‘Young Money’ star Lil Wayne purchases extravagant Miami crib for $17 million

Lil Wayne buys new mansion for $17 million/TMZ.

Lil Wayne buys lavish mansion.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

MIAMI — Donald Trump’s government shutdown has rendered no penurious affect on Lil Wayne’s wallet. That became crystal clear the past few days when the prodigal rapper purchased a waterfront mansion in Miami Beach for… $17 million. Weezy’s new crib, which contains 106,320 square feet and 7 bedrooms, is located at 6480 Allison Road. With the assistance of One Sotheby’s International Realty, the ‘Young Money’ honcho bought the property from home developer Laurent Harrari.

Weezy’s palatial is also equipped with 22-foot ceilings, a grandiose ballroom, and a lush movie theater with two “living” walls of greenery and frondescence. If you recall… the 36-year-old artist sold his old home on La Gorce Island two years ago for $10 million — resulting in a dissipation of $8 million.

The La Gorce property, originally listed at $18 million, features a skating rink on the roof in conjunction with a shark lagoon. Police raided the home a few years ago which explains the aforementioned loss.

What’s your take?

Are you cool with Weezy’s exorbitant spending habits?

As he gets older, should he become more parsimonious?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Kristie Huckaby

    Love the house daddy.

  2. Dam I wish I was a rapper lol Just kidding but damm❤️☝️👍Back on top

  3. why tf you putting that man address out like that this fake none of this is facts

  4. Blog King posts the man’s address……. classy…… I bet he wont post his own address

  5. tamike jenkins

    Like my dad always told me!!! Save ya money son!!!! Have a safety net

  6. Damn must be nice….. Gotta play lottery

  7. The Cash money curse has been lifted, salute to Wayne 💯

  8. Question? 🤔💭. How many celebrities have bought this house? 🏡. Everytime I watch a video like this, it’s always the same house 😬🤣👠👗

  9. mick3y mast9rs

    That place don’t look $17 million.. Its the location he is paying for I suppose.. But $17 mill I could dream up an amazing lil place to call my own..

  10. Weezy gonna get all kinds of pussy in that playboy mansion

  11. Amazing house like him

  12. Adam Konieczny

    Nice! LIL WAYNE $

  13. lil wayne wipin his ass with $100 dollar bills…. hahahaha

  14. that nigga’s teeth cost more than his house

  15. weezy for real

  16. One day he’s gonna be broke and homeless😂

  17. i don’t ever get tired of weezy😍

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