Sonic fast food employees arrested after narcotics found inside child’s burger

Tanisha Dancer, Jose Molia and Jonathan Roberson.

Sonic workers put ecstasy in burgers. 

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TYLER, Texas — Don’t know about you. But, everytime I patronize a Sonics Drive-In, I always order more than one burger. Now I know why. Three fast food employees at Sonic — Tanisha Dancer, Jose Molia and Jonathan Roberson — have been arrested and charged after an ecstasy pill was found inside a 4-year-old’s burger meal. “This is how you Sonic!” According to multiple reports, the edible incident transpired at a Sonic Drive-In located in Taylor, Texas. The narcotic was discovered after a couple’s 11-year-old daughter unwrapped her 4-year-old sibling’s burger.

At first, everybody thought it was a piece of candy. But one of the parents grew skeptical and contacted police. Moments later, law enforcement officials ran a lab on the pill and determined it was indeed ecstasy. The aforementioned trio was consequently arrested and charged.

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  1. Ok that did it…….. no more eating out

  2. Philip Montana

    I stopped eating out years ago. They spit in your shit, drop your patty on the floor, now they are putting drugs in burgers.

  3. Disgusting. Talk about taking out the trash. This is why I won’t eat fast food. When we go out it is proven quality family restaurants.

  4. I call upon all people to Boycott all Sonic locations in and around the Texas areas! And those responsible for this dangerous act towards the public especially children. They need to be SHUT DOWN NOW! By the TEXAS Department of Health. 🍔👎.

  5. Food tampering alone is up to 20yrs oh u laced it w ecstasy, now yur really done

  6. 2 of them have outstanding warrants. How did they get hired? I haven’t eaten in a fast food restaurant in years now I’m glad I stopped

  7. Kevin Richards

    Wow! Those 3 Sonic employees really threw themselves under the bus.

  8. These lowlife Scumbag HoodRats all need alot of jail time. But most of all the Sonic Corporation need to be all out Sued by the parents of these children. And by the way All my family and friends no longer will be given our business to Suck Ass SONIC! You also need to be locked up for not running background checks or ignored them! POS!💩👎.

  9. WTF?😮😠

  10. I have ZERO sympathy for blacks anymore! Over 50 years of Affirmative Action, Black Power, Civil Rights legislation and preferential treatment in hiring and education have resulted in this! What a complete joke and failure! The blacks are their own problem!

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