Teachers Gone Wild: Blue Valley educator ‘busted’ after giving kids liquor & weed

Tiffany Shalberg busted for partying with students/Daily Mail.

Psycho teachers jailed & charged.

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OVERLAND PARK — This week’s “I Screwed Up A Good Job Award” belongs to 44-year-old Blue Valley educator Tiffany Shalberg who had her child molestin’ ass thrown in jail for giving alcoholic beverages and marijuana to a bunch of vexatious students. And get this: In addition to guzzling intoxicants and smoking weed with her pupils, Tiffany upped the ante by having sex with one of ’em. According to court docs, Tiffany invited a handful of students over to her pad for a pubescent liquor soiree.

After getting the kids drunk and high, a horny Tiffany allegedly performed a series of sexually explicit acts on one of the teens. Rumor has it she slobbed the knob then choked the chicken.

Tiffany now faces one count of hosting a juvenile alcohol party, four counts of furnishing alcohol to a minor, three counts of contributing to a child’s misconduct, three counts of child endangerment, one count of promoting obscenity, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Heather Carpenter ruins school party with dookie attack.

ANOTHER TEACHER LOST HER DAMN MIND: Today’s teachers must really be stressed out. Because they’re doing all kinds of imbecilic bullsh*t. First Tiffany, now this: Heather Carpenter, a 42-year-old substitute teacher in Florida, had her squalid ass thrown behind bars after the psychotic broad smeared human feces on a bunch of picnic tables and barbecue grills during a grade school birthday party. The sh*tty ordeal went down in front of a bunch of students at a neighborhood park in Sarasota, Florida. Heather, who worked for Phillippi Shores Elementary School, apparently took a dump in the park’s restroom then equipped herself with a bucket of moist dookie treats. When asked why she smudged excrement all over the f*ckin’ place, a deranged Heather told police she hates her boss, the school principal.

To add finance to insult, Heather’s excreta-filled rampage caused more than $2,300 in property damage to the park. It’s believed to be the most expensive caca ever. Heather faces charges of damaging property and criminal mischief. She’s also prohibited from wiping her ass for at least a month and she can’t go near a toilet without supervision.

What’s your take?

Are today’s teachers under too much pressure?

Is it time to home school our kids?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Well that was 💩 of her…..👎🏻

  2. Why wasn’t this my! Teacher!?

  3. Face it teachers have no morals.

  4. star summer##02

    y’all some sick people ,just saying 😒😓

  5. Why didn’t these type of crimes committed by these female teachers never happened to me?

  6. I have said it before, i will say it again…. the age of consent should be GENDER BASED….. the “double standard” scientifically DOES NOT EXIST…

    14 for boys 18 for girls, and any LGBT stuff still has to be 18…

    I absolutely REFUSE to apologize for my rhetoric in any way, shape, or form… I’m NOT sorry at all….

  7. The teacher looks like a slut

  8. my fantasy is a teacher shits on my face

  9. Alessandra Leigh

    The kid is a legend now..

  10. damn that crazy ass teacher smeared shit all over the park…. never heard of no shit like that before


    She could’nt help herself around all them yung bucks. slut.

  12. if I’m 18 or over and they’re 18 or over then I can crush that pussy right?

  13. aint nuthin wrong with fuckin ya teacher if she down

  14. when I was in school teachers look like: 😲😨👻💩

  15. Peppermint Patti

    I can understand being pissed off at your boss. But it takes a sick fuck to swear shit at a elementary school party. She shouldve thought of the kids.

  16. I’d clap her cheeks

  17. Lil young King

    SHE HOT ASF!!❤❤😘😍😍

  18. Would the husband kick the kids ass lol

  19. The comment section is digusting 🤢🤢🤢

  20. The school district deserves blame for hiring that lady. Feces on tables? Did they do a background check on her?

  21. Weed? Liquor? Wish she was my teacher

  22. Why did my school not have teachers like this.😞

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