Diddy & twin daughters concoct birthday celebration for Kim at ‘World on Wheels’

Diddy and twin daughters pay tribute to Kim Porter.

Diddy threw twins epic skating party.

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LOS ANGELES — Realizing his daughters needed something convivial in the aftermath of their mom’s quietus, Sean “Diddy” Combs came through in riveting fashion on Friday. In honor of the late Kim Porter, the “Bad Boy” honcho threw a homeric 80s-themed skating party for twins Jessie James and D’Lila Star at the ‘World on Wheels’ in Los Angeles. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was among the many celebs to attend the birthday soiree. The homogeneous siblings turn 12-years-old on Dec. 21st.

Porter, who would’ve turned 47 on Dec. 16, passed away on Nov. 15th amid peculiar causes. Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles County are still investigating her death. On Saturday, Diddy paid homage to his ex-girlfriend with an impassioned dispatch via social media.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!! We miss you soooo MUCH 🖤”

“#KimPorterDAY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Diddy and Porter dated on and off for decades.

They have three children together.

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  1. Wow I didn’t know that their birthdays were so close to their mother’s passing

  2. That whole situation appeared to be somewhat staged. 🤔

  3. What a beautiful celebration of life actually of LIVES. Kim’s 48th bday the 16th and the twins on the 21st. Right before the holidays. God bless and be with this family it’s going to be a difficult Christmas I’m sure.

  4. I wish they would to do a reality show.

  5. Did Kim Porter have a man before she died. Diddy cheated and disrespected her but everyone is checking on him like she never had anyone else, I know they had a great co-parent relationship but they weren’t together, so I am just curious did she ever dated after her relationship with Diddy

  6. I bet you guys someday they’ll all be thots.

  7. His kids are thots

  8. Just Another Hustle

    It took for her to pass away for Diddy to bring them out. I only seen him with his sons.

  9. Aniyunwiyah Kituwah Tsalagi

    Beautiful family 🙏🏾

  10. Clearly Diddy did it.

  11. WTF the twins looks more like two boys 😂

  12. Lil thots in training. Diddly is gay so these kids are adopted

  13. Dope💯💯💯

  14. Andres Esquivel

    He has twins?

  15. some of these comments are disgusting…. u people should be ashamed of yourselves

  16. Sabrina Doctor

    Daddy Sean is Human ! The Lost Of a Life – Long Partner is Hard …
    Daddy Sean is a Great Father to All His Kids ✊🏽❤️😍

  17. Beauty IsHerName

    Why is everybody consoling diddy as if him and Kim was still together. They’ve been separated for over a decade. And he wasn’t the only boyfriend she ever had damn. Stop praising him and taking the attention off of kim

  18. The gossip about Diddy did this & Diddy did that, well STOP, STOP the Dog Bone stupid &I mean the stupid sayings about Diddy. He is a good person & a caring human being. He took care of Kim & his children. And he still takes care of his children. Stop disrespecting
    P. Diddy., the children & the entire family. And as far as Diddy & Kim a lot of women have a child or children from their male friend & never get married and move on. So stop the crispy Bacons. And he would not do anything to hurt Kim or his children. No one would want their children to read about dumb stuff about their mom or even dad. God bless the family.

  19. He’s not a good man an illuminati pig, bisexual fkd up man what about Kim’s book ?? She knew about him spending lots of time on his knees. Hope Kim and his kids are ok

  20. Sabrina Doctor

    Daddy Sean is Human ! The Lost Of a Life – Long Partner is Hard …
    Daddy Sean is a Great Father to All His Kids ✊🏽❤️😍

  21. What good is it for man to gain the whole world 🌎 and he looses his soul… Jesus is King

  22. I love Diddy. He is a great man.

  23. He killed her. Period.

  24. Waheedah's Recipes

    Diddy stay strong. Be blessed you and your family 🙏🏾😇❤️

  25. Diddy u can fool the world but in Heaven youll have No chance

  26. Everyone handles death differently. Diddy, you all are in my thoughts and prayers and my you find strength, peace and comfort in the good Lord above. God Bless

  27. Diddy wasted Kims time smh

  28. I don’t care what anyone says this man had something with this woman’s death .
    Think. After this aftermath he begins promoting his liquor on the night of Bet wards ,commercial being played ,Then Amazing how faith entertaining which of course that’s money on his behalf ,In the beginning many people stated something’s not right and it’s sad what people would do to stay relevant and don’t care how it effects others I mean Mr Combs is now speaking o. Say prayers for me what about her family there kids really him ….
    You know why he is asking for this because of his conscience yes !!!!!! He messed this time People are blind and fooled by a name …
    First of all when there is pnunmonia plaguing someone life typically medication doesn’t consist of saline water and vitamins and a private doctor make house calls really. Think ,any body can have your hand in something like this no different than Mr Micheal Jackson .
    Sure we will pray for you asking that your telling the heavenly Father for your wrong doing Luke I’m taught to do .I feel for her Family and the lost of a mother and yes a Life period .Mr SC. What can I say ,You need help
    Be well .

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