Alfonso Ribeiro sues video game creators because they used his ‘Carlton Dance’

Alfonso Ribeiro sues video gamers over Carlton Dance.

Alfonso sues video game developers. 

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LOS ANGELES — Remember the ‘Carlton Dance’ made prominent by veteran thespian Alfonso Ribeiro on the hit TV sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?” You know, Carlton’s feminine, limb-swinging boogie performed to Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual.” Well, Alfonso has filed a pair of lawsuits seeking remuneration from Fortnite developer Epic Games Inc., and NBA 2K creator Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., because they’re using his dance in their video games without his permission.

Alfonso is pissed, claiming both corporations “unfairly profited” from his renowned ass-wiggle and he’s imploring a California federal court to proscribe the sell and use of his dance while he solicits copyrights.

Fortnite, by the way, is arguably the most popular video game in the world. Roughly 80 million gamers log in on a daily basis to play. If you recall, the “Carlton Dance” was originated during a Christmas episode of “Fresh Prince” in 1991. Can’t believe that punk ass dance is 27-years-old.

“Twenty-seven years later, The Dance remains distinctive, immediately recognizable, and inextricably linked to Ribeiro’s identity, celebrity, and likeness,” the lawsuits say.

Can’t blame Carlton for pursuing litigation.

That nerd is tryin’ to get paid.

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  1. Epic Games is so stupid. They knew they were copying frame by frame the emotes and dance moves from other artists, shows and movies, all Epic Games had to do was just ask, and they making money off people buying them.

    The masterminds behind the Gears of War series and franchise. All they har to do was just ask permission! It’s not hard. They’ve been in the game industry for years, they know better than that.

  2. Dont Talk To Me

    Fortnite should pay these people & in the future hire dancers to create dances for their game.

  3. Can we also sue Epic Games for making every single Black Character look like a damn fool and look like their sexuality is questionable?

  4. i hope he sues them good and bankrupts them.This game is for some reason way more popular than it has any right to be. At first games bad graphics led devs to work long and hard on making sure the game ran smoothly and had good stories and concepts. Then 2007 or so graphics made a huge leap so the companies put major time constraints on companies to release games in spite of bugs and unimagined storyline/blatant rip off of other games (gears of war rip offs, cod, battlefield) and now we have games like fortnite whom will try to just rip off anything that makes them look cool, so as to keep their fuel burning. Mostly through social pariahs who have no lives or place in regular society(and thats an understatement, all the ‘cool’ fortnite pubg etc streamers are people who cant go a day in the real world without claiming to be affected by ptsd, anxiety, or being offended..aka lazy fucks)who keep streaming their shit with target audience being kids, converting more and more to this truly ridiculous lifestyle of braindead, socially inept people trying to get 15 mins of fame with a game thats not anywhere good in the first place.

  5. The people named it the Carlton dance not him and the dance originated in the 80’s by white people. But the first to point it out was Eddie Muphy in his stand up called Raw. If someone was to sue it should be the white chick on Bruce Springsteen music video.

  6. feels like bs. your gonna sue a game for putting animations in their game that has not been exppressly copyrighted? case closed. just because your iconic for it doesnt mean you own it. get over it, move on. next time copyright it

  7. Nice😂😂😂 sue there arse

  8. Philliceia Jackson

    Does he outright own the dance? How can he sue for something that he does not own. Sure he made it popular but that’s about it.

  9. BunnyLover 101

    Wow fortnite getting sued again who would’ve thought😂😂

  10. It’s not even that serious.

  11. I bet Alfonso trys to collect royalties every time he gives someone a handshake or high-5, claiming its copyrighted.

  12. Fucking loser admitted to stealing the dance.

    He ain’t entitled to shit.

    Fuck him

  13. Not trying to defend fortnite here or anything but they literally make millions everyday, so I doubt that they won’t get the best lawyers

  14. Fortnite getting sued again 😂 not surprised lol 🤦‍♂️

  15. More black people looking for hand outs… Hahahahaha typical

  16. For one its not copyright law its intellectual property law as it took time and creativity to make these dances. Also why go after epic games. They werent even the first to do this nor are they the biggest. Is it because they charge the most. There are games like destiny that use these same dances however you can choose to pay or simply get them free via a grind

  17. This is the thing. If they were just dancing I’d be fine but they are selling those dances for a fee. Once they started making money off of someone else work then they opened themselves up for this.

  18. Pay this man

  19. Giggles Bloody Murder

    Fortnite theivin’ asses. They steal exact moves and rename them like we haven’t seen/attempted them before

  20. 1.he didn’t make the dance it was done in the 1980s

    2.this emote came out like a year ago it took them a long ass time

    3. It’s stupid af

  21. Its a sad day when you can’t even post a dance because you might get sued

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