An Obama Christmas: Former President delivers holiday goodies at D.C. hospital

Obama plays Santa at D.C. hospital.

Obama plays Santa Claus at a hospital.

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WASHINGTON — “Ho, Ho, Ho!!!” Former President Barack Obama made a bunch of convalescent people happy on Wednesday when he showed up unannounced at a Washington D.C. children’s hospital donning a Santa hat and lugging a big ass sack of Christmas gifts. “Who said the Grinch stole Christmas?” hospital officials wrote in a jovial Facebook post. “Our patients and their families received a huge holiday surprise when Barack Obama warmed our hallways with a huge bag of gifts for our patients! Thank you so much for visiting.”

After allocating an omnium of holiday goodies, Obama addressed the awestruck audience before exchanging hugs and kisses. “I’ve had a chance to talk to some of the wonderful kids and their families, at a time that’s obviously tough for folks,” Obama said.

“As the dad of two girls, I can only imagine in that situation, you know, to have nurses, staff and doctors… caring for them… holding their hand… and looking after them, and listening to them. What a great reminder of what the holiday spirit is supposed to be about.”

Obama is one cool dude.

Do you miss him as president?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Claudio Marani

    Now you see THE PRESIDENT……..

  2. Very sweet! Merry Christmas President Obama and to your family! Thank you for your service.

  3. Nowadays it always feels like we have been missing something in our lives. The world’s greatest and caring president and all around awesome human being. Barack Obama. I’ve always liked him and I’ve always supported him in everything he did. No matter what. Yes, we can!


  5. Impossible to understand how we traded in this decent, thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate man for the venal, self-regarding, corrupt, evil orange clown now occupying the Oval Office.

  6. Seven Nine Three

    Trump should go do this in Russia.. LOLOLLLL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. come back please!!!!

  8. So beautiful. President Obama is a genuine American. Compassionate and friendly

  9. No one really matters

    Seems unfair that we have Trump as president now, we miss u Obama

  10. Take that trump……

  11. The best ever president of United States ..

  12. I really miss this man. Effortless compassion is a personal trait that’s enduring and severely lacking in 45.

  13. Muslims dont celebrate Christmas, fake news

  14. Jackie Martinez

    😒 8 years he make AMERICA miserable


    He always Be the Man the #1🙋‍♂️💪☝️ PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  16. you’ll never see trump do anything like this…

  17. Just one very beautiful human being…President Barack Obama!

  18. Build that wall.. Build that wall. Trump 2020

  19. Sir Maximus O'Fartsalot

    Obama is a class act!
    So different from that ANIMAL we have now!

  20. I miss him he was the best💞

  21. Greatest President I’ve seen thus far 💘😊

  22. I love him, and I miss him and when he left the white house I felt like my dad left home.

    He is intelligent humble and he have a big heart for everyone, no matter how many years go by he always be my president.

  23. He is too skinny to be Santa lol 🎅

  24. The true meaning of Christmas. God bless you President Obama. You are just awesome!

  25. God bless America forever we love ❤️ America.

  26. Best African president 😁😆

  27. Barack need another term.

  28. Obama 4 d nxt president 👍👍👍👍

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