Psychic believes the ghost of Hank Stram ‘haunted’ Arrowhead Stadium for years

Psychic says Hank Stram’s ghost haunts KC.

Psychic believes Arrowhead cursed.

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KANSAS CITY — “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.” The Kansas City Chiefs are owners of an NFL record six consecutive home playoff defeats. Now we know why. Arrowhead Stadium was reportedly haunted by the sordid wraith of former head coach Hank Stram who led KC to its lone Super Bowl title in 1970. According to Topeka psychic Vicky Millard and rabid fans Gary McKenzie and Anthony Stratton, paranormal forces played an undermining role in a series of postseason collapses since the arena opened in 1972.

They may have a point.

During a 2018 playoff loss to the Tennessee Titans, the Chiefs blew a 21-3 lead after Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota threw a touchdown pass to himself. The year prior, the Chiefs suffered a bogus holding call on Eric Fisher during a late 2-point conversion that would’ve tied the Pittsburgh Steelers.

KC would go on to lose despite giving up a measly 6 field goals and no touchdowns — becoming the first team in NFL history to do so. In January 2004, the Chiefs lost 38-31 to the Indianapolis Colts in a game that featured zero punts, also the first in league antiquity. The list goes on and on.



Gary and Anthony, by the way, run, an online sports forum for Chiefs fans. Vicky operates Kansas Paranormal Investigations in Topeka, Kansas. The troika took a recent tour of Arrowhead Stadium and came away with a pair of shocking revelations.

For starters, Vicky said she came into contact with the apparition of a man donning a suit from the early 70s. She then realized it was the poltergeist of Stram who was fired by Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt in 1974. It was not a popular termination. Many Chiefs fans were pissed at the decision.

Stram was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2003.

He died two years later at the age of 82.

Stram apparently harbored rancor against the franchise for putting a pink slip in his Christmas stocking. “[Stram] is ready to let it go,” Vicky said, recalling her confabulation with the disgruntled spirit.

“He’s a Chiefs fan through and through. Where would you spend your time when you’re on the other side if you can have the best seat in the house?”

Later, during the 2nd part of the tour, Vicky suffered a sharp pain in her right leg as the trio approached Section 111. Anthony’s late father, Richard Stratton, was an amputee who sat in that area. He lost his right leg. “We were walking by section 111, 11-1, and [Vicky] said, ‘1-12, no, 1-11,” Anthony explained.

“She said, ’11-1, that means something,’ and I stood there going, ‘That’s the date my dad died.'”

After concluding the tour, Vicky blessed Arrowhead Stadium with an exorcism.

When asked if the venue remains cursed, Vicky replied: “Not anymore.”

What’s your take?

Do you believe in psychics?

Are ghosts real?

Is Vicky full of sh*t?

Watch the shocking video.

Share your thoughts below.


  1. [Dismissive wave of hand] Meh, so the Chiefs haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1969, Hank Stram is causing leg pains and so forth. The Angels have an Indian Burial Ground Curse!. Top that, Chiefs fans!

  2. Prashant Bhardwaj

    Best place for couple makeout ,😂😂

  3. Ghostbuster20183273

    What’s next? The ghosts of Chiefs past, present and future? Hahaha!🤣🤣

  4. Hm Grraarrpffrzz

    Ghosts do not exist. Why I am so sure?
    1) Nobody can rationally explain how they could exist. It’s always pseudo-scientific babble about energies or dimensions that never makes any sense if really listened to.
    2) There is absolutely zero evidence for the existence of ghosts. All there is are personal stories about how somebody thought that they witnessed something.
    3) If ghosts would exist, it would be possible to scientifically prove their existence. The first person to do so would get rich and famous over night. But so far, no single person has ever achieved that.
    4) Ghosts exist because of wishful thinking. People can’t accept that they are mortal, that they will die and cease to exist. So claiming that ghosts exist gives people hope that they are in some way immortal, and lots of people prefer lies that give them hope over what is actually true.

  5. Blog King, u need to quit. Ghosts aint got shit to do with my Chiefs fuckin up every year in the playoffs. The reason we lost is because our quarterbacks sucked ass.

  6. your comment might not work so please

    I’ve seen them,feel them.

    Non-believers should be locked in REAL HAUNTED HOUSE COMPLETELY ALONE.😀😀

  7. A ghost is one type of paranormal/supernatural entities. I’ve personally experienced a spirit touching my shoulder at my half brothers burial site. The touch came from my left side where no one was standing. I could feel a light push where the person’s fingertips would be. Their touch was warm and carefully gentle.

  8. Lamar Hunt: “You’re fired!”
    Hank Stram: “I’ll be back bitch!”

  9. Digbijoy Choudhury

    There is nothing to argue….nothing to doubt….i know for a fact that there is some form of energy left after death…i didnt want to comment it cos that makes me think of it….

  10. ghosts don’t exist…. get the fuck outta here!

  11. they are real and only those people will believe who actually suffered from them others take these things as a joke and science cant explain everything if they can then the word mystery wouldnt have existed

  12. Id like to have what that bitch is smokin

  13. Noah Ten Donkelaar

    I think my house is haunted.
    Sometimes i here female screams really loud from my parents’ bedroom

  14. the food at arrowhead tastes like shit…. I wonder if he cursed the concession stands too

  15. thanks for lifting the curse hank


  16. somebody is 2 tacos short of a combination plate

  17. now hank can finally rest and leave us the fuck alone

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