Former Vice President Joe Biden scolds Caucasians over U.S. systematic racism

Joe Biden puts White America on blast.

Biden rips White folks over racism.

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WASHINGTON — While speaking at a holiday breakfast Monday morning in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., former Vice President Joe Biden put White America on blast — saying it’s time to avow the socioeconomic fact Blacks and Hispanics have it rough when it comes to systematic racism. Rev. Al Sharpton hosted the shindig. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was also in attendance. “The bottom line is we have a lot to root out but, most of all, the systematic racism that most of us whites don’t like to acknowledge even exists,” Biden said. “We don’t even consciously acknowledge it.”

“But it’s been built into every aspect of our system.”

Joe also lamented the grotesque state of black neighborhoods. “When your schools are substandard, when your houses are undervalued, when your car insurance costs more for no apparent reason, when poverty rates for Black Americans is still twice that of White Americans, there’s something we have to admit,” Biden said“Not you — we — White America has to admit there’s still systematic racism. And it goes almost unnoticed by so many of us.”

Do you agree with Biden?

Are Whites responsible for some black people’s refusal to pick up trash in their neighborhoods? Are Whites culpable for the segment of negro parents who fail to show up at PTA meetings and quarterly evaluations to learn the academic performance of their kids?

Are Whites liable for the urban community’s “don’t snitch” tendency of not offering tips to police and investigators to help get bloodthirsty malefactors off the street?

Share your thoughts below.


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  2. Gregory A. Peterson

    “Biden and Bloomberg joined Al Sharpton” talk about a hate fest….Al Sharpton belongs in jail, Creepy Uncle Joe is one little girl short of sniffing his way into a prison sentence, he really should just kick back with his 180 grand a year pension and give up the whole President thing and Bloomberg is simply a complete control freak….EACH OF THEM hold their fair share of the blame for the divisions within this country….ALL 3 OF THESE IDIOTS SHOULD JUST GO AWAY!!!

  3. Jesus My Savior

    All haters will have their part in the lake of everlasting fire.

  4. george plimpton

    Biden would make a fine president. I hope he runs.

  5. Street Philosopher

    preach joe preach

    sick of the white man tryin to keep a nigga down

  6. A meeting of old fools. MLK was above this pettiness!

  7. Anthony Sanford

    Maybe this piece of s*** will die in a plane crash on the way to another rally

  8. There’s so much information about Joe on the internet,
    If joe was smart he would keep his head down and his mouth shut!

  9. Whose speech did he plagiarize this time?

  10. Hate knows no color

  11. suck my wrinkly white dick joe

  12. Hey biden. You want to see a real racist look to your right. Also sharpton is perhaps the most racist man in America. Fact. Hes the reason why MLKs legacy is non existent outside the U.S.

  13. Ask Joe Biden what he and that flaming sissy Obama did for African Americans, the eight years those two weak knee sissies were in the White House. They did nothing! In fact, they never even uttered the words “African Americans”!

    They did smuggle millions of illegal aliens into the US, putting millions of Blacks on the streets, unemployed and homeless. Now, that is racism!

  14. Dam this was honorable 💯 i commend V.P Biden salute you 🙌🏾

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