Former Redskins star Clinton Portis drunk pregame Hennessy shots to manage pain

Clinton Portis took pregame Hennessy shots.

Portis guzzled Hennessy shots. 

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LOS ANGELES — “Bottoms up, bottoms up. Aye, what’s in ya cup? Got a couple bottles but a couple ain’t enough.” Retired NFL running back Clinton Portis, 37, raised the eyebrows of many on Monday when he told Fox Sports analyst Kristine Leahy he downed Hennessy shots before each game. Clinton described the modus operandi as a “turn-up” before taking the field. “That’s true,” Clinton admitted when asked if he got lit before kickoff. “If you’re going out to have a good time, you pregame, right? It was a turn-up.”

“For me, it wasn’t like I was getting drunk. We took one shot.” 

We? That means multiple players got faded.

During Monday’s appearance on “Fair Game with Kristine Leahy,” Clinton also confessed to guzzling Hennessy shots as a pain management mechanism which is hardly a surprise. After all, NFL players sacrifice both their lucidity and anatomy with each barbaric snap.

More than half experience immense difficulty getting out of bed on Mondays.

Look, Pro football is a bestial Gladiator sport that’s unsuitable for children. Yet, insouciant parents continue to haul their snotty-nosed brats to NFL games and/or let them descry the bloodbaths on national television. Hell, nowadays, children are featured in NFL commercials.

It’s an indelicate marketing stratagem that deserves opprobrium, not approbation.

Acquiescence ain’t enough either.

Nevertheless… to physically cope, some players digest torment resistant elixirs; most notably Toradol and codeine. Clinton, however, went the liquor route and it may have been sagacious healthwise. Side effects of Toradol includes gastrointestinal malaise, chronic bleeding and kidney failure.

Damn, sounds like Viagra minus blindness.

“I wasn’t taking Toradol [needle] shots,” he said.

“I wasn’t doing drugs. It was more of, instead of taking the [needle], I’m already in pain. I don’t know a football player that’s not in pain during the season. Especially when you’re a running back, and I’m getting 25 and 30 carries a game. For me, it was kind of like [take this Hennessy] shot, and I’m going out to play. Like this is gonna take pain away or the fear, or whatever it was.”

“After I took that shot, it was like okay, now it’s time to go do this instead of going to lay down and take a Toradol shot, which all of the sudden comes out [as being] hazardous to your health… I skipped that curve.”

As you can see, NFL players got it bad.

Many are reliant upon panacea and intoxicants.

Symptoms also include beating a woman’s ass.

Yes, football looks great on TV.

But, in real life, negroes are dropping like flies.

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  1. He obviously didn’t drink enough to numb the pain, The man stayed on the bench more then anybody I know.

  2. This is a bad ass white girl

  3. Andrew Gutierrez

    He was whack as a redskin denver portis all day

  4. Now I know why he ran the ball how he did…impressive

  5. Must be nice to get paid big 💰 and drink on the job wowwwww

  6. Nothing wrong with drinking henny before a game i drink henny every day before i go to work

  7. AbsolutelyAndre

    Kristine Leahy is doing her thing! I enjoy these interviews! Props!

  8. Connor McGregor


  9. 95% of the ppl she interviews are athletic African american men lol she want that Mandingo

  10. i would of took 3 shots of henny. playing football is a crazy man sport can’t do it in my right mind…lol

  11. cliton portis is a street nigga he was finna kill a man about playing with his money

  12. Richard Gonzalez

    I wish more players took shots before the games- lol!!!

  13. SupermanHopkins

    Please, in the name of all things good and holy, get Lavar Ball on this show!

  14. TempeSoldier123

    Has she interviewed a white athlete yet?

  15. I took a shot before baseball games and track meets lol

  16. Wonder how many guests don’t tap that ass

  17. You know she fucks every single one of these guys after the interview

  18. Random Thoughts 777

    That henny is no joke ive seen one man fight 3 men at the same time of the HENNY!

  19. Alejandro Sanchez

    Henny is the weakest drink. Drink tequila like a real man

  20. That’s my kinda boy. Let’s keep these Negros entertaining us. They’ll make excellent slaves forever. — WS

  21. he looks drunk now

  22. You can get drunk before the game but you can’t smoke weed??? Fuck the NFL.

  23. Alcohol also makes cold easier to deal with, too. Especially if you’re in football pants, etc. Getting wasted is one thing, but a shot or two (especially if you have a high tolerance for alcohol) absolutely would help you deal with brutal cold during a game.

  24. Shesaid Kingkongbih

    Man all that explanation 😴 just say I took a shot that’s it ! Legooo!

  25. Ripreno Crunch

    She need to do porn😏😏

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