Little girl writes Steph Curry a complaint, seeking elucidation for gender shoe issue

Steph Curry has perfect answer to little girl’s inquiry.

Steph Curry gave young girl kicks. 

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OAKLAND — Damn, Steph Curry is one helluva guy. The Golden State Warriors star scored points with young NBA fans everywhere when he conveyed the perfect response to a 9-year-old girl who tried to purchase his shoes only to learn they were concocted exclusively for boys. Riley Morrison, from Napa (California), and her dad paid a visit to the “Under Armour” website to buy a pair of Curry 5’s. They eventually found out they’re not for sale inside the girl’s catalog. Rather than moue, Riley transcribed a letter to Steph’s attention — seeking an elucidation. The perennial All-Star read every word.

“My name is Riley (just like your daughter), I’m 9 years old from Napa, California. I am a big fan of yours,” she wrote. “I enjoy going to Warriors games with my dad. I asked my dad to buy me the new Curry 5’s because I’m starting a new basketball season. My dad and I visited the Under Armour website and were disappointed to see that there were no Curry 5’s for sale under the girls section.”

“However, they did have them for sale under the boy’s section, even to customize. I know you support girl athletes because you have two daughters and you host an all girls basketball camp. I hope you can work with Under Armour to change this because girls want to rock the Curry 5’s too.”

After reading Riley’s letter, Steph dispatched an expedited rejoinder.

“I appreciate your concern and have spent the last 2 days talking to Under Armour about how we can fix the issue,” Steph wrote. “Unfortunately, we have labeled smaller sizes as ‘boys’ on the website. We are correcting this NOW! I want to make sure you can wear my kicks proudly — so I am going to send you a pair of Curry 5’s now AND you’ll be one of the first kids to get the Curry 6.”

“Lastly, we have something special in the works for International Women’s Day on March 8, and I want you to celebrate with me! More to come on that, but plan to be in Oakland that night! All the Best!”

Way to go Steph!

Speaking of females and the NBA… word on the street claims several franchises have cogitated hiring damsels as coaches. But there’s one perturbing problem. They would become a conspicuous bullseye for sexual harassment. “You can’t have a hot woman in the NBA,” said a veteran NBA coach.

“Guys will be trying to f*ck her every day.”

“By and large the NBA is an incredibly sexist environment,” the coach continued.

“I listen to players talk about women. I have a daughter and it’s sometimes disturbing. But it’s nothing new. It hasn’t gotten worse over the years. In our society there are men uncomfortable working under women and a handful of our players would have a problem with it.”


Becky Hammon made history by becoming the NBA’s first female coach.

Do more women belong in the league?

Also, was there discrimination involved in the Under Armour matter?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Genesis Revelation

    Little girls don’t wanna wear under armour.. hell little boys don’t either. Girls wanna wear cute shoes and lil boys wanna wear Nike or Adidas or Jordan

  2. Men should not coach women and women should not coach men. The problem is no one wants to watch pro women sports so women want to invade men sports instead of make their sports better.

  3. Deidre Muhammad

    Can women coaches win, or are these token gestures?!

  4. Curry: because they for boys duhhh

  5. ajani greenlee

    Stephen curry and under armor are doing a good thing for all girls

  6. As long as the female coach is black Im cool with it.

  7. A white woman has no place coaching young black men. White women have been shown by studoes to view black students as older, more aggressive and overall treat them harsher than their white counterparts. Coaching is about helping these young guys become freat men as well as great athletes and having a white woman coach who can’t relate to the racial realities young black men face OR the journey into manhood puts those players at a real disadvantage.

  8. So you’re telling me she can’t just wear a boy size that’d fit her? That’s stupid, who cares if it doesn’t come in girls sizes. Just buy the size that fits you instead of crying about it

  9. Yeah cause its curry who makes the shoes not under armour

  10. This is interesting but will it be ok if women played in the nba with men

  11. There’s no way a 9 year old wrote this. It was a degenerate feminist mom looking for impossible things like “Equality”

  12. Becky’s pussy is prob blown out from the train they rode on her. Woman have no place in mens sports, they get too emotional and cry victim when they fail or get tested.

  13. timothy taylor

    If women really want to be equal or higher than men then. Then send all the male army, navy, marines, special ops forces home to raise the kids and let the women have all their spots in the armed forces. See my point women do not really want to be equal to a man when it come to the army. Do you want to see your sister, daughters fighting arab men? Nope

  14. Tosado Bucharro

    Remember when girls only cared about Girls stuff? Why do Girls got to sweat Boys for their stuff? Why can’t we have our stuff and let it be?


  16. I really hoped that there were no sexist comments. Well, I was wrong. Stupid people are everywhere

  17. Curry is a class act.

  18. Steph is MVP!

  19. To quote Lavar Ball, women need to “STAY IN YO LANE!”

  20. All you have to do is get a few sizes smaller in men’s so chicks can fit in them. I see girls wearing men’s shoes all the time that letter was pointless

  21. Marzan Worldwide

    Advertising disguised as news to sell shoes?!

  22. Daimon Mario Perez

    A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. One little girl can make a difference…..

  23. women stay in the kitchen

  24. Just find a boy pair and switch to fricken girl size spoiled much

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