NFL Black Monday: Negro coaches “fired” without hesitation, what’s gone wrong?

Black NFL coaches were fired by the bundle.

No excuse for blacks to fail.

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DENVER — It’s New Year’s Eve which equates to “Black Monday” — literally — in the National Football League. Quick, blow the party favors! Check this out: Coming into the season, the NFL employed 7 black head coaches. Monday morning, four were terminated and another was released midseason. Now there’s only two HNICs remaining in a league where 70% of the players are black. That’s the lowest total in decades. LeBron James said NFL owners harbor a “slave mentality” and he’s 100% wrong.

Black sports figures, in my opinion, are the ones with a vassal disposition. After all, NFL owners are capitalists. There’s a mammoth difference. Look, it’s 2019 and negroes still don’t have a clue. Hell, as far as the NFL is concerned, it might as well be 1819. Allow me to elucidate.

The NFL is comprised of 32 franchises.

Let’s analyze the minuscule impact of negro leadership.

Here’s the list of black head coaches shown the door by NFL owners:

1. Steve Wilks (Arizona)
2. Hue Jackson (Cleveland)
3. Todd Bowles (NY Jets)
4. Vance Joseph (Denver)
5. Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati)

*Note: Wilks was fired after one measly year on the job. Jackson is the biggest coaching ignominy in NFL history. Bowles and Joseph took over terrible franchises. And Lewis should’ve been fired 8 years ago.

Here’s the list of black coaches currently employed:

1. Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh)
2. Anthony Lynn (L.A. Chargers)

*Note: Tomlin’s seat has morphed from warm to hot. Look for him to get a pink slip soon.

Here’s the list of black starting quarterbacks in the NFL:

1. Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City)
2. Russell Wilson (Seattle)
3. Deshaun Watson (Houston)
4. Dak Prescott (Dallas)
5. Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay)
6. Cam Newton (Carolina)
7. Lamar Jackson (Baltimore)

*Note: Mahomes, Wilson, Watson and Prescott are eloquent with the press and they articulate well. Winston and Jackson sound like they just jumped off a slave boat. Newton is simply a peculiar individual.

Here’s the list of black general managers in the NFL:

1. Chris Grier (Miami Dolphins)

*Note: Ozzie Newsome is retiring in Baltimore. Reggie McKenzie was fired midseason in Oakland. Grier was recently promoted to GM.

Ok, I know whatcha thinking.

In a predominant black league, why do so many negroes get the short end of the stick specific to captaincy opportunities? Well, for starters, word on the street claims black sports figures aren’t shrewed enough to transcend in highly scrutinized positions of management and stratagem.

In other words, many believe they’re too dumb.

Sure, nifty athletes like Tyreek Hill, Antonio Brown and Todd Gurley are good enough to sacrifice their bodies while exposing themselves to concussions and CTE. Hell, NFL owners will even remunerate players after they beat their significant others (as long as the’re not captured on video).

But, rumor has it black sports figures are viewed as being maladroit when it comes to running a white-collar operation. If that’s true, it’s time for negroes to eschew nightlife and pick up a book.

It also wouldn’t hurt to enroll in a public speaking class in conjunction with taking courses tied to managerial business and interpersonal communication. Seriously, what the aforementioned statistics tell us is there’s a paucity of erudite black candidates in the NFL.

Contrary to King James’ assertion, that’s not the owners’ fault. Instead, the lack of ascendancy falls squarely on the “make it rain” shoulders of imbecilic sports figures. On the real son, blacks in today’s NFL should be mortified. Again, this ain’t the cotton-picking era of the 1800s.

There’s simply too much technology and ample resources available to fail this miserably.

Can’t blame old cronies with gray follicles for taking advantage of the oblivious.

Again, it’s called capitalism.

Not racism.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Marvin Lewis should have been fired a long time ago not sure how he’s been there for 16 years 0-7 in the playoffs.

  2. I can’t wait for the Race Card to be played on why these men were fired.

  3. Bye Marvin Lewis! We’ll miss you.

    -Signed, a Ravens fan

  4. Hue Jackson will become the first NFL coach to be fired from 2 different coaching positions in the same state in the same season.

  5. Someone please tell me why Tomlin of the Steelers isn’t on this list of fired coaches?

  6. Has there ever been a coach who has consistently wasted as much talent as Mike Tomlin ? They have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL and still miss the playoffs.

  7. Bowles is a great defensive coordinator, but he is NOT head coaching material.

  8. There is a common theme in most of these firings, look at the QB position for each team.

  9. No pun intended, but “Black Monday” is well named for this year’s firing of coaches: Hue Jackson, Marvin Lewis, Todd Bowles, Vance Joseph and Steve Wilks. Many believe the Steeler coach should also have been part of the parade.

  10. Nobody will ever win the championship with Winston as their starting quarterback.

  11. My favorite moments of this season were watching the Browns completely mercilessly smash the Bengals twice, … and the Baker Mayfield stare-down to Hue Jackson. That was golden. Hue should have never seen a 2nd season in Cleveland, and he wasn’t just bad and incompetent, I believe he was the ABSOLUTE WORST coach of any team for any sport in the history of competition, of course followed closely by Marvin Lewis 16 years of not 1 play-off win. At least Cinci can bet that whoever they hire will be an improvement because they’ve had the 2 worst coaches since DNA started replicating.

  12. Lewis, Jackson, Bowles, Joseph, Wilks, how’s the Rooney Rule working for ya?

  13. Mike Tomlin should be on this list. It should have happened after the Raiders loss, because when history repeats itself, you obviously haven’t learned from it.

  14. Was hoping to read a headline saying “The Pittsburgh Steelers FIRE Mike Tomlin”. Suspect that it won’t happen…unfortunately!!

  15. I believe that the Bucs will regret committing to Winston for another year. Yes, he has had some good games, but he has been horribly consistent. This is a team with huge potential. Fitzpatrick had a couple of 400 yard games for them. No one realistically expected him to continue that, but it shows what the team is capable of given good consistent quarterback play. At none of the available options in Tampa can do that

  16. Denver should have fired Vance Joseph last year.

  17. NFL is 70% and only 2 black coaches??? Where’s Al Sharpton?????

  18. I feel bad for Wilks the man was practically set up to fail with a rookie quarterback, an aging Larry Fitzgerald, bad defense aside from Chandler Jones and Pat Pete and he also had to use his running back as his best tool

  19. Seven black coaches to start the 2018 season (20% of the NFL coaches). 5 fired. Gives new meaning to Black Monday. Should be 6 if you wanna count Tomlin. Should be out too. Minorities are being given chances time and time again, with no success. Hire the qualified and not caving to equal opportunity. If the black coach is qualified, then hire him.

  20. Black coaches should be patient and wait for opportunities with a good quarterback situation. If they don’t they’ll keep getting fired.

  21. Danny Branderson

    If they are so deserving why are black head coaches performing so poorly? If you don’t win in the NFL you get fired. That is how it is for white head coaches too, just because you are black doesn’t make you better.

  22. And some minority coaches have stayed way past when they should have. Marvin Lewis, Hue Jackson just as other white coaches have. Bottom line, minority coaches get the same opportunities and expectations white coaches do. But yes, need more diversity in administrative roles.

  23. Has there ever been a coach who has consistently wasted as much talent as Mike Tomlin ? They have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL and still miss the playoffs.

  24. niggas need to stop workin for these crooked ass white men and start they own shit

  25. niggers are good at running not thinking

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