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Kareem Hunt assaulted Caucasian lady in hotel

Hunt assaulted a woman/

Video shows Hunt assault a woman.

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Everybody’s buzzing over the graphic surveillance video released by TMZ on Friday that shows former Kansas City Chiefs halfback Kareem Hunt delivering his best Ike Turner impersonation at the aching expense of 19-year-old Abigail Ottinger inside Cleveland’s ‘Metropolitan at the 9’ hotel. Yes, I said “former” Kansas City Chief because Kareem was consequently released shortly after the video surfaced. The ghastly ordeal went down around 3:30 a.m. at a private soirée in mid-February. Raw footage shows Kareem shoving Abigail to the hallway floor before kicking her while she’s down. Team officials were immediately aware of the debacle. But Kareem apparently lied about the severity of it, leading to his expedited dismissal.

“Earlier this year, we were made aware of an incident involving running back Kareem Hunt,” said Chiefs owner Clark Hunt in a statement. “At that time, the National Football League and law enforcement initiated investigations into the issue. As part of our internal discussions with Kareem, several members of our management team spoke directly to him. Kareem was not truthful in those discussions. The video today confirms that fact. We are releasing Kareem immediately.”

Kareem’s calamity is eerily similar to the infamous incident involving former Baltimore Ravens runningback Ray Rice who was promptly banned from the NFL after TMZ aired his dirty laundry 4 years ago. Speaking of TMZ, I’m a big fan of their work. They employ compelling bloggers like myself and their staff secures the type of sensitive information newspapers and television crews can’t get.

No wonder traditional media is dead. They can’t find sh*t. Bloggers have indeed taken over the journalism industry and, as a former newspaper employee, I’m savoring the renaissance.

Sorry, I digress.


Back to the topic.

I know whatcha thinking. As Chiefs fans, many of us are pondering if Kareem deserves the same commensurate fate as good ole Ray. In my humble opinion, the answer is “no.” That’s because a diminutive variance exists. See, Kareem pushed and kicked Abigail — which is bad.

But Ray knocked his baby mama out cold with a vicious left hook then dragged her comatose body off the casino elevator like she was a bag of trash. Once TMZ released Ray’s video, his career was over.

The same could be true for 23-year-old Kareem.

We’ll see what happens. Kareem is young and talented. So, somebody figures to give him a second chance despite the fact he cleared waivers. Also, keep in mind, Cincinnati Bengals halfback Joe Mixon was also caught on video assaulting a chick and he’s allowed to play.

Only difference is in Joe’s TMZ video, the woman hits him first.

Here’s something interesting: the Chiefs let Kareem go but they drafted and gave a contract to Tyreek Hill despite the fact he beat the snot out of his then-pregnant girlfriend. The pummeling was so acute, Tyreek was charged with a felony. Conversely, Kareem hasn’t been charged (at least not yet).

So my question to Mr. Hunt is why stick with one and not support the other?

Is it because Kareem got busted on video?

If so, what difference does it make?

Tyreek inflicted far more damage upon his victim than Kareem did and the woman was gravid.

Anyway… in conjunction with the aforementioned footage, TMZ released a second video that shows Kareem and Abigail being interrogated by police. For whatever inexplicable reason, no charges were filed. But, in the cops’ presence, they both appear to be drunk, high or an admixture of the two.

A shirtless Kareem was completely incoherent and a scantily clad Abigail looked like she downed a handful of vodka shots prior to questioning. Nevertheless, Abigail told officers Kareem went psycho after she eschewed giving up the derrière to a member of his entourage.

Conversely, Kareem contends Abigail instigated the ruckus by calling him a n*gga.


Let’s confabulate on “n*gga” for a second because the derogatory moniker has gotten thousands of people fired, jailed and/or killed. Like most things in the United States, it starts with litigation. If you’re black, it’s imperative you understand it’s not against the law to call you a n*gga.

Is it immoral?


Is it cowardly?


But it’s not illegal.

Pushing and kicking someone, however, is against the law and, on most occurrences, those barbaric actions will land your ass in jail, unemployed, with a criminal record.

Racists are smart.

They know the law.

If you want the N-word legislated, contact your district politicians and implore them to prohibit its use. Perhaps if it becomes a crime to utter “n*gga,” people won’t say it. In the meantime, if someone calls you a name, channel your inner Richard Pryor and hurl disparages right back at ’em.

Had Kareem done that, he’d still be a Chief.

Seriously, it’s not a crime to verbally retaliate.

By partaking, you may feel better and, most importantly, you won’t become a miscreant.

Truth be told… if you call me a name, I’m gonna hurt your feelings. After all, I’m equipped with an infinite vocabulary and I’m the wrong negro to play ‘Scrabble’ with. Now, once you put your hands on me, I’m putting you to sleep which is perfectly legal as an act of self defense.

That’s the difference between Joe’s situation and Kareem’s.

Joe was reactive.

Kareem was proactive.

Look, I don’t know who told blacks it’s satisfactory to smite someone who calls you the N-word. I’m merely articulating that logic is both fallacious and criminal. The holiday season has arrived. Kareem’s incident went down in February. Several months later, guess who won?


Not only did she cost Kareem millions in earnings and endorsements.

She now has ample video evidence to file a lawsuit.

Abby is about to get paid and that was probably her stratagem all along.

Seriously folks, it only takes 2 seconds to think.

Astute blacks get it.

Benighted negroes need to buy a clue.

Watch the ass-whuppin.’

Share your thoughts.

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  1. what’s new?!!?!? Its a giant black dude beating on a woman. I’m a quarter his size, been punched twice in the face by an EX when she was drunk and never touched her….. guess I’m a pussy

  2. How can anyone say he had a right to hit her? That dude is 200+ and his job is to lift weights and be physical with guys bigger than him. How is he right in hitting a women who looks to be 120-130lbs? He was throwing the guys out the way with ease. I think lots of you have undeveloped brains or have not ever touched a women before. Hope he gets the Kapernick/ray rice punishment.

  3. Didn’t Tyreek Hill abuse a woman too? Is that a requirement for the NFL?

  4. I don’t think he should be cut but definitely suspended it’s never okay to hit a woman but she antagonized tf out of him

  5. Not that I should expect anything from people who’d either downplay the events or straight up defend him, but Kareem Hunt is a professional football player. He is paid because he’s bigger stronger and faster than 99% of men let alone women. He shouldn’t have let his emotions get to him like that. The NFL won’t do anything because they’re morally bankrupt, but at minimum he should be suspended a year without pay.

  6. She was attacking him too, she went at him, she didnt walk away, she didnt even hit the wall she fell on the ground but faked like she hit the wall. And I have a suspicion that what was caught on video wasnt the first time the pushed each other

  7. Wow, I thought he would get suspended by the NFL, but I never thought he would get cut. Sounds like they did the right thing…a hard decision I’m sure as this could significantly alter their SB chances.

  8. How can you investigate this incident without viewing the video? What else is there to investigate? There’s no way the NFL didn’t see this video before the season started. It took place last February!

  9. So, first they condone the behavior through these guys college careers, then they look the other way until it ends up on TMZ and what… should we pat the team on the back and tell them how wonderful they are in support of the victim? please…

  10. Good for the Chiefs – he will do it again someday, the woman might not be so lucky the next time.

  11. I was not aware that Hunt, lied to the Chiefs about the ordeal that he was caught on camera doing. as a fan of the Chiefs since 1965, I believe they did the right thing by letting him go. it will be a big lose to our offense but there is always someone waiting the wings to take his place. sad situation for Hunt for I’m sure he is truly sorry for what happened, but then again he lied about to the organization & in his case the lie came back to bit him in the worst possible way. The NFL has had many of this players who get away with things like this & this is one that didn’t get overlooked, by the team for which the player played for. very sad day for the Chiefs but they will continue on for that elusive Super Bowl the fans haven’t seen since 1969. Go Chiefs all the way, you still have a life long fan here.

  12. So they only cut him and started investigating an incident that happened in February because a video came out. Good to know. Hope the nfl folds.

  13. The big problem is that the Kansas City Chiefs as well as the NFL new of and were aware of these videos as far back as February or March. Because he was a young p and coming athlete in the NFL they all turned a blind eye to it until the video comes to light to the general public. Same thing happened with Ray Rice. Only gave him 2 games suspension until the video come to light of him punching his girlfriend which the team and NFL were definitely aware of previously.

  14. Why did the league and the Chiefs try to cover this up? They had to know a tape existed. I’ll bet they we’re extorted prior to its release. As Barney Fife used to say, “nip it in the bud”.

  15. Someone had to roll the dice on when to sell this video,it happened around the super bowl,season was over,would have been a big deal and worth some cash,but now as the seasons is in high gear and Chiefs one of best teams in league,and hunt a star,it had to cost t m z a pretty penny,honey I think it’s time to get that college fund for our 4 kids we have been thinking about since last February.

  16. I’m a lifelong KC resident and fan… This is the right move. Playoff or season impacts mean nothing compared to what this says about the type of people we want representing our city. Good move by the organization and I hope the team rallies and doesn’t let the actions of one player derail a great season.

  17. @Mike: Tyreek Hill is still on the roster. Do you want him representing our city?

  18. Hunt is an incredible talent. However, given the #MeToo movement and the ramifications of his actions I would be surprised if any team wanted the PR nightmare that signing Hunt would be.

  19. She provoked him by calling him a nigger. It was not right what he did but everyone has their breaking point. Honestly, he held his composer That” kick “ was a nudge asking her to wake up and leave

  20. A statement from soon-to-be former #Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt: “I want to apologize for my actions. I deeply regret what I did. I hope to move on from this.” This statement is, of course, all BS since the only reason he’s even making a statement now about something that happened 10 months ago is because video of the incident was released. If no video he’d still be playing with very few people any the wiser.

  21. This is another case of the NFL reacting to what it thinks the public outcry will be instead of punishing the player according to any NFL rules. It appears once again that the NFL is making up their rules after the fact on a case by case basis– the fact that the NFL has known about this situation since it happened in Feb and has not looked at the video speaks volumes for how the NFL works.

    Watch the video and you will see why the police did not pursue this. This is not domestic violence and not any assault that police would prosecute. It is an argument with physical shoving between several men that 3 women interject themselves into and the women get knocked down by a falling man. Hunt does not hit a woman in the video. At one point Hunt lightly kicks a woman’s butt as she is squatting on the floor, but not hard enough to even make her move.

    I am very much for players being held accountable but this entire situation does not warrant the action the NFL took and defiantly does not warrant Chief’s cutting Hunt. NFL needs to stop trying to be moral police and let real law enforcement and the legal system do their jobs… and then very severely punish players who are guilty.

  22. The police didn’t release the video and the hotel would only give it to law enforcement. The NFL and Chiefs asked for the video and the hotel wouldn’t give it to them. How did TMZ get it?

  23. That’ little skirmish might cost him 50 million dollars. He’s in year two of his four year rookie deal but after 2020 he probably would have gotten paid big time. Gurley signed for 4 years 57.5 million. David Johnson 3 years 39 million.

  24. Hunt obviously can’t control his liquor. Seems like an obnoxious drunk with a quick temper. No fun to be around.

  25. Tmz some huge pieces of shit. Wouldnt surprise me somebody gets really hurt for puttin peoples business out there like they do. I cant see how they havent been sued yet either. Yall need to not exist

  26. TMZ is really trying to destroy this man damn……Let the NFL do it’s job stop helping when they didn’t ask for it TMZ

  27. Now men are going to want equal rights, women never get blamed for anything. The video was probably cut so that all you saw was Hunt kicking the lady. All theses news stations want to show you everything bad, plus if they had the video for so long why didn’t they release it. And they only released it to gain exposure. Yes Hunt did something wrong. Does that mean the the lady did not, no, but the video doesn’t show that

  28. This my thing, yeah he wrong and he should’ve walked away but at the same time these females got to stop jumping up in men face, cussing at men and learn how to walk away too. Just like Whoopi said during the Ray Rice debacle, stop excusing these women behavior because that man might knock their head off. Another thing I hate is TMZ waiting so long to drop these videos but He’s 23 yrs old so hopefully after his punishment and therapy he gets another chance.

  29. I don’t believe anyone is going to ever let this man live this down they are going to constantly remind him every chance they get, and keep throwing it in his face of course he was wrong what he did and there is no excuse for it but I just wonder how would the people like it if everyone kept constantly reminding them what they ever did wrong in their lives and always putting it on television, always putting it on the internet, posted it on Facebook, put it in the newspaper, I think God he is not like man he does not throw our mistakes in our face and constantly remind us of them.

  30. I don’t understand why male athletes or famous individuals period never hire female bodyguards. Im talking big Megatron ass women who could easily lay the smackdown on women who cross lines. Why risk your career hitting a crazed psycho when your paid protection could handle it 😒

  31. I don’t blame him because if you’re white, and you call me a “niggar” ima beat yo… and then she was being dramatic. First of all in the video, if you look closely, she spit in his face and also hit him in his face. Never do that to a black grown man. EVER

  32. A light shove to women is equivalent to a right cross from Tyson according to the media

  33. Kareem should not lose his job; he should only be fined and made to attend some anger management classes. I believe that she did use the N word and yes him and his crew wanted to have sex with her. The other side, the jokes on you: ALL YOU BM keep putting worshipping the white woman. Another brother knocked down by a WW setup; you all still haven’t learned your lesson. If that was a BW it wouldn’t have been news.

  34. by definition it is an assault, in reality, this is nothing. A warning to both and thats it.

  35. 1. Kareem should have walked away. he did not have to attack her. 2. The lady that he attacked was a piece of garbage. When you call anybody something dehumanizing as the N-word what do expect to happen? She was stupid. So stupid people did stupid things.

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