KU star Pooka Williams allegedly assaults woman, faces charge of domestic battery

Pooka Williams busted for domestic violence.

Pooka arrested for domestic violence. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LAWRENCE, Kan. — It’s been an illicit week for Kansas City area runningbacks linked to assault on women. First, NFL star Kareem Hunt loses his job with the Kansas City Chiefs. Then we learned Anthony “Pooka” Williams — elusive halfback for the Kansas Jayhawks — was arrested Thursday and charged Friday with misdemeanor domestic battery, resulting in his indefinite suspension from the team. “We are aware of a reported incident involving Pooka Williams and we are taking these allegations very seriously,” said Kansas coach Les Miles in a statement. “We have suspended Pooka from all team-related activities pending further investigation.”

According to police reports, Williams allegedly assaulted an 18-year-old woman inside the Stouffer Place Apartments in Lawrence, Kan., on Wednesday. He was booked into the Douglas County Jail on Thursday and charged roughly 24 hours later. Word on the street claims Williams punched the damsel in the stomach and choked her.

Fortunately, the victim’s injuries didn’t require medical attention. Given the fact domestic violence is a hot topic in football right now, it’ll be a miracle if Williams plays for KU again. A damn shame.

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  1. domestic battery, starts in college and continues into NFL

  2. He’s just getting prepared to be an NFL guy.

  3. “Pooka”? what happened to the traditional names like Tyrone and Muhammad?

  4. that nigga is now nfl ready


  6. Go to class, practice and play games. Why is that so difficult?

  7. Moderate Middle

    Let’s all kneel for him. Because the police are the real bad guys. Right?

  8. slightlystoopid

    Blame the NFL all you want, but I have noticed another trend with all these stories that the media REFUSES to call out, and we all know what it is…

  9. I wonder if Les Miles is thinking ” I sure didn’t miss this part”.

  10. Kansas has a football team?

  11. Receipient of the Ray Rice/Kareem Hunt scholarship xD

  12. How does a dude w this talent end up at Kansas major speed and agility and acceleration can cut on a dime and not lose speed crazy athlete

  13. He’ll need those skills when he gets to the NFL.

  14. Raised by a single “mom”

  15. Pooka?? Please god tell me that’s not his real name.

  16. Makes you wonder if other schools knew he was a problem and that is why Kansas landed a 4 star…

  17. Hiltron Bailey

    In a couple of years, an NFL team is going to draft him and use him with the same strategies and methods the way Kansas City Chiefs use Tyreek Hill. Pooka Williams has tenacity, burst of speed, vision and great cutback against the defense ability.

  18. now he’s certain to become a 1st round pick


  20. Misleading headline – Kansas does not have a star

  21. Receipient of the Ray Rice/Kareem Hunt scholarship xD

  22. Pooka?? Please god tell me that’s not his real name.

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