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Orlando Brown confessed transgressions on Dr. Phil

Orlando admitted using drugs/Dr. Phil

Orlando’s demons exposed on Dr. Phil.

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LOS ANGELES — Remember Orlando Brown, the portly Disney actor who starred alongside Raven-Symoné in the hit TV sitcom “That’s So Raven?” If you do, you probably won’t recognize his ass today because he’s not lovable anymore. As a matter of fact, dude is a straight up junkie. Orlando, 31, is catching headlines for his crackhead intervention with Dr. Phil. From the outset of the sedentary conclave, an inebriated Orlando comes close to blacking out on national television. It’s the arguably the most harrowing interview ever. During the confabulation, Orlando donned a pair snake eye contact lenses. He also chortled for no reason and he couldn’t remember the names and ages of his children. Orlando later confessed to selling narcotics and experimenting with crystal meth. Orlando then claimed he’s 4 years abstinent (which is damn lie because he’s visibly high during the Q&A). When asked what derailed his once auspicious acting career, Orlando replied: “I was drinking a lot and I found myself in a dark place… It was a binge of vodka… marijuana… crystal meth…” 

Orlando said he’s seeking Raven’s hand in marriage. The only problem is she’s been openly gay for years and Raven is a lesbian. Not sure what Dr. Phil tried to accomplish. Maybe he’s looking to ameliorate TV ratings? Sadly, Orlando joins a lengthy list of child stars who’ve gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. He’s been arrested multiple times and his outlook remains dire.

Is Orlando capable of concocting a positive change?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I wonder wtf he was on cause you can tell he’s on something. I hope he gets the help he needs and sticks to it.

  2. This is so sad man, his contacts make it look like his eyes are faded. So he can’t hide that his low lids show he’s still high… Prayers to him… Damn man, he’s needing lots of help… :(

  3. That’s not orlando brown anymore that’s a demon he possessed and the demon can’t hide his eyes from the camera

  4. Seriously, Orlando Brown had a professional career as an actor and became famous as a result and now in 2018, we are laughing AT him, and he isn’t giving a clown performance.

  5. Dear God,
    I pray for his strength and healing. Protect all that feels broken within him, and cleanse out the substance and the abuse that has taken so much of his precious life away. Restore and create a new mind, so that he may prosper, grow in light, be successful, and thrive again. May he one day be a great testimony and advocate of your glory. Protect him from harm and self, may he be wiser than the ridicule and judgment so he can be encouraged by the future and not regretful of his past.

  6. I feel bad for him. The entertainment industry and bad environment destroyed this man and his talent.

  7. Aww this makes me sad. I hope he really gets help. This is serious. I don’t want the next video to be that he was found dead somewhere. Orlando, baby get some REAL help from people who really want what’s best for you.

  8. Orlando Brown looking like a Human Lizard on Crack!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 he lies a lot…n do needs help Asap….

  9. This is so sad they need to inquire into what is happening in Hollywood,specifically these Disney stars are warped. he said his two year old was still in the belly. He doesn’t need doctor Phil he needs real help off camera. So disheartening.

  10. Dr Phil puts liquor in his guest dressing room so they get drunk b4 they come onstage.

  11. I can’t watch this, so disgusting, so sad… OMG get this guy help asap 😏

  12. first of all those are not contacts ,thats not him and lastly orlando was never crazy ,he was trying to expose all the pedophiles that abused him and all those demonic reptalians that run hollywood.the real orlando is probable dead .fuck illuminati ,fuck freemasons

  13. I couldn’t even watch this man! So so sad. 😢😢 I grew up watching that’s so raven… seeing this is sad af

  14. Bro look at his eyes… that’s not Orlando nor does crystal meth do that to your eyes…. completely diff from any of his past videos. He’s out of there….

  15. Ppl wanna dog him but lets not forget hes been working since he was a 4yo if not longer. The industry is toxic af. Seems as tho he didnt have many ppl around to keep him level headed. Hope he gets sober and stable in life. Maybe do something else or behind the scenes. But the industry return isnt the answer just yet

  16. I remember watching him as a child actor in Major Payne with Damon Wayans. Now he’s got demon eyes on here?? I’m so sad to see this 😔. Somebody please help him!

  17. I feel so bad for him. He want to change and knows he need to change. However he so addicted to drugs that he can’t stop. The drugs fried his brain so bad. He like those homeless crazy people we see on the streets. who brained fried from all them drugs. I hope he can get the help he need. he may get off drugs, but never will be the same mentally. The drugs fried his brained, and any body who knew or know anyone who had got drugged or even got their hands on some bad drugs. Can tell you its no help for them, they may be able to cope with therapy and other mental and psychological help. However they never function the same.

  18. Please someone explain why he keeps on talking about raven every chance he gets when shes a lesbian? Also dr phil is an ass for doing this to him. He probably gave him the drugs for ratings.

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