Kansas City leaders succeeded in naming street in honor of King, but was it wise?

Streets named after Dr. King are embarrassing.

Streets named after King are appalling.

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KANSAS CITY — “I have a dream?” Midwestern cowtown Kansas City was one of the few prodigious American locales lacking a street donning the fabled moniker of Dr. Martin Martin Luther King Jr. But, that’s no longer the case. That’s because officials at City Hall renamed ‘The Paseo’ to mirror the name of America’s most celebrated civil rights leader. Prospect Avenue was also discussed. Is Paseo deserving? Some believe it is. “We are way overdue for that to happen,” said resident Sharon Fisher“The entire world is affected by him.”

“Other countries celebrate his birthday, his death and his legacy.” 

Look, there’s nothing wrong with labeling a thoroughfare after Dr. King. But, instead of ‘The Paseo,’ the suburbs would’ve been a better choice. Jiminy Christmas! Dr. King’s street is typically located in sanguinary, crime-ridden jurisdictions which is ironic because he absolutely detested barbarity.

King hated violence so much, he advocated that black men lay down and let racist cops beat their wives, assault their children and batter the elderly with batons, police dogs and water hoses.

And Negroes listened to him.

Seriously, if you Google streets across the map donning a King designation, you’ll notice parlous images of shuttered storefronts, payday loan venues and crack addicts — hardly the “dream” scenario King envisioned. “It’s a national problem,” said Melvin White, a postal worker in urban St. Louis.

“Dr. King would be turning in his grave.”

If you’re not familiar with Kansas City, both ‘The Paseo’ and Prospect are firmly entrenched within the hood. The latter is so ghetto, it had its own series on HBO. That’s how subhuman the conditions are.

It’s obvious streets like Paseo and Prospect aren’t affluent enough for the honor.

King’s roadway would’ve been better off in Blue Springs or Lee’s Summit.

As a sacrificial proponent of economic prosperity, he deserved that.

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  1. Dajour Livingston22

    If Martin Luther King was Alive today he wouldn’t happy with the way America has lost its way, Dr. King is Probably rolling in his Grave right about now.

  2. Noooooooooooooooooooo, not Paseo!

  3. leave paseo and prospect alone — mlk wouldnt approve….. look across the country and MLK blvd is usually poor and violent….. a name change would give white cops another reason to kill innocent black men, please dont do this to king’s legacy

  4. black women killed more black men than white people. today dr king will not be thug enough for black women. guaranteed mlk would be with a white woman

  5. It is a shame that each city makes seemingly the poorest street in the city their MLK Blvd. Then provide no economic support to keep it clean and vibrant. You go downtown and the city spends countless money planting trees, and shrubs, and consistent landscaping, putting in sidewalks and curbs, paving streets, put up artwork, even decorating for holidays and special events, and sometimes provide incentives for businesses to move there. None of that ever seems to be done on any MLK Blvd.

  6. I wouldnt let my dog live on Prospect

  7. Kill off all of a people’s positive role models, leave them with no hope then promote hip hop music that talks about drinking, drugging, beating women and criminal activity and you wonder why the inner cities look like this?

  8. wanna buy some crack? MLK Blvd.

  9. Dont normally agree with blog king but I do this time — Paseo & Prospect is a bad idea

  10. Klingon Uranus

    if mlk walked down mlk he would be robbed and probably shot by his own kind.

  11. naming a street mlk aint gonna stop niggas from killin each other

  12. Hadley Pleasanton

    MLK would’ve gotten carjacked, robbed and beaten on any nation’s MLK Drives, Boulevards, ect. Look for the future Barack Obama Drives to be just as dangerous. 😉

  13. It would be dangerous for MLK to walk down MLK. He would get shot

  14. Putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t stop a pig from being a pig. It’ll still be a shitty area.

  15. TheRedCapitalist

    MLK was an idiot, one of the biggest idiots in history to be exact. Not only should they have increased segregation, they should have transported all black people back to Africa, where they belong. Now look at the unholy mess his paradigm of desegregation has created
    Glad this idiot was killed before he could create any more havoc in America

  16. mlk is having a nightmare right now

  17. Paseo is ghetto and it smells like piss

  18. kansas city mayor + city council = dumb n dumber

  19. king would not approve of paseo

  20. I’m sure King would be fine with it as long as he was high on coke and looking for hookers like he did when he was alive.

  21. I live in KC and I aint heard one person ask for a name change.

  22. Crack + Hookers = MLK Street

  23. Every year, like a clock, another shooting on MLK BLVD somewhere in America.

  24. Blueberry Muffin

    They are renaming my street mlk blvd… Idk why we want to increase violence in my neighborhood

  25. Mlk Blvd in Atlanta is third world hell.

  26. Jessie James2K

    MLK blvd will be 3rd world hell in KC too

  27. It is a disgrace to to the history of KCMO..reallly is. It should be Martin Luther King Alley.

  28. Joshreaper Rodriguez

    There is a Martin Luther King Boulevard in Alice Texas it’s safe there’s only a few meth heads and a lot of potheads but no killing

  29. The Organic Hologram

    MLK would be so proud….This city is doomed people, get out if you can


  31. Jasmine Lovings

    What’s funny is, in every town they try to make MLK become the worst street in the town “PURPOSELY”. Literally because the street is labeled Martin Luther King.

  32. knee jerk reaction

    looks like a political ploy, nobody in kansas city wants this

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