Surviving R. Kelly: Dirt On Blast

Lifetime docuseries puts R. Kelly’s rape claims on blast.

Lifetime show puts Kelly’s dirt on blast.

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CHICAGO — “I believe I can fly…” Got a chance to watch Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” and came away a little crestfallen in the horde of cackling interviewees who are accusing the 51-year-old singer of sexually assaulting them three decades ago when they were promiscuous teenagers. For starters, none of his accusers notified police during the alleged rape despite the fact R. Kelly was 15 years their senior, and they all admitted to vending their souls as a expedient excuse.

Sparkle, a former artist of R. Kelly, gave him her 12-year-old niece as a pecuniary sacrifice.

What kind of person does that?

Hell, one of R. Kelly’s backup singers — Jovante Cunningham — said she witnessed him bangin’ an underage Aaliyah on the tour bus, yet she didn’t call the authorities. WTH? Look, it’s commonplace for aspiring artists to “sell their souls” for the glitz and glamour of global entertainment.

For example, Tina Turner could’ve called the cops on Ike’s abusive ass the first time he hit her. But the Grammy Award winning vocalist absorbed Ike’s spankings as a concomitant of making it big.

Tina wasn’t dumb.

Many believe she was astute.

Maybe Tina realized that, as an obscure native of Nutbush (Tennessee), she couldn’t make it without Ike’s band so she made a deal with the devil and it paid off. Who knows? You have to ask her.

Keep in mind, R. Kelly’s accusers could’ve walked away.

He didn’t put a gun to their heads.

He didn’t pull a Bill Cosby and drug their beverages.

He didn’t kidnap and handcuff them like Ted Bundy did.

By their own admittance, they stayed for financial reasons.

You could also argue R. Kelly’s accusers are merely peeved because their hustle failed to reap satisfactory dividends. Now they realize in hindsight they should’ve called the police. It’s also alarming that, despite the fact R. Kelly couldn’t read or write, he still outwitted his opponents for 3 decades.

He even gloated during a party last year, telling the crowd:

“It’s too late; they should’ve did this shit 30 years ago.”

“I’ve got a million mothaf*ckas hating me, and 40 billion mothaf*ckas loving me!”


Too late?

Tell that to Mr. Cosby.

Anyway… the alleged victims spent the preponderance of the docuseries recounting the infamous sex tape that shows a man (believed to be R. Kelly) pissing in a little girl’s mouth. The case went to trial but R. Kelly was found “not guilty” because jurors couldn’t identify his countenance in the video.

All they saw was a bald silhouette urinating inside a teen’s muzzle.

R. Kelly also won (or settled) a handful of other sexual assault cases and he paid off multiple witnesses.

Gotta admit, that perverted negro remunerated some damn good lawyers.

He’s more untouchable than Eliot Ness.

Here’s a quartet of other noteworthy items:

1) R. Kelly and his toothless brothers were raped by a man when they were children.

Does that make them involuntarily Uranian?

2) At age 27, R. Kelly married Aaliyah who was 15.

If she was your daughter, what would you have done?

Why didn’t Aaliyah’s parents call the cops?

3) Many critics believe R. Kelly would be in jail if the victims were white.

Do you agree with them?

Are black women facing maltreatment in this matter?

And, 4) Since the release of the docuseries, R. Kelly’s music sales have spiked.

Are you surprised so many women continue to support him?

Is it time for the ladies of “#Me Too” and “Mute R. Kelly” to embolden rape victims to call the cops ASAP instead of procrastinating 30 years? Also, given what’s transpired, should police bust R. Kelly right now?

So many questions.

Not enough answers.

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I bet Aaliyah would’ve had one helluva story to tell…..

  2. Nobody really knows, but everyone got an opinion. Who was there? If true it’s fucked up, but who was there? People stop being followers, and lead.

  3. We’ll fellas there is such thing as fake news. I’m a woman and I stand up for women, but everyone should stand up for their part in these situations. We must be responsible for our irresponsibility. Why is it that we think that we can dress any kinda way, act any kinda way and men with uncontrollable sexual behavior won’t react to our uncontrollable sexual behavior. Wake up women!!! 🤔😑

  4. Karabo ManneZA

    Ok so where are the criminal cases? Lets get him arrested, tried and sentenced otherwise we’ll just be taking his money away but not the fact that he is getting money from other people (celine dion, etc)take his freedom

  5. Hey why didn’t any rappers beat r Kelly’s ass for the under age thing did the black takashi 69 get a pass 🤣🤣😂🤣

  6. Frederick Hamilton

    The only reason why people will continue to support R.Kelly is because after the first woman came out more and more women still messed with him so why feel bad if they already knew what was up?

    Just saying.!👌

  7. They’re trying so hard to bring him down. Yes his music is still going to sell on Apple and Spotify. Yes he is still going to sell out concerts. These are all allegations, the press can’t find anyone guilty. Most of the women who did appear in the documentary admitted that they saw R. Kelly as a meal ticket and they were disappointed when they realized that they were just another body. Sparkle is the worse of them all, she sounds like she set her niece up with R. Kelly to extort him.

  8. Smh why they take so long, why

  9. The black community needs to back up what is right!!! If you are standing besides criminals then dont expect others to look at you in a different light and call racism. Black women matter!!!!!!

  10. we ALL know why this r kelly situation is “different” from any other one. these are black girls. could u imagine if itd be just ONE little white girl? and its so irritating how dismissive ppl can be. i never understood why EVERYBODY knew about all of this, had the evidence, a whole ass video, yet this man is still playing shows. how has he been so free???

  11. GlitterBritney

    I’m in shock , that Bill Cosby is behind bars but R. Kelly is free. If all those accusations were true it just doesn’t make sense …was it really cuz all his victims were black ? I hope not

  12. The court found him not guilty! Until they do leave him alone. You don’t have to support him. But stop wishing jail on a man!

  13. Telisha Bradley

    He didn’t put a gun too them bitches head in make them do anything.

  14. Elizabeth Allen

    I don’t like to bring in race but it’s different because the victims are BLACK WOMEN! If there were a few white women in the mix they would have locked him up and threw away the keys. He’s disgusting and what he did/doing is disgusting. But that’s the truth.

  15. If he ends up in jail, he’s gonna be in for a treat, cuz they don’t like child molesters up in there lol

  16. I dont give a fawk about my freedom when it come to my kidz✊🏽💯✊🏽 if he woulda touched one of my daughters it would of been a doc series called “Surviving Babyface Kese” about R kelly trynna survive this pressure im bout to put on him🔥👊🏽🔥

  17. I keep hearing the argument about “if it were white women” then something would have been done. Yeah by white people. Black people should have been more outraged back then. Now black people are outraged and now something will be done. If it were Asian women then Asian people would take a stand and so on. I know as Americans we need to get upset and do something no matter what the people look like but as a nation we are still growing and combating our race problem.

  18. Toure -do you like teenage girls?
    R Kelly – when you say teenage how old you talking 🤦🏽‍♂️!!

  19. Tacos & Gold Chainz

    R. Kelly is about to really be wishing he could fly lol after he convicted 😂

  20. Pray for R. Kelly: God we ask You in Jesus’ name that You will touch R. (Robert) Kelly and save, heal, deliver, and set him free. God he needs help. He needs You. God do the inner-healing in his life that is needed. Show him, himself and show him the areas You God want to work on in his life. Let him not harden his heart, but be open for the inner-healing, deliverance, and the great things You want to do for him and in his life. Let R. Kelly partner with You (his Savior and Lord) and work on these areas. Bless him to become all You created him to be and nothing less. God use R. Kelly for Your glory and good pleasure. God all that we have asked of You in this prayer, please do the same for everyone who prays this prayer over R. Kelly’s life and every Christian that I know. But God most importantly, save, heal deliver, and set free each and every man, woman, and child (including his children) he has hurt in any way, shape or form. God we all need more of You. Bless each of us with more of You. Help us all Lord Jesus. Thank You. Amen, so be it, and it is so.

  21. Surviving R.Kelly
    Surviving René Angélil
    Surviving the priests of the Catholic Church
    Surviving Jerrry Lewis
    Surviving Woody Allen…
    Surviving Hugh Hefner….

    If you are talking about surviving….lets bring all the dirt from everyone! Not defending R.Kelly…but lets not make him the scapegoat of many similar situations….

  22. It’s very interesting that women find morality when the money runs out.

  23. Man these thots need help.

  24. Humphrey Obanor

    When a woman’s fed up.. There ain’t nothing you can do about it

  25. Who to blame r Kelly or the parent Why they coming out now smh when most of y’all was in it for the fame and money

  26. Dorothy C Pincus

    Praying for all of the women who are victims… God help us!!!!

  27. kristina goreska

    Having dealt with a narcissist, and R Kelly also being one of them he is going to feel nothing if he was to watch this. The only thing he is going to feel is triumph that all these women have emotional baggage when it comes to him. People like R Kelly have such deep psychological issues that he will watch these women’s vulnerability being exposed and he will feel nothing. He will probably even feel good about himself. The only thing he will feel is that his reputation and everything he has built is going to start to crumble and diminish.

  28. Thembi Chigwada

    We need to separate the victims from the volunteers.
    Kitti needs to explain how a grown woman with a job meets a celebrity at a party and decides to live the high life on his ticket and now she’s selling her book trying to pass as a victim.

  29. Robert preyed on weak and vulnerable women on purpose. They say in the documentary that there were certain ones he kept around based on them passing the “test” or not. It sounds good to tell girls to make good choices, but if you are young, broken, naive, or desperate for an opportunity at fame, the predator can easily manipulate you.

  30. WHERE WERE THE PARENTS ??????????????????????????????

  31. Funny how pedophile R Kelly was caught with an underage girl, yet never did any time for it. Maybe it’s the new black privilege.

  32. This whole thing is ridiculous. Kelly is sick, but them girls are no “little red Riding Hood’s’

  33. Does lifetime have a personal grudge against R Kelly or black men in general? I don’t see them go in as hard with a documentary about Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey and many other Men of no color. If they want to do something do a documentary about all of them men who have violated women.
    Go in as hard on all if that’s what you’re station truly believes in.

  34. You black bitches make me sick how come y’all don’t have this same engery when white men sexually assault women.But when a black man do it y’all come out of the wood works.💯

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