NFL star Reuben Foster under microscope following ex-girlfriend’s assault claim

Foster’s career mired in jeopardy/

Foster’s ex puts assault on blast.

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NEW YORK — Kareem Hunt ain’t the only NFL player on the verge of ruining his career after pummeling a chick. Ex-San Francisco 49er Reuben Foster, who was recently claimed off waivers by the Washington Redskins, is next. That’s because Elissa Ennis, Reuben’s ex-girlfriend, went on Good Morning America on Thursday and proceeded to sing like a canary. Reuben, if you recall, assaulted Elissa last year. But the mendacious damsel lied on the stand — telling a California judge she fabricated the story and nothing happened. She also admitted to lying about abuse in the past.

This time, however, Elissa swears she’s telling the truth. Should we believe her? “He threw my clothes off the balcony,” Elissa told ABC. “[He] threw my stuff out of the house, dragged me down the stairs, punched me in the face two, three times, pulled me by the hair, kicked me, spit on me.”

Damn, even Ike Turner wasn’t that sadistic.

When asked why she went Pinocchio in court, Elissa replied “because I loved him” and she “thought he would change.” The NFL has a mare’s nest on its hands when it comes to domestic violence. Carolina Panthers wideout Torrey Smith said, “folks don’t care about domestic violence unless it’s on video.”

And he’s 100% correct.

Kareem and Ray Rice would’ve kept their jobs had TMZ failed to secure surveillance video of the assaults. The Chiefs knew Kareem spanked Abigail Ottinger back in February. They’re not stupid. But nobody thought the video would surface. By releasing Kareem, the Chiefs covered their ass.

There’s no video (yet) of Reuben assaulting Elissa, so he should be okay.

Kareem, on the other hand, is SOL.

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  1. Trust me, I’m not lying this time…. 👌

  2. Look @ this dirty nasty lying bitch

  3. Wait a min! You stick around knowing he was abusive! Now you go the ABC because the Redskin picked him up…I don’t condone DV but you’re dumb and stupid to claim “LOVE” is a reason to stay…

  4. Lying bitch!!

  5. Truthshallsetu3

    Off course we are all in the ME Too era so whatever a woman says is the TRUTH. These women lie so much it’s not even funny. Over the top exaggerated stories and bare faced lies, then the tears fall. Black men go to Africa or the Caribbean and pick up a woman that has a father and understands why she needs to respect a man. A woman that submits and talks to you in a calm and gentle tone. Don’t allow them to take your money, your home, your self esteem, your children and all you work hard for.

  6. Thats what happens when you cry wolf

  7. As a society against domestic violence we need to be consistent across the board on this issue. It shouldn’t just be professional athletes. It apply to everyone.

  8. Frank Legnaioli

    Money hungry hoe.

  9. Lawanda Thomas

    Girl bye. Why you went you knew what it was. Stop playing the victim. You should have not went to Florida he had a girlfriend. You wanted that money smh

  10. See how black women act , never date a black Woman ! White Women are better

  11. She seems like nothin but trouble …but damn she is cute af for some reason.

  12. Damond Williams

    Why did she stay after the first time? Or the second time? Dont get me wrong he is a piece of sht but why go back or have any dealing with him after? She saw money and was practicing hypergamy.

  13. Another case of a #metoo liar.

  14. She “loved him”…lol she loves his money…When she realized that he had moved on with someone else that’s when she she decided to have him arrested.

  15. Reuben Foster . . the hardest hitting LB in the NFL!!!

  16. Foster should’ve just stayed away from this woman smh

  17. That bitch a lie

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