Disgustin’ chick farts inside Dollar General before pullin’ knife on disgruntled shopper

Shanetta Wilson farts then pulls knife on customer.

Lady’s fart draws store-wide ruckus.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

DANIA BEACH — In an acrid development, Shanetta Wilson, 37, was recently thrown behind bars after the malodorous damsel farted inside a Dollar General store then pulled a bayonet on a disgruntled shopper who complained about it. The putrid ordeal went down in Dania Beach, Florida. Shanetta, a black woman, was standing in the checkout line when she suddenly cut one loose. The patron standing next to her started b*tching and complaining, causing Shanetta to pull out a knife to shank his ass.

Hmm… some men find it attractive when a woman passes gas. But, in this case, it’s easy to understand the customer’s vexation. That’s because Shanetta looks terrible. Seriously… if you look up the definition of “crack-ho” in the dictionary, Shanetta’s countenance is firmly embedded.

That’s why I’m confused as to why dude said anything at all.

Even Stevie Wonder can see Shanetta is 2 patties short of a Big Mac. Rather than raise a ruckus, homeboy should’ve covered his nostrils, made the purchase, and got the hell out. Dude is lucky he didn’t get diced. Anyway… amid store-wide panic, police threw Shanetta’s black ass in jail.

She’s charged her with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Moral of the story?

When an unhinged chickenhead poots in public, let her be.

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  1. Farting is part of the universal human experience. Fartin knows no borders: every person from every corner of the globe breaks winds,,lol. On a happier note it clears up our digestive tract..😂😂😂

    Don’t be shy but be responsible….lol

  2. i farted while watching this 😂

  3. farting never gets old

  4. a bitch can fart on my face as long as she’s hot

  5. “Ewww… somebody farted”

  6. i’d pipe that black girl @ 1:45 then regret it in the morning. OH WELL

  7. Blog King posts some funny shit

  8. Lady: excuse me?
    Him : no your not in my way

  9. Raphael Sommer

    I’m 21 and I still laugh about that shit

  10. that bitch is ugly….u can tell her farts stink

  11. Wesley I'oeuille

    i took a big 💩 after reading this

  12. what the hell is this monster?

  13. I literally almost pissed myself laughing at this! 😂 😂😂I don’t know why I find this stuff so funny but I do. Lol!!

  14. I laughed so hard, i farted twice.

  15. nobody deserves to go to jail for farting

  16. Johnson & Johnson

    The power of farts…💪☠️☠️☠️


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