LeBron James accuses NFL of imposing a ‘Slavery Mentality’ upon black athletes

LeBron James says NFL owners have slave mentality.

LeBron James rips NFL slave owners. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is busy yapping his beak again, except this time he’s laying the wood to the languid derrières of NFL owners. During Friday’s badinage of HBO’s “The Shop,” King James accused NFL owners of imposing a “slave mentality” upon its negro talent. His Royal Majesty was encircled by a conglomerate panel comprised of business partner Maverick Carter, rapper Ice Cube, talk host Jimmy Kimmel and Los Angeles Rams halfback Todd Gurley.

“In the NFL they got a bunch of old white men owning teams, and they got that slave mentality,” James said. “And it’s like, ‘This is my team. You do what the f*ck I tell y’all to do or we will get rid of y’all.'”

King James later claimed the NBA and NFL wouldn’t be sh*t without black athletes. “The players are who make the ship go,” he said. “We make it go. Every Sunday, without Todd Gurley and without Odell Beckham Jr., without those players, those guys, there is no football.”

Towards the end of the 30-minute segment, King James raised the stakes by drawing a discriminatory juxtaposition between plantation owners in both leagues. “The difference between the NBA and the NFL is, the NBA is what we believe [a player] can be. The potential,” James said. “In the NFL, it’s like what can you do for me this Sunday, or this Monday or this Thursday, and if you ain’t it, we moving on.” 

“I’m so appreciative in our league of our commissioner,” James continued, referencing Adam Silver.

“He doesn’t mind us having … a real feeling and to be able to express that. It doesn’t even matter if he agrees with what we are saying, he at least wants to hear us out. As long as we are doing it in a very educational, nonviolent way, then he’s absolutely OK with it.”

Not sure what to make of James’ remarks.

We’ve heard this stuff before in 1988 from sports analyst Jimmy (The Greek) Snyder.

“The black is a better athlete to begin with, because he’s been bred that way,” Jimmy said.

“Because of his high thighs that go up into his back. And they can jump higher and run faster because of their bigger thighs. This all goes back to the Civil War, when, during the slave trading, the slave owner would breed his big black to his big woman so that he would have a big black kid.”

“That’s where it all started.”

Jimmy, of course, was fired from CBS after making those comments.

Anyway, back to King James.

Yes, the NFL is ran by a fraternity of gray follicle, Donald Trump-supporting, suit and tie-donning cronies. But that’s more a byproduct of capitalism than racism. Think about it. Roughly 80% of NBA players are black (yet, one negro owner). More than 70% of NFL players are negro (with no black owners).

So, instead of lambasting Caucasian proprietors, shouldn’t James encourage his colleagues to concoct their own sports entities? After all, NFL owners aren’t putting a gun to their head and, last time we checked, players are well paid for their services. Conversely, slaves weren’t remunerated.

Contrary to James’ viewpoint, the issue isn’t the ability or inability of athletes to express themselves.

The problem, economically, is there’s no black owners in the first place.

See, it’s jaundiced to censure Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder and NFL owners for purchasing deed and title. Capitalism ensures they have the right. James’ good massa versus bad massa contretemps are superfluous and frail. At the end of the day, doesn’t matter if an owner is good or bad — he’s still your boss.

King James and negro athletes need to buy a clue.

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  1. For once, I agree with Blog King. If you dont like it, start your own league.

  2. LeBron must not understand that an owner of an NFL team can say “This is my team” because of the fact that it is indeed their team. I can walk into my job, being the part that makes the ship go, but that does not make me the captain. I can be told to leave the ship and someone else will be ready to step in and be paid to continue making the ship go.

  3. Jon E. Holiday

    From LeBron’s comments, it’s clear he doesn’t grasp the fundamental difference between an owner and an employee. A basic course in business might go a long way for him.

  4. Lebron has an opinion on everything. We should make him President. See if his shoulders can handle criticisms from everyone. This guy should be held more accountable for his words. We don’t need his opinions on everything..

  5. How many millions of dollars does this guy make? He gets to pick and choose for which team he plays and also his team mates. He plays a kid’s game. But the owners are not treating him right. I have trouble feeling sorry for him.

    Stick to playing basketball LeBron! NFL league minimum for rookies is $480k, player with 1 year experience makes a minimum of $555k, a player with 2 years experience makes $630k, a player with 3 years experience make a minimum of $705k….should i keep going?

  6. I don’t think that Lebron would say the same thing if players in the NBA started kneeling with clenched fists and so forth at NBA games. There was an actual backlash from NBA fans about it. If NBA players chose to do that and viewership started going down and so forth as was true of the NFL owners would deal with it with much the same attitude of the NFL. It seems evident that here are some lines that are not crossed so easily without pushback.

  7. Lebron James grew up in a participation trophy world. Lebron has gotten more coaches fired or ruined more than he has helped today’s youth. Colin Kaepernick TURNED DOWN TWO CONTRACT OFFERS. It is nobodies fault but his own. When an NFL QB goes 2-30 in two seasons, he should expect back up money. Kap is nowhere as good as Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers is bad. Sorry Lebron, Kap was a one trick pony, who time has left just like his talent.

  8. I was always a LeBron fan but he is getting so over the top. In the nfl it’s more of a team based sport. You don’t have 50+ players on a basketball roster. His power in the NBA is getting out of control. Doesn’t take away from his talent and skill as a basketball player but stop convincing people to be victims

  9. Buy a football team LeBron and show us slaveowners how it’s done…

  10. I dont understand niggas. Stop slavin for these racist white owners and start your own shit.

  11. Sure…because slave owners were known for shelling out millions of dollars for their slaves to play a game and become incredibly famous. LeBron is taking the word “owner” too literally.

  12. I like when Lebron speaks. It proves that he has no idea what he’s talking about.

  13. Just like any job if you can’t follow the rules boom you’re gone. I don’t care what LeBron thinks. If he wanted to be a thinker he should’ve gone on to college and pursued an education. He chose to forego college to play basketball and earn millions to entertain us.

  14. LJ is my kinda nigga — good to see him put white folks in they place

  15. I can hear the negotiations down at the Jones plantation ” Ill pay you 40 million dollars a year to pick cotton for me and you only have to work for 9 months each year”. “I got a better offer from Smith, 50 million dollars a year” “Okay, 55 million is my final offer.” “Okay you got a deal”. There’s an old myth that slaves were owned by the plantation owners and got paid nothing; thanks, LaBron, for setting us straight on this historical error.

  16. Whenever a BLACK MAN speaks against the WHITE POWER SYSTEM the fearful will allows speak against the Black man. No matter the history, these fools I’ll never respect our struggle.

  17. And this is why the race card is running out!!! What a fuckin idiot!!!

  18. yeah, and thats like your opinion or something

    Lebrons a moron. What do you expect from a leftist thats not even top 5 players all time. Lebron wpuld never have the balls to work out or work in the NFL. Keep your mouth shut while you earn your money as is

  19. How does the slave owner have a slave mentality? It would be the slaves that have the slave mentality. It’s what keeps them enslaved.

  20. I remember when LeBron said Dan Gilbert was treating him like a slave. I don’t know any slaves that were living in mansions, driving luxury cars, making millions a year. LeBrons words cheapen slavery and the memory of those who suffered under it

  21. Layne Franklin

    If this dummy didn’t play Basketball in which the white owners made him very wealthy, what would he be doing for a living? What a idiot…

  22. Lebron is a out the closet racist.

  23. BillsMafia2514

    They make millions and can leave the team whenever they want , knowones forcing them to stay . Thats not slavery

  24. All the rich black athletes and rich black entertainers and rich black politicians drug dealers and pimps should pull all their monies and resources and pick one state to move to and make it theirs . All other blacks will follow and they can rename the state Afro America .There they can lead the lives of truly free black people . Any whites that are still there can be made to serve them in the ways they have always dreamed of . Lebron can name himself president for life . There will be singing and dancing and laughter in the land of the colorful . Oh happy days oh happy days .

  25. Alexander Kelly

    all the nfl players should quit if they’re being treated like a slave. I’d gladly be a slave for 1 million dollars a year

  26. Jason Colemann

    Big talk for a man who knows the NBA already put a rule saying they can’t kneel or disrespect the Anthem.

  27. How can you take anything from the mouth of a guy who has “the chosen one” tattooed on him seriously. He is about as self adsorbed as a kardashian and just about as much of an airhead as one.

  28. Shit I wish I worked for those old White Men they Pay Millions 😂😂

  29. Lebron…a little comment about the real slave who produce your shoes for peanuts???
    No?? Sure ??

  30. Don’t you feel sorry for LeBron James?
    It must be hell to be a $35,600,000+/year SLAVE!!!
    Sure hope that someday he makes it to freedom!

  31. If what Lebron said is true then I’d love to be a slave. Shiii I could take a couple million in my bank account.
    To bad he doesn’t even think through his own comments, Lebron is so hell bent on trying to be this African American god that people look up to but he really is just harming and negatively impacting the black community into thinking their victims when they are not.

  32. Black people Were not all ways slaves black man you a king don’t mind the narrative.Yall are mental slaves now not actual slaves

  33. Give us a break! Slave mentality is not the same as slavery. And just because you play the game doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t complain about how it’s run. I don’t know ANYBODY who doesn’t complain about their employers and the company they work for to some degree (just about everybody thinks they can run their workplace better). And let’s get real, LeBron does plenty of charitable work. There are much worse people, rich or not, that you can pick on, but obviously you’re allowed your opinion.

  34. Daniel Rutstein

    He never compared it to American slavery he compared it to how the players are treated like general slaves where they have no freedom of expression

  35. If a white player made such a comment, he’d be fired. Black Privilege

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