Tekashi 6ix9ine nearing prison sentence following racketeering charges from FBI

6ix9ine eludes jail time in police assault case.

6ix9ine eschews prison sentence.

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NEW YORK – East coast lyricist Tekashi 6ix9ine (real name Daniel Hernandez) is good at dodging bullets in both a literal and figurative sense. The embattled entertainer eluded another hollowpoint on Wednesday after pleading guilty to the alleged assault of a New York City police officer. But he’s still in hot water with the FBI. If you recall, the wildly tattooed rapper got busted in May for driving with a suspended license. While being apprehended, 6ix9ine reportedly squeezed a cop’s hand — leading to an additional infraction.

However, to eschew jail time, 6ix9ine showed up inside a Brooklyn courtroom and admitted guilt to disorderly conduct and, as a corollary, prosecutors nixed his misdemeanor assault charge.

6ix9ine is certainly no stranger to the litigation process.  Back in 2015, the 22-year-old artist pleaded guilty to using a 13-year-old lass for sexual purposes which he inexplicably recorded and shared online. 6ix9ine was consequently ordered to perform 1,000 hours of community service.

The crazed millennial was also put on 4 years probation and he must abstain from gang activity or end up behind bars. In case you didn’t know, 6ix9ine dons a lot of red apparel in his music videos and he’s known to party with trigger-happy ‘Bloods’ in metropolitan New York.

Anyway, 6ix9ine claims the young girl lied about her age prior to the ordeal.

He was also the target of a recent shooting that went down at a Beverly Hills estate. 6ix9ine was busy recording a music video with Kanye West and Nicki Minaj when someone fired several shots into the $80 million dollar residence. Fortunately, nobody was hit.

FBI agents are now trying to bust 6ix9ine on RICO charges.

Is it time for him to slow down?

Does prison time await?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Gabriel Castaneda

    He’s gonna get smoked if he don’t change. I don’t like him but I understand his marketing to make 💰 50 cent taught him

  2. Dead or in jail is this guys future. 🤣

  3. jason murawske

    Why is this kid still out

  4. Roland Ramirez

    6ix9ine 💯

  5. He snitched.

  6. Cletus Van Damme

    Would someone please kidnap this thing again and keep him for good this time please.

  7. Enter This Moment

    Made a deal with the sexual assault, made a deal with the gun,made a deal w assult on kid, made a deal with the cop, made a deal with probation, made a deal with the robbery… Monty hall reincarnation…who does he owe with all these deals…

  8. 69 the Donald Trump of rap too much winning!!

  9. Fucking Pedophile

  10. Shout out to 69, fuck all these haters in this comment section, I ain’t a fan but I respect the kid

  11. He’s not in jail but a prisoner to his own popularity

  12. Adrien Alexander

    after he dies I hope these kids use him and his career as an example of what not to do. this guy is an all around joke

  13. He’s gonna end up like Suge Knight smh 🙁

  14. You get what you ask for you wanna act gangsta, talk gangsta, beef wit every rapper well this is what happens to real gangster rappers who are really about and living that life

  15. Scarces Flannel

    This boys about to get them cheeks clapped.

  16. That’s not funny this dude life can be over and y’all is joking. Yes the dude is a troll and a bit of a dick, but that doesn’t meant u wish or joke about him going to prison for the rest of his life

  17. That Rainbow Midget Will Be Enjoying Gay Pride Every Single Day In Prison…

  18. Todor V. Dobrinov

    All this was a promotion for the album . Of course they let him out. He is a trash artist made by industry just like Spice Girls and Backstreet boys

  19. Jonathan Rogers

    Free Tekashi69.

  20. I am conflicted. I don’t know if I should feel sorry for him or not because he wanted to come off as a gangster, but wasn’t a real gangster. So it’s basically his own fault he is in jail. I guess he thought everything was going end smoothly like Malibu’s Most Wanted.

  21. Martin Shkreli

    6ix9ine will get doggy styled in prison while they hold his rainbow hair 😂🤣

  22. Blog King fuckin sucks. Just because 6ix9ine parties with bloods doesnt mean he’s a blood

  23. Whether he is or not blood doesn’t change the fact he promoted a criminal organization and participated by speaking and or committing crimes that further the assets and or reputation of said criminal organization.. he was a willing participant involved with several felonies that played out over the last year or so..

  24. Pound-For-Pound

    Mainstream hip hop is garbage! It wasn’t always like that! Glad PedoNine is behind bars so now we can focus on actual talented rappers 😁

  25. Jasmine Cobain

    Stop snitching

  26. The constant passing headlines about this fool brought me here. Jesus, I’ve never seen someone with such financial potential so intent on casually destroying their entire future over constant childish drama. Why is someone so poised to get themselves out of this ridiculous street thug lifestyle, albeit undeservedly so, so determined to keep the mentality?

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