Science teacher snaps, cuts student’s hair while singing national anthem in class

Teacher cuts kid’s hair in classroom.

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VISALIA, Calif — Classic example of cutting class. This week’s “I Screwed Up A Good Job Award” belongs to California teacher Margaret Gieszinger who snapped in class by cutting a male student’s hair (against his wishes) while singing the national anthem. She also chased several students around the classroom with a pair of scissors. It was all captured on video. Margaret, a 52-year-old science teacher at University Preparatory High School, was arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment.

But she ends up facing 6 misdemeanor charges relative to false imprisonment, cruelty to a child, assault and battery. Still no word on if she’ll be charged with impersonating a barber.

One student described the hairdressing ordeal to media. Many thought it was a jape until the unthinkable ensued. “We think she’s going to try to be funny and be like ‘Oh, did you really think I was going to cut his hair?” said the student. “But she did…” Turns out, Margaret was serious as hell.

As teens chortled in the background, Margaret pulled out the cosmetic blades and proceeded to snip large chunks of hair off the boy’s head while belting out the “Star Spangled Banner.” The non compos educator was jailed shortly after. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Margaret screwed up.

Her teaching credentials were suspended in 2007 and 2016.

During Friday’s arraignment, Margaret sat at the rear of a pretrial courtroom with her hands cuffed and noggin lowered. Per court mandate, she eschew visiting the school and she must purge all firearms. Margaret faces up to 4 years in the joint. Hopefully, she’ll get the psychiatric help she needs.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. (read with extreme sarcasm) I’m sure she’s a 100% mentally stable and well adjusted firearm owner.

  2. Adam De Larozza

    Maybe it was that Time of the Month again.😜

  3. Napoleon dynamite

    What the hell is this video this teacher is freaking crazy. She must have been on something cause who the hell would do that. good thing she was arrested

  4. I would’ve been like “bitch I dare you.” Acting all tough but I’ll actually call my mama instead and my mama would beat her ass.

  5. lucylovesanthony

    This is all so sad. This teacher probably lost it after all the mental and physical abuse from her students. Most students have zero respect and slowly drain the life out of passionate teachers. I see the amount of disrespect in elementary, and I can’t imagine in high school. Not saying that she’s in the right, but it might have been a tipping point from the amount of disrespect.

  6. yeah let’s give teachers guns to defend themselves

  7. She was going to say the N word.

  8. what the heck, i would be absolutely outraged if someone cut my hair

  9. Pretty sure she chose the wrong career 💇

  10. shoot i would have slapped the scissors out of he hands!

  11. This woman is crazy as hell. And just think if we actually armed this woman with a gun. Those students would be in serious danger. That was a horrible idea.

  12. Therese Nydahl

    Kind of funny😂😂😂

  13. Jesse Danielle Zullo

    Holy fuckn christ !! Lmao i kno this is terrible but this is hysterical lol.

  14. Demarcus Shields

    She needs to be charged for misuse of our national anthem

  15. WOW!!!She must have really cracked up. Feel so bad for them students. That wouldd have scared me for a Long, Long time!!!

  16. KillerTrollolol

    That bitch is bonkers

  17. When your US History teacher becomes school hairstylist…

  18. Who else would have slapped that hoe??…like wth????

  19. What the heck is going on with teachers nowadays?!!! I blame social media!!!

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