Eddie Murphy and fiancée Paige Butcher celebrate Christmas with his 10 children

Eddie Murphy takes Christmas photo with his 10 kids.

Eddie’s Christmas portrait 10 deep. 

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BEVERLY HILLS — “We are family!” No wonder Eddie Murphy concocted so many damn movies. That negro has a decad of ravenous mouths to feed. On Tuesday, 29-year-old Bria Murphy, Eddie’s eldest daughter, shared a cozy Christmas photo on Instagram that shows the 57-year-old comic posing with his 10 kids — including 3-week-old son Max who’s fresh out his mother’s womb. Joining Eddie and Max in the portrait are: fiancée Paige Butcher, 2-year-old daughter Izzy Oona, eldest son Eric (29), son Christian (28), daughter Angel Iris (11), daughter Bella Zahra (16), daughter Zola Ivy (19), daughter Shayne Audra (24), daughter Bria (29) and son Miles Mitchell (26).

Eddie also has five baby mamas.

Damn, his child support payments must’ve been a bitch.

Makes you wonder if he can remember his kids’ names?

Instead of ‘Coming to America,’ Eddie should’ve visited a vasectomy specialist.

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  1. Deborah William

    Wow I must don’t pay no attention to Eddie Murphy I didn’t even know his new woman was white, I guess he decided to go color-blind , it was going to happen sooner or later, for some reason the black man think he’s not a man unless he get a white woman sooner or later.

  2. porch monkey keeper

    This is sickening

  3. Rambo First blood

    Doesnt he likes man.hes the one that got caught with a man in a car ..

  4. So Murphy’s oldest son is 29. Is he older than Murphy’s current wife?

  5. Richard Blaine

    Anyone can ‘father’ 10 kids – or 20 or 100. It’s a bit harder to be a ‘dad’.

  6. that nigga eddie need to quit nuttin in these bitches pussy

  7. @Rambo First blood: He has 10 babies and you still think he’s gay. You are a moron!

  8. this nigga never heard of condoms???

  9. Love it, it hard to find good black man that want to be a Dad and take care of their responsibilities!

  10. Maddcatt N Wonderland

    Only difference between Eddie Murphy and his character Marqus Graham is, condoms.

  11. Wow! It’s surprises me that Murphy has 10 children!! I love his movies! His children are beautiful & it’s great to see them altogether in love despite having different mothers. After God, family is most important!❤🙌🙏🙏🏠🏠

  12. I’m not surprised. Lol my father has 7. I’m the 3rd, my youngest sibling is a year older than my first child lol men have kids in their 40s confidently, I could never 🤣

  13. can you say NAPPY HAIRED NEGROS, LMAO

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