Obamas rockin’ the New Year

Michelle Obama named world’s most admired woman.

Barack & Michelle earned U.S. honor.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

WASHINGTON — If Michelle Obama ever decides to run for president, she stands a damn good chance of winning. That’s because the former first lady was voted the most admired woman in the world in Gallup’s annual poll, snapping Hillary Clinton’s 17-year winning streak. Word on the street claims Gallup held phone interviews with an arbitrary sample of roughly 1,000 Americans, asking them to name who they admire most. Michelle garnered 15% of the vote. Oprah got 5%.

Hillary and current first lady Melania Trump tied each other at 4%.

Michelle, needless to say, ain’t the only Obama hoarding accolades.

In an analogous Gallup poll, Barack Obama was named the world’s most admired man for the 11th consecutive year. So there’s no question bureaucratic talent runs in the family. If Barack kicks ass again next year, he’ll tie former President Dwight D. Eisenhower for most victories all-time with 12.

Hillary, by the way, holds the women’s record with a ridiculous 22 triumphs.

Do you agree with the vote?

Are you happy for the Obamas?

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  1. She’s such a phony. Got a $350,000 year job at a hospital when hubby was elected to the US Senate. And when she left to go to the White House, the job was left vacant.

  2. Michelle, Oprah, Barack. Amazing list of beautiful people then you mess it up by putting Trump on the list.

  3. She is a beautiful woman who really is a wonderful example of the animal kingdom a great looking gorilla

  4. jmaedl027 jmaedl

    Fake Poll

  5. Really? I just heard of this if a real poll had been conducted why is it no one asked me or anyone i know?

  6. She is really nothing more than a black racist…who struck gold and honey within the borders of the greatest nation on earth. Yet, she and her pathetic husband do nothing but put the country down, attack a certain segment of the population, and stir division for their own benefit. And if anyone really wants to know how POTUS Trump was elected look no further than Hussein Obama and the corrupt media.

  7. That’s right Obama. Show them that you and Michelle are the best. Regardless of the nasty evil lies they spread about you
    Obama #1 and to have Michelle be #2 in incredible
    The trumps can never come close What. Hillary the #1 most admired woman for 17 years in a row. That goes to show who is spreading the fake news. The right are wrong again

  8. travis macklin

    Sorry women. If she is the most admired than you are not being represented very well.

  9. She looks like an ape!!!!

  10. Our handsome, honorable President Obama and the beautiful, gracious Mrs. Obama – we miss you.

  11. Andrew Rodriguez

    Lmao the Obamas were a joke.

  12. Damn sure didn’t bring that poll my way

  13. LOL…..another poll taken only at the office of the mailroom employees. Next time somebody says “polls”….give name and addresses of those pollsters.

  14. Blog King, your “comment” poll seems to indicate otherwise. Lol

  15. Who the f*** did they ask, a bunch of college students who don’t know jack? They don’t know what an automatic rifle is, what racism is, they dont even know what a real gender is!!!!!

  16. 😂😂Look at the jealous, racist poor white trailer monkeys in the comments. Most of you trash barely have a high school diploma, let alone graduated from one of the highest ranked universities on Earth, at the top of your class. Keep sitting in your 5 year old Lay Z Boy, sipping your PBST, eating a bowl of 99c Hormel chili talking shit about people that have accomplished more than you could ever dream 😁 I love it!😂

  17. Aww Womp Womp to all the Former First Lady Michelle Obama haters. 😭
    And Obama, 11th year in a row for Most Admired Man! 😭Ohhhh so sad for you!!!
    GTFOH! 😂🤣

  18. Michelle Obama is literally the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen for her age, and I’m not joking. She’s also a piece of shit as a person, too….

  19. Dark Chocolate

    How anyone can admire Trump is completely beyond me.

  20. Why isn’t Melania Trump first? Who did they poll, idiots?

  21. The hate is real in “Merica” this ,”Comment Hate” section is filled with pure evil, vile, hatefulness no wonder Merica is so SCREWED UP….

  22. What a joke.

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