Kanye West utters controversial remarks defending R. Kelly & Michael Jackson

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Fans and critics lambaste Kanye.

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LOS ANGELES — Our buddy Kanye West is busy yapping his mandible again. This time, the 41-year-old lyricist uttered his 2 cents on the sexual assault fiasco that encircles Grammy Award winning artist R. Kelly. In case you’ve been asleep the past month, sh*t hit the fan when Lifetime released a 6-part docuseries titled “Surviving R. Kelly” that showcases a series of alarming testimonies emitted from victimized babes claiming they were raped and/or battered by Kelly decades ago. Kanye, however, believes you should continue to relish Kelly’s music despite the fact he’s an alleged rapist with an Ike Turner complex.

The “Gold Digger” rapper insists Kelly’s monstrosity and music are mutually exclusive. Kanye also expressed repugnance towards the impending Michael Jackson docuseries that’s expected to air a pile of dirty laundry specific to alleged sexual indecencies with little boys. “Tee-Hee!” Does Kanye have a point? Are artists under siege? Is it prudent to listen to Kelly’s music while looking the other way?

“They just gonna pull up full documentaries on [R. Kelly]. Then they gonna come with the Michael [Jackson] documentary,” Kanye lamented. “We can enjoy their music all we want. If we’re gonna tear down artists, let’s go ahead and take [Leonardo] da Vinci out the Louvre. Let’s take down all the art.”

Fans, critics and activists with “Me Too” and “Mute R. Kelly” are understandably livid over Kanye’s remarks. After all, Kelly reportedly pissed inside a little girl’s bazoo, raped and battered multiple underaged victims, and starved many within his cult. Kelly, who was raped by a man as a child, also coerced damsels to shave their heads and grow mustaches so he could pretend they’re men when he’s bangin’ them — which explains why he had Aaliyah dressing like a thug in her music videos.

In other words, Kelly’s resume is undeserving of fanatical support.

Realizing her husband screwed up, Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, disseminated a damage control tweet in his defense. “I want to make it clear, he is not condoning anyone’s actions or unacceptable, disgusting behavior,” Kim wrote via Twitter. “My husband’s words are being taken out of context due to timing.”

Poor Kanye can’t stay out the news.

Keep this up, and he’s gonna forfeit bureaucratic support when he runs for president.

R. KELLY SOUGHT IYANLA’S HELP BUT SHE DECLINED: You know your life’s jacked up when Iyanla turns you down. In case you didn’t know, R. Kelly reached out to reality TV savant Iyanla Vanzant recently to emerge as a guest on “Iyanla: Fix My Life” — a ‘Kumbaya’ rehabilitation program on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Kelly apparently sought succor for his female enslavement fetish. But Iyanla shunned his behest because she didn’t believe he’d be veracious.

“He didn’t meet one of the criteria that we had for our guests,” Iyanla told ABC prior to her season 6 premiere. “Are they willing? Are they ready? Do they have the capacity to do the work? He didn’t have it, the emotional capacity. He just didn’t have it.”

Contrary to public opinion, Iyanla doesn’t believe Kelly’s deportment merits incarceration.

Instead, he needs a shrink.

Dude has a few screws loose.

“I would never, ever condone or justify anything that he’s been accused of doing,” she said. “But locking him up in jail isn’t the answer. He’s sick. Just like the people he allegedly committed these acts with — they’re sick. This needs to be a massive healing — them, him, all of them.”

Do you agree with Iyanla?

Would prison do Kelly any good?

Is Kanye off his rocker?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Rosalind Hampton

    Kanye needs a muzzle and a straight jacket 😎

  2. Rosalind Hampton


  3. You can’t let the art be the art and the person be the person because when you listen at the music you are only going to be thinking about what that person did, so ban the art and the person too. R Kelly and all those like him needs to be serving life sentences or getting the death sentence period.


  5. As far as I am concerned all these black celebrities are all innocent 😇 as black race has suffered way way way too much and raise in a different way to white Americans! Think people! Black rich superstars knows they still in same decade from slavery times !!!!🤔🧐why would they sleep with under age girls who are ones chasing R.Kelly ! I see British under age girls pregnant 🤰 no one taking them to court or older men who got them pregnant!!!

  6. Nah MF Kanye, R Kelly broke the law….

  7. Kanye was right – separate the art!. Not saying if RK is found guilty don’t be convicted, but y’all know Leonardo da vinci’s ‘background’ and art? Including the famous last supper that we all had hanging in our homes? We separated art from the artist clearly, otherwise yes his art should all be taken down esp now truth clear as daylight! Go Kanye – totally misunderstood but deep!

  8. F—k him!!!

  9. 😲I’m not surprised at all

  10. Your greatest Ally

    I didn’t know what to think about this R Kelly situation on why this is now being brought up now?? Like 25+ years later 🤨 like the guy has been a victim to sexual abuse when he was a child which made him the man he is today like yh the man is nasty but there always a root to every mans problems

  11. Some Random Dude. Screw Off.

    I kinda hate to agree with him but I would be a hypocrite and enjoy “Step in The Name of Love” or “Do What You Want”.

  12. The allegations towards Michel Jackson were never proven so all they are are allegations they should not have made that documentary because there was never any proof that m.j. did anything and at the point in time its just disrespecting the dead

  13. He’s not wrong I guess. R Kelly may be a terrible fucking person but that shouldn’t reflect on his music. It’s a pretty touchy subject honestly 🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. I usually say to separate the art from the artist but this is different. R Kelly used his music to take advantage of minors, do you really think if he was some random middle age old man with no hits he would still attract little girls? By supporting his music you’re helping him build a platform to prey on children, but that’s just my two cents.

  15. Fabian Covarrubias

    I don’t support R.Kelly’s actions, but the only actual song I still listen is “I Believe I Can Fly” :D

  16. I been saying this. His talent and his personal life is 2 different things.

  17. Stop trying to compare jackson with kelly.

  18. R kelly music still the shit, before & after. I don’t think of R Kelly peeing on chicks while I bump it. That’s a little extra, the same as Mj giving a kid w cancer head while drinking alcohol (that’s what the report said about him).
    I don’t think of Marvin Gaye sniffing blow off someone’s ass while playing “how sweet it is” . I enjoy the shit for what it is.

  19. He was wrong comparing Kelly and Michael together Kelly did some foul things while MJ was innocent all along

  20. Antoine Ferrell

    And we can enjoy Kim’s sextape…

  21. Leave R. Kelly, Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby and all other entertainers alone. Blackmaling is the new trend right now. Nobody has questioned why, when, where any of these victims were there and stayed there to be ‘abused’.
    They wanted him, money and fame and now they are mad because Kelly was not nice to them, now they want even more money and get the fame, Tv and bookdeals over this. Is anybody still convinced that this is it and everybody is innocent, except all Black males mentioned before, come on😎

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