Reggie B. and ‘Blog King’ discuss Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs

Reggie B and Blog King discuss the Kansas City Chiefs.

Reggie B, Blog King discuss our Chiefs.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

KANSAS CITY — While filling in for radio extraordinaire Debbie Dee, Carter Broadcasting personality Reggie Brown and yours truly brought in the New Year with a jovial confabulation on the Kansas City Chiefs and their chances of reaching the NFL ‘Promised Land’ known as the Super Bowl. Reggie, a Texas native who can be heard daily on Kansas City radio station KPRT 1590 AM, pledged his allegiance to the Chiefs despite the fact his hometown Houston Texans are a playoff participant.

KPRT, by the way, is the sister station of Hot 103 Jamz.

To hear Reggie B and Blog King via Mass Appeal Radio, listen to the podcast below:


  1. If Andy would get out of the way and coach to win instead of not to lose, we have a chance. Don’t punt if the ball is in your opponents side of the field. Defending 30 yards less if we don’t convert means we get the ball back sooner for our offense.Our average points per possession is off the chart.

  2. chiefs have lost their last 6 playoff games at home (nfl record)….. they will choke as usual

  3. KC….you are in the drivers seat. There is one way to get people from talking about the past….win your next two home games and get to the SB.

  4. I have been a Chiefs fan a long time. Guys…this is your year!!!! Things are different. Patriots can’t cheat at our house!!!

  5. Different group than in past. They go into all the games they can play with arguably the best QB on the field. Although I’m personally a fan of Alex Smith ( Get well soon Alex!!), he was only once the best QB in the game, the Hoyer led Texans. This is a great chance for the Chiefs and the future only looks better!!

  6. We believe in our Chief’s!!

  7. The Missouri Mediocres…….winners of nothing that has mattered in over 25 years!

  8. Past failures translate into pressure

  9. @Slim Jimmy & DaBlues: We’ve never had Mahomes as starter.

  10. Gridiron Freak

    I like mahomes but I dont trust andy reid

  11. thats my qb.. carrying the 31st ranked defense to a 1 seed, dropping 5k & 50 td’s. give him that mvp. the savior in KC! lmao CHIEEEEEEFS

  12. Hats off to Patrick Mahomes for getting 50 TD and 5K passing yards in a single season joining Sir Peyton on this incredible Journey 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  13. Tyreek Hill- 12
    Travis Kelce- 10
    Kareem Hunt- 7
    Chris Conley- 5
    Demarcus Robinson- 4
    Sammy Watkins- 3
    Demetrius Harris- 3
    Damein Williams- 2
    De’anthony Thomas-1
    Anthony Sherman-1
    Daryl Williams-1
    Charcandrick West- 1

  14. Dammit Kareem. That’s all I have to say

  15. Bobby Pendragon

    This dude produced the arguably second best season by a QB ever in his first year as a starter. That’s unreal. I’m a broncos fan and I have to give it up for this guy. I’m gonna hate playing him twice a year.

  16. Keith Zimmerman

    Watching this kid grab the league like a big bowl of Mac N Cheese and dump his KC Ketchup red brilliance all over the top has been the best year of football in my 40+ years of being a fan.

  17. Mahomes MVP = Multiple Super Bowls

  18. Everybody doubted us. Because we was 0-6 in the divisional round. Curse whatever you want to call it. This is a different breed of animal. Patrick Mahomes the true MVP this year. Such poise and finesse and he doesn’t get rattled. Hopefully my team will be hosting the Lamar Hunt trophy first time ever. A trophy named after the original owner of the Kansas City Chiefs.

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