President Donald Trump visits Kansas City seeking the death penalty for cop killers

President Trump visits KC to talk law enforcement.

Trump visits KC, offers police tips.

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KANSAS CITY — If you kill a cop, you should automatically perish — this according to President Donald Trump who visited Kansas City on Friday (December 7th) to speak at the “Project Safe Neighborhoods National Conference” — a brainstorming colloquium designed to ameliorate tactful issues in law enforcement. The Commander in Chief spoke at the Westin Crown Center to help law enforcement officials implement new strategies and techniques to suppress villainy. Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker introduced Trump to an audience comprised of several hundred law enforcement officials.

During his address, the president focused primarily on supporting law enforcement and refining the litigation process. He also raised the brazen possibility of resurrecting the death penalty for those who extirpate police officers. “At the core of our strategy is restoring respect for law enforcement,” Trump said.

“There’s nobody deserves respect more than you people.”

“For too long, many politicians and radical activists have been smearing and slandering our police — making life easier for criminals and harder for law-abiding Americans,” Trump continued. “We will not tolerate attacks on the heroes who protect our streets and defend our communities.”

“The punishment for cop killers is called ‘The Death Penalty.'”

The low point of the night came when Trump accidentally referred to Kansas City as St. Louis. Yep, the president lauded our crime-fighting efforts “right here in St. Louis.” Several media outlets made fun of the gaffe. But Trump simply misspoke. No harm, no foul.

Watch the speech.

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  1. Ironically, Mr. Trump is about to learn a great deal about law enforcement.


    *A Program To Attack Black People After The Entertainment industry created The gangs, drug dealers, Thuglife, And police told to stand down.

  3. For too long progressive political cowboys and legal outlaw gunslingers have been riding roughshod and shooting up the Constitution. They have also been intimidating the towns people and robbing their savings and federal funds through planned inflation and ponzi schemes. With the election two years ago, theres a new executive sheriff in town. In spite of alot of criticism, swamp, lies and deceit, Trump has been enforcing the laws he was sworn to uphold.

  4. God Bless President Trump!!


  6. Trump will soon be gone, hopefully impeached and later prosecuted for multiple felonies. His lies, corruption, criminality, and gross incompetence continue to be exposed. His ignorant, arrogant, and truly stupid supporters will decline in numbers. This nightmare will soon end.

  7. What would a nation be like without a law and order? God Almighty is the God of order. The devil believes in open borders and has no law and order. The Demonrats don’t believe in law and order.

  8. Conservative Nellie

    Thank you President Trump for taking care of America and Americans by supporting our law enforcement officers. A country without laws is not America.

  9. I feel like an American again. Always be prepared by the push back from the communist left gorilla’s. Trump is the cool fresh air in a government that is of zhit.

  10. Great speech Trump, you always say it how it is… God bless u and America

  11. So nice to see you POTUS TRUMP ❤ we love our law enforcement.

  12. Mr. Trump, please stay away from Kansas City. We have enough pollution.

  13. Our president is cuckoo

  14. Make America Great AGain!

  15. Mikaveli Qigong

    What year was AmeriKKKa great ? You white people sound utterly ridiculous

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