TMZ catches LA Rams star Marcus Peters spewing profanity-laced tirade at a fan

Marcus Peters was ready to kick a fan’s ass.

Rams star caught cussin’ out a fan.

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LOS ANGELES — Not sure what the NFL did wrong to TMZ. But there’s no question the embattled football league remains under the lambasting microscope of the world’s most inquisitive website. After spending the past few days airing the dirty laundry of Kareem Hunt and Montae Nicholson, TMZ dropped another scatological video that shows Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters cussin’ out a fan in the stands during L.A.’s disappointing home loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football.

Raw footage shows an irascible Peters calling the ticketholder “n*gga” multiple times before going up to the stands to utter a threat. “Talk that sh*t now n*gga,” Peters screamed. “Where you from homie? Where you from n*gga? F*ck you!” Fortunately, security intervened before something sanguinary transpired.

Peters, if you recall, was a former first round draft pick of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The 25-year-old defensive back was traded to the Rams last offseason amid speculation he cussed out Chiefs coaches Bob Sutton and Dave Toub. Like his cousin Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch, Peters also eschewed standing during the national anthem — drawing the vexation of Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.

Given the fact nothing corporeal occurred, should Peters be punished?

Are today’s NFL players stressed out?

Watch the video.

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  1. The fan got real quiet when peters got closer hahaha like o shit i didn’t think he’d hear me

  2. If he knew where he was from, he could’ve sent him a nice holiday card.

  3. Martin McMinds

    These players dont care if they get suspended or punished anymore. Really making your organizations look bad not to mention yourselves.

  4. That’s what happens when ghetto ass niggas get a shot at the big show. Your a professional now act and speak like one!

  5. Jeffrey Kopfle

    Lol what a dumbass …. NFL has so many character flaws

    Why can’t their pros act more the the pros in the NHL …smh

  6. I noticed that many African Americans have low impulse control.

  7. Every one of these bitches who play football and make millions are all ignorant, stupid, people… And here we have yet another example of a Piece of Shit, who is only about himself. Fucking cold Hearted black people the lot of em are

  8. Head case and no class. Will be out of the league in a year and flat broke.

  9. marqus warrick

    Thank goodness the white man invented football and basketball to keep these angry kids busy.

  10. So where the nikka from 🤔🤔

  11. Is Marcus Peter’s cousin Marshon lynch?! Smh if so they got beast mode written all in their DNA! Don’t fuck with them niggas their from a different breed

  12. I would have said I’m from between your mommas legs and then after he knocked me out I would gladly settle out of court!!

  13. He just mad cuz he sucks solid dick

  14. If I was Peter’s I will be just be laughing in a face cuz I would have been like I’m rich ,y’all broke

  15. Charles M Rinehart

    That person has some big balls yelling s*** from the safety of the stands.

  16. Peters has to be smarter. What the hell are you giving the time of day to a loser who won’t ever come close to making the amount of money you’ve earned. Leave it alone brother.

  17. Alexander Cranmer

    Sometimes u got to check them I like it Peters don’t play with him 😂

  18. This is the stuff white people smile at black men arguing about where they are from and disrespecting each other it’s sad we have to do better and learn how to love each other instead of harming each other

  19. Any real person can tell. Only reason, Peter’s (bitch ass), did that because he knew someone was gonna come stop him. That’s called, a punt faker!

  20. Now u know why he don’t play in Kansas City anymore.

  21. If the Rams could actually fill their stadium with 65 plus percent of their fans this wouldn’t happen

  22. Dude literally walked into the stands to potentially fight a fan DURING a live football game. What!?!? Peter’s is a hot head. Didnt he ever learn in school hot heads always get provoked for being a hot head. He looked super silly confronting a fan like that.

  23. Anthony Noriega

    Every thug will always have that “G” in him but damn you can’t be so easy to pop off/break. Next week some other dudes gonna do the same shit.

  24. marcus Peters what a dirty player should be expelled from the NFL

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