t deserve to die either? Why do people think prisoners deserve to life safer and better lives than the general public?

  13. Is it honestly necessary to bombard society with killing videos or shooting videos or fight videos or fatal car crashes every single day in the news. This click bait for ad revenue is getting old and not to mention highly irresponsible and unethical.

  14. That is what happens in Prison if you toss someone’s salad without the correct type of jelly.

  15. petey ondrasek


  16. I would HOPE the politicians see this and wake up!!! Bigger things are coming!! Your a head of the curve gang!! People are getting hurt and are going to continue to get hurt!! Until people can see the changes/. Better pay, more staffing. Etc. it will cost less in the end. Watch and see!

    And start holding the inmates accountable! We can’t change people who don’t want to change. Some inmates will change and that’s great!! Some don’t care. So we need to keep our public safe!

  17. Makayla Singleton

    lmao people are so dumb. maybe they shouldn’t of been in prison in the first place. they are not getting mistreated, they actually have a better life then most people.


  19. shut down the prison and set the inmates free

  20. Stole his cornbread

  21. He took the last roll of toilet paper

  22. So much for black unity, this is the type of self-hate that is responsible for all the killings in Chicago.

  23. Scrumptious Urinal Cakes

    I love black on black violence

  24. Justine Talmadge


  25. Peace And hope

    first degree murder.

  26. I am Larry’s sister. I love him and he loved me, the rest of this is irrelevant he was a human and I pray this happens to none of you, if you would ever know a wrongful conviction and he fought for it and died before he had a chance to prove it.

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