Trump backers assault Jussie?

Jussie Smollett attacked by Trump supporter.

Trump supporters attacked Smollett?

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CHICAGO — Law enforcement officials in Chicago are searching for a pair of masked Donald Trump supporters who allegedly attacked Empire star Jussie Smollett early Tuesday morning. Jussie plays Jamal, the homosexual son of murderous patriarch Lucious Lyon. Jussie, 35, told police the bandits yelled out a plethora of “racial and homophobic slurs” before decanting a chemical substance (bleach) all over his body. Jussie said they also screamed, “This is MAGA country,” before tying a noose around his cervix.

After getting his ass whupped, Jussie was somehow able to drive himself to a nearby hospital. The gay actor was treated for minor injuries then released. Here’s where things get tricky: Investigators are having an arduous time finding visual evidence of the hate crime.

Surveillance video obtained from a Subway deli shows Jussie standing by himself, in the cold, with no rope-carrying racists in sight. Hmm… makes you wonder. Let’s see… Jussie was standing outside (in Chicago) by himself in frigid temperatures around 2 o’clock in the morning.

Moments later, he was bespattered with bleach while being assaulted by a pair of racist malefactors. Was he attacked or merely inebriated? In all seriousness… President Donald Trump condemned the alleged assault. “That I can tell you is horrible,” Trump told reporters.

“I’ve seen it … last night. It doesn’t get worse, as far as I’m concerned.”

Police said Jussie refused to hand over his cell phone for investigation purposes.

Should a hate crime probe transpire?

Is Jussie telling the truth?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Good 4 him gay boy

  2. Smells like BS to me. Sorry, but it just does.

  3. Alice Tetterton


  4. i like jussie but this story doesnt add up

  5. liar liar pants on fire

  6. Lies lies and more lies.
    He should be prosecuted for purgery

  7. So the last time Chicago had a Republican mayor was 1932 yet there are die hard Trump supporters there who are riding around at 2-3am in the morning in the middle of one of the coldest Chicago weather episodes with a noose and bleach, looking for gay black men to harass. Yeah right.

  8. Dorothy Carter

    01/28/19 ~ 35 year old Jussie Smollett is Black, Jewish, Gay, worth $500,000 & a star of Empire. I think that he was stalked, humiliated & criminally assaulted in an area where surveillance cameras may help to identify offenders. This is an unusual crime for Chicago. This is not a MAGA location. She I am glad that he survived. The assailants may be from anywhere outside of the city/Hollywood. This is an ugly crime. I hope that his description brings these criminals to justice & sheds light on this senseless act of violence. The thugs attempted to make this seem to be a racial anti-semitic political hate crime. When they are identified, all of this will be cleared up because this seems to be more than a deadly prank gone too far wrong.

  9. What reason would Jussie have to lie and say he was attacked??? Now if it was a white gay man that said two black men in ski mask attacked him y’all would quickly believe it and call it a hate crime. Racist rednecks are everywhere even in Chicago.

  10. Tenzin Yougyal

    I just want to say my condolences to the actor from Empire I’m so sorry what happened to him those two men that jumped have they need to be found and arrested because that’s his life if you want to be gay straight y’all cannot do that to another human being I’m a lot of women loves him but he’s not interested in women he likes men but hopefully they catch those men in Chicago I hate that City that’s the most crime happens in that city than any other world I should love that show with Terrence Howard biggest fan Taraji P Henson beautiful lady big fan of her as well from every movie she’s been in gorgeous thick sexy All the Above she got a body of a god

  11. Oh no!!!!! NOT MY BABY DADDY😩
    So not okay😑

  12. They poured bleach on him huh? How Sway?? Bleach freezes at 18 degrees Celsius, it was -21 degrees Celsius yesterday in Chicago, it’s -21 right now as I write this. There is no-one walking around with liquid bleach here.

  13. Maybe they beat him up for being a Homo but I dont belive the racist shit.They always trying to trick black people like myself into following the Gay Agenda.Gays have targeted black people dont be fooled.The Left is insane and wants to turn everybody Gay starting with your children .

  14. Where’s video footage and witnesses? Your in Chicago and cameras are everywhere!

  15. Sad to say, but I’d believe his own race would do harm to him before another race would in violent gang infested Chicago.

  16. Maksimilion Eldredge

    Like my grandpa use to say, a man should never spread them cheeks for another man MAGA 😂😂

  17. Jerald Trotter

    wHiTe gUyS arE nEvEr VIoLent. ThIs iS a hOaX. 🙄

  18. wasn’t it -20 in chicago that night and snowing!!!!

  19. Jireh Martinez

    I don’t understand how people can be so mean and fucked up in this world. I mean its not hard to just be nice to people and accept people for who they are.

  20. tinaloveseddie

    I have some questions? What time does Subway close? He’s all alone.
    It’s severe freezing cold temp… how did he know they were White, if they had masks? No camera footage? Sorry watching too much Law & Order Criminal Intent.

  21. HE’S LYING!!! The red MAGA hats was an addition too far. Bleach would freeze at those temps.
    – bleach – noose – gay slurs – racial slurs – MAGA HATS 🤥🤥🤥🤥
    Lies lies lies.

  22. TeacherTeacher

    So two albino Nazis just happen to be hanging around the Chicago hood at 2am, wearing ski masks and MAGA hats, on one of the coldest nights in Chicago’s history, holding a noose and a bottle of bleach while waiting for a gay, black man to walk out into the freezing snow for a Subway 12-inch? Then beat him up while shouting “This is MAGA country” in a predominately black neighborhood. This has gotta be one of the most ridiculous “hate crime” hoaxes ever made up 😂.

  23. The real question is who goes to subway at 2 am

  24. Vargr Skullfield

    Two Klan members in Chicago that watch empire and attack a gay actor they know from the show @ two am in freezing weather ……🤔

  25. This is so disturbing. Hate crime for sure. God Bless you Jussie Smollett, here’s wishing you a speedy recover both physically and mentally.

  26. If he lied, that is an insult to all those who truly have been a victim of hate crimes.

  27. Since when do people that wear maga hats watch empire?😂😂😂😂😂


    Bleach smell-no, bleach stains- no, footage of attackers-no. Lying won’t win. The truth will prevail and the gross lack of evidence is ludicrous.

  29. Why is there no evidence of this so called attack a place where surveillance cameras are everywhere and their is nothing seems to me this is just a make ppl in maga hats look bad

  30. Fishy Story.

  31. This seems like fake news, race baiting

  32. I smell bullshit on jussie’s breath

  33. ChurizoMcBurrito

    I live in Chicago, nobody informed me that it was maga country?

  34. How do a couple of white supremacists even know what a guy from Empire looks like anyway LOL

  35. It's your momma

    Subway- was closed
    He never went to the hospital
    It was negative 15° in Chicago
    Bleach would have been frozen solid. How would you possibly get frozen bleach out of it’s bottle?
    This is the fakest story ever. 2nd runner up the “racist graffiti” that turned out to be proven was a black liberal.

  36. Jeanie Coudriet

    Wow where is the proof? This guy’s whole story falls apart!!!! Will there be any sort a apology to any of these Trump supporters? There has been many on camera to boot, attacks of people wearing MEGA hate being attacked! Lol He now refuses to help police on his own attack! And just in, the Hospital refuses to admit and none is documented he had broken ribs! He was dancing with another man’s man and got slapped! Shame on people once again for jumping the gun!

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