Former Ravens star Ray Rice denounces domestic violence on ‘CBS This Morning’

Ray Rice done with football/Photo: CBS

Ray Rice came clean on CBS. 

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NEW YORK — Former Baltimore Ravens halfback Ray Rice appeared on “CBS This Morning” to let everybody know his decision to denounce domestic violence has nothing to do with getting his old job back. As a matter of fact, Ray says he’s done with football even though many believe football is done with him. “I hate that person. I hate him,” Ray said, referring to himself as his wife sat quietly by his side. “Somewhere down the line everybody’s who’s saying, ‘Does he deserve a second chance for football?” And this, that, and the other.”

“I actually got my second chance [when I married Janay].” 

Ray, if you recall, received the equivalent of a lifetime NFL ban in 2014 after TMZ released surveillance footage that shows him whuppin’ Janay’s ass. In the video, Ray knocks Janay out cold with a Mike Tyson-esque left hook then drags her comatose body off a casino elevator like a sack of detritus.

It’s probably the most ignominious thing ever captured on film.

Which brings us to former Kansas City Chiefs runningback Kareem Hunt who was recently jettisoned from the league after TMZ aired his dirty laundry a couple weeks ago. Like Ray, raw video footage shows Kareem beating the hell outta 19-year-old Abigail Ottinger before kicking her while she was down.

Kareem’s assault transpired in February inside a Cleveland hotel.

Ray’s ordeal went down inside a casino in Atlantic City.

Both incidents are eerily homogeneous.

“Well, obviously, you know, you look back and you see the similarities,” Ray said.

“When I look at Kareem Hunt, I wanna know what his life was like. I want to know what happened in life. I know Kareem has apologized, and has expressed remorse for survivors of domestic violence.”

Ray reached out to Kareem to bestow a helping hand.

But, so far, it’s been crickets.

I’m sure Kareem’s agent told him to stay away from Ray or he’ll end up ostracized too.

The most shocking statement during the Q&A, however, was uttered by Janay who admitted she had no idea she was involved in an abusive relationship until she finally stepped back to ruminate. She also claims she never watched the infamous video. “I was there. I lived it,” Janay said.

“I don’t really need to relive it over and over again just to appease the world.”

Now that he’s out of football, what does Ray do for a living? Well, he’s currently an integral component of the NFL’s Domestic Violence Education Program which allows him to disseminate homilies to help keep volatile players like Kareem and Reuben Foster out of jail.

During the interview, Ray raised eyebrows when he said he doesn’t deserve a 2nd chance.

Do you agree with him?

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  1. Ray Rice was in the wrong, Kareem Hunt did NOTHING WRONG so know the difference.

  2. Charlotte Katakuri

    Why are black millionaires so dumb? Why do you make so much money and still commit crimes?

  3. They should have shown the footage and had him do a play by play of the asswhooping. Because that’s what this is almost like.

  4. I don’t condone any sort of violence against any woman and nor am I trying to justify what happened with these particular athletes. People have to understand that Football is an Aggressive sport, you don’t get to the NFL by being soft. All those blows to the head affect professional football players for the rest of their lives. Someone who’s In that type of environment for 8 hours a day and years at a time has to have side effects. It’s very easy for people to criticize without understanding that some of these athletes just can’t turn off a switch and be completely normal. The NFL is very quick to turn their back on a player and wipe their hands as like they are not also responsible for what they created. The Brains of dead football players clearly show there is a pattern of violence with players that had severe brain damage and the NFL doesn’t care. The NFL doesn’t care about, domestic abuse or mental health of these athletes, all they care about is making money.

  5. Charles M Rinehart

    What kind of person marries someone who gives them a beat down? Someone afraid of losing their meal ticket. Also her face still looks smashed in.

  6. Okay just to clarify something. Ray and Janay both admit that they were both wrong. All those years and only one incident happened and they forgave each other, so it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Hunt was wrong on all levels, not only did he lie the video shows him coming back after he already done damage.

  7. Hunt didn’t do anything wrong. Farcical comparing it to Rice, who hit that woman so hard she could have died.

  8. Well it appears ray rice has been nudered. He sits there like a little boy who’d being punishined by his mother. WHAT’s happening to men in this country?

  9. She went at him in that video…this is why lots of powerful black men end up with those svelte, meek white chicks.

  10. It needs too be a spot light on WOMEN that physically abuses men also. Stop making this one sided. Plenty of WOMEN out here physically abusing men. Men just never press charges or say anything about it. It’s a unspoken issue that is huge also

  11. Beats by DUSANT

    Funny how she never accepts responsibility for part in the whole incident. Women will never take responsibility for their own actions, which is the reason why men should no longer marry. Men get taken advantage of in this society when it comes to marriages. And in domestic violence, women tend to be the majority of the abusers but since they are considered weak compared to men, they are never held accountable.

  12. LeafVillage UchihaClan

    I strongly disagree with Ray when he said he doesn’t believe he deserves a second chance in the NFL. What about doctors, lawyers and policemen who committed domestic violence but yet get help then go back to their job like nothing happened. All occupations should be held at the same level.

  13. You have supporters Ray Rice and fam. Keep your heads up, and keep trying to do better. I believe in 2nd chances and you’re shining with yours.

  14. About My Business!

    No. What he did in that moment was exactly who he is. We don’t like to see the ugly side of ourselves but that’s who you are. But thank goodness there’s grace and forgiveness from God and others.

  15. Liberty City El

    Ever since that uppercut Ray ain’t had no problems from Janay, she’s been on her best behavior.

  16. Alpha Tarawally

    Lol they stayed together and got married so she couldn’t testify against Ray. Well played

  17. she fine 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️💍

  18. Richard Stoops

    She probably needed knocked out, I can picture her head bobbing side to side/

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