Steph’s wife Ayesha drops ‘boob’ secret

Steph’s wife, Ayesha, had breasts augmented/Photo: YouTube

Steph’s wife has augmented boobs.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Word on the street claims Ayesha Curry, wife of NBA star Steph Curry, had her breasts done. Rather than brush off the hearsay as scuttlebutt, the 29-year-old actress/chef offered brazen confirmation on national television. Ayesha’s mammary glands were indeed augmented and, as a convivial mother of three, she’s hardly mortified. “The funniest rumor that I’ve ever heard about myself is that I got my bοοbs done, and it was funny because I totally did,” said a chortling Ayesha during a recent appearance on The Rachael Ray Show.

“And I couldn’t figure out how the heck they noticed.”

“Listen, I nursed my daughter, my first daughter, for 15 months,” Ayesha continued, referring to Riley who’s 6-years-old. Daughter Ryan, 3, and son Canon, 6-months-old, are the other two.

“Give me a break. A Kit Kat wasn’t going to fix this.”

For the record, it’s not outlandish for women to undergo plastic surgery as a pricey corollary of parturition. After all, drooping breasts are typically the byproduct of advanced age, excess weight and smoking history. The good news is breastfeeding has no significant impact on saggin’ tits.

The bad news is a boob job can demarcate a woman’s breast milk reservoir.

Do you agree with Ayesha’s decision?

Are mothers inapt for undergoing cosmetic manipulations?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. She carries a really bright personality and I love that about her

  2. So did she continue to get a boob job for the next 2 kids? Kinda shallow.

  3. Lady Trixter676

    She is gorgeous

  4. This certainly doesn’t need to be news does it? Some things are better kept to ourselves.

  5. Thank goodness! I was afraid this was going to be a slow news day!

  6. clarenceworley

    I’m on the side of”don’t do it” but augmentation is great for shaping, i’m just not into making them huge because they just don’t feel the same.

  7. Nothing is private anymore. Sad

  8. Where are the pictures before and after so the rest can decide?

  9. Hey, history sez her NBA superstar husband should have 5 other kids from 3 other women, and he don’t! She is
    doing something right, right? So leave her alone.

  10. My dad talking about his bowel movements is more interesting. At least he was in Vietnam.

  11. why did I click on this

  12. The life of the rich!

  13. Now do something to help that face!!! Ugh

  14. So she’s an actress and chef now?

  15. @Julia: Before they met she was a model. Models make pretty money she comes from a successful family. She had some pretty good change to bring with her to this marriage

  16. I guess the NBA is not the only thing that is fixed, right Ayesha?

  17. EyeWuz'Bout2Say

    “…A Kit Kat wasn’t going to fix this.” Eye see the problem, here: Don’t send Kit Kat to do a job that’s clearly for Milky-Way…


  19. She’s gorgeous 😍😍😍😍 love Her !!!

  20. Kenneth Smotherman

    Steph is a lucky man she is fine😍.

  21. Every time I see this woman I feel like she’s trying to live all her dreams with her husband’s money. Opening a restaurant, becoming a so called chef, media attention and now this. There’s nothing wrong with using your husband’s money but I think she is too much of an attention seeker.

  22. She’s the new Chrissy Teigen.

  23. I like big boobs

  24. Selakifolau Kata

    “I wanna get married like the currys, steph and ayesha shii” -CardiB❤

  25. Can she be anymore humble & beautiful I love me some Esh Curry😍❤️💋 hey Steph😩👋🏽

  26. the curry’s are so down to earth! love you guys!

  27. AyeAyeRon Molay



  29. Danielle Cervas

    I LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH!!!!! Favorite NBA couple!

  30. Street Philosopher

    women always get fake hair, fake ass and fake titties then say they keepin it real

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