Mr. Kanye West shows President Trump unwavering support to start off New Year

Kanye shows loyal support to President Trump/TMZ.

Kanye West shows Trump some love.

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WASHINGTON — Kanye West loves President Donald Trump. And the embattled rapper pledged his allegiance to the Republican honcho by tweeting out a fealty of political buttress on New Year’s Day. Kanye, 41, also declared his intent to run for president by attaching “2024” to one of his Twitter dispatches. Kanye, by the way, has a noteworthy history of conclaving with Trump while donning a red “Make America Great Again” hat. His stratagem moving forward entails wearing the cap during concerts and public appearances.

Bewildered fans are not amused. “From now on I’m performing with my mutherf*king hat on 🐉🐉🐉,” Kanye tweeted on Tuesday. “One of my favorite of many things about what the Trump hat represents to me is that people can’t tell me what to do because I’m black.”

Kanye claims African-Americans are pressured into becoming Democrats.

Do you agree with him?

Does Kanye have your vote for U.S. presidency?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Trump* i don’t know what you just said but eyyoooooooooooooooo

  2. Dandre Whitfield

    Kanye is a piece of sh**

  3. PSA for mental health subsidies

  4. Kanye West has a mental illness and shouldn’t even be up there because he is out of his league. The president has cut the budget for mental illness so he should be asking him why? He talking about hydrogen planes, hat give him super powers. He later said he was used.. SAD..

  5. I wonder if Kanye remembers he said President Bush hates black people?

  6. idiots like this is why abortion should stay LEGAL!

  7. First Buster1999

    I’m going to say the N word

  8. yeezus, I want to vote you ma brutha huggin president in 2024, along with Chance The Rapper!

  9. Why do they keep remaking dumb and dumber?

  10. Thank you Kanye West for NOT BEING A SHEEP and actually USING YOUR HEAD TO THINK! YOU REALIZE THE GREAT THINGS HE IS REALLY DOING, Kanye very Brave & Truthful!

  11. Who's Your Daddy?

    Go for it Kanye! Speaking the truth!

  12. I actually admire kanye think how brave you would have to be to say all that and not care what people think


    Lol, 😄😄 what a asshole

  14. proves you got to be a nutcase to be a Trump supporter!

  15. Any black support for Trump is catastrophic for Democrats. Can’t have Kanye wandering too far off the plantation. The Democrats just won’t have that sort of uppity behavior. Why, this might cause others to think for themselves. Fake news will do all they can to try to make Kanye look ridiculous and Trump look like a pandering racist. Even blacks in media like Don Lemon will stoop to racist remarks about Kanye. Kanye scares Democrats to death as he represents an enormous group they have deceived for so many years. Kanye’s insistence on thinking for himself is admirable and courageous.

  16. Graham Sninsky


  17. kanye used to be a smart intelligent black man

    aint been the same since his mom passed

  18. For the people that don’t understand what he’s saying:

    First off Kanye is very smart but he doesn’t know how to articulate it well enough that’s why he jumps topic to topic without finishing one thought.

    He’s basically saying the black community is the way it is because of social welfare programs supported by the government which the democrats started. Basically what the government told the black community was they can’t make it on their own in society so to get by they need the government to give them aid to support themselves. They are being put on a system that’s being going on for generations now where they can’t advance themsleves because the government told them they can’t and social programs assure that. (Today’s generation is born into this system, and it’s the norm for the black community to continue living this way).It prevents blacks from contributing to society. Kanye is saying that’s wrong, that’s why the black community is behind because they don’t know how to contribute, because they have been told they can’t and get money from the government.

  19. Justin Boodram

    I hope Kanye never stops being himself. He sometimes has something very important to say, not all the time, just like everyone else.

    Fortunately and unfortunately he has a platform to reach a lot of people and therefore we are witness to his failures and successes on a grand scale.

    When his energy levels are stable I think his messages can and will be refined so that we can benefit from a man who speaks from his heart. The last thing I want to do is stifle or discourage another human being from speaking their mind. We learn a lot when people use their words instead of other means of expression.

  20. Ryan Blackston

    👍 👍 👍 😎 😎 😎 go Trump Trump Trump

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