“She’s Gotta Have It” back for an encore? Netflix reportedly at stalemate with Spike

Season two of “She’s Gotta Have It” coming soon.

Spike Lee drama nearing its debut.

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NEW YORK — The network adaptation of Netflix’s  “She’s Gotta Have It” has already been renewed for a sophomore campaign, this according to creator Spike Lee and lead actress DeWanda Wise who stars as Nola Darling. But we’ve reached the holiday segment of the calendar and we’re still left in the Stygian relative to when season two will make its highly anticipated debut. A few months ago, Spike made the big announcement through an Instagram video while DeWanda posted a self-portrait online with the caption: “Back ta werq! Season [2] is OFFICIAL!!!

“Can’t wait to return to BK. Congrats to [all of us].”

So, what’s the holdup? Word on the street claims the stalemate begins with contract negotiations. Spike apparently wants more money. Whatever the reason, as fans, we’re simply salivating for an encore.

Originally concocted as a motion picture in 1986, “She’s Gotta Have It” chronicles the amorous ambitions of Brooklyn diva Nola Darling who, instead of practicing monogamy, discovers emotional smugness by bangin’ 3 men and a lesbian simultaneously.

Thank God she uses condoms.

Nola’s endeavors, however, are hardly sub rosa.

The trio of bachelors are well-acquainted and content with Nola’s promiscuous arrangement. The dramedy, which marks Spike’s initial foray into series television, features a solid cast that includes Cleo Anthony, Lyriq Bent, Anthony Ramos, Heather Headley, Margot Bingham and Chyna Layne.

Tonya Lewis Lee serves as executive producer.

Did you enjoy season one?

Are you ready for the second installment?

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  1. De wanda Wise is gorgeous. Her eyes😍😍😍

  2. Just Call Me Wah

    I didn’t like the original so I was worried about this show. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

  3. Annissia Emanuel

    I loved it for the most part but Nola became a bit annoying. She wasn’t polyamorous either but claimed she was.

  4. It was SO corny to me. It was too much. The men were absolutely ridiculous. I could never handle Spike Lee’s over the top approach to satire. It’s always misplaced.

  5. Nola Darling mother is Spike Lee sister in real life she played in a couple movies even “Do The Right Thing”

  6. I was bored by this show. I didn’t even finish it. Nola is foolish, annoying, & corny.

  7. Sexy Chocolate

    nola keep giving up pussy to greer childs and he’s gay as fuck

  8. Greer is metrosexual, not gay. He could be bi though. I’ve dated a guy like him who was latino, and he’s a great friend of mine to this day.

  9. Ugh, the whole butt injection subplot was terrible and poorly handled. I was literally talking out loud at my computer saying “Girl, get out of there!” as soon as she walked in and there were tubes of CONSTRUCTION SILICONE there. The actual injection part had me crying at the cost we’ll pay and the pain we’ll suffer to feel good about ourselves. I would’ve been fine with that if they had handled the rest of the storyline better, but the fact that she went back for MORE was nonsensical, and the explosion was just plain horrifying, unnecessary, and tonally did not seem to fit AT ALL with the rest of the show.

  10. I agree with you on the whole butt injections part. Like I’m not surprised that this is how that B plot played out because this was written by a man but really? It should have been a lesson on how underground injections are dangerous and how its okay if you want to get them but acknowledge that a big butt does not define who you are as a black woman.

  11. show was dope. can’t wait for season 2.

  12. As a black man I’m tired of seeing my sisters only being exploited as extremely successful and educated ratchet hyper sexual tools for black and white men alike. What burdens me even more is to see that black women don’t realize that they’re being exploited but prefer to embrace it as sexual Liberation and freedom. Believe it or not it’s not a good look for our young girls that view programs such as these. Men actually don’t respect women like this

  13. Having watched the original “she’s gotta have it movie before”…. I do not like the casting of this Netflix series. The only one I think they got right was Jamie Overstreet. The other actors/actresses they chose just don’t play the part right, they just seem awkward and not natural in their respective roles. I loved the movie, but I couldn’t get into the series. I was so excited when I heard about it, but o tried watching and it was just blah for me 🤷🏾‍♀️

  14. Nola was so annoying.

  15. I’m a huge fan of Spike Lee’s earlier work and I sooooo wanted to love this show. I managed to watch about 7 episodes…it was a struggle to keep going because I just wasn’t feeling it.. the characters were caricatures…. the social commentary presented seemed forced…. the acting was amateur (especially Fat Joe / butt injection scene), the special effects wack ( the resulting butt implants). I think conceptually it could have been great but it was poorly executed. I found the main character annoying, she either ran away or threw a tantrum when she was presented with a problem. On the plus side the music was great and it did slightly improve as the episodes progressed. Hopefully season 2 will be better because I want to see more black stories being told.

    I think black people are so starved for content we lower the bar cos if this was a white show I wouldn’t have made it past the first episode which by the way was completely gratuitous and devoid of a storyline.

  16. I wanna fuck Nola Darling for Christmas

  17. Ashley K. Daniels-Johnson

    I Loved The Movie
    & I Absolutely Enjoyed Watching All 10 Episodes On Netflix’s
    I Just Hope In Season 2
    They Introduce {NOLA FRIENDS} Better Because I Wanna Know More About Shamecca 🙃🙃

  18. The series was INCREDIBLE! 🗣 and the soundtrack is AMAZING 🗣 Black asf 👸🏾

  19. Ruthless Lover

    Nola can be my next baby mama

  20. MeatLover049484

    spike lee’s movies suck but this show is his best work

  21. Black Actors Matter! 😎👏👍

  22. Nola, where are you?????

  23. She is so beautiful 💙

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