NFL extraordinaire Shane Ray gives back through $100 ‘Price Chopper’ gift cards

Shane Ray gives back to KC community/Photo: Players Tribune.

Shane Ray gave financial succor.

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KANSAS CITY — Denver Broncos linebacker Shane Ray (#56) is the recipient of today’s gold star after he purveyed 56 Price Chopper gift cards (worth $100 each) to destitute federal workers in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Shane, a native of KC, made the charitable announcement via Twitter last Friday. His foundation “Rays Awareness” is responsible for the outlays. However, prior to distribution, Shane had penniless employees email a copy of their paycheck stub and federal ID for verification purposes.

In case you’ve been asleep the past few weeks, the longest government shutdown in U.S. history came to an interim halt last Friday, resulting in 5 weeks of insolvency for 800,000 federal employees. But, it may not be over. If President Donald Trump’s border wall behest doesn’t come to fruition, the government will shut down again on February 15th.

Hopefully by then, federal workers will be eligible for Section 8 and food stamps.

What’s your take?

Will Trump get his wall?

Are Mexican immigrants primarily responsible for the gradual spike in U.S. crime?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Matthew Furbush

    He would be a logical fit for the Chiefs

  2. God blesses us to bless others, good job 👍

  3. I wish I was rich

  4. Abhishek Reuben

    That’s soo sweet😊. Hope I also surprise my Dad by winning iPhone 8 plus giveaway 😀. Fingers crossed

  5. Maurice Jackson

    Make me wanna 😢

  6. There is still good in this world!

  7. matthew skaggs


  8. Carlos Teixeira


  9. Shane Ray for president! Fuck Trump

  10. That’s how it should be. A good mind an good heart goes along ways. ✊🏽

  11. I like this guy

  12. Shane Ray = Real MVP!

  13. light skin finally back in style

  14. way to go shane! kc loves u!

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