Tony Gonzalez dissed Kansas City Chiefs, claiming Atlanta Falcons made his career

Gonzalez ruffled feathers of Chiefs fans/Associated Press.

Gonzalez dissed Chiefs Kingdom. 

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ATLANTA — After being voted into the NFL Hall of Fame, Tony Gonzalez pissed off Chiefs fans when he told reporters the Atlanta Falcons made his career. Tony G, if you recall, spent the first 12 years of his career in Kansas City before playing 5 years in Atlanta. “Nothing against Kansas City,” Tony said. “I was there 12 years but only three playoff games. When I got to Atlanta, it’s like all of the sudden you are part of this winning organization. You’re on TV every week doing Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football games. I love it here.”

Jilted Chiefs fans showed no mercy on Twitter.

Ian Sneller wrote: “Winning organization? The Falcons have one of the worst winning percentages in the NFL. Grew up loving this guy and was devastated when they traded him but, for some reason, he continues to crap on the team that made him what he is today.”

MIZterKC wrote: “Tony G is dead to me.”

Put Landry Shamet in the Louvre wrote: “I honestly kind of want all evidence of Tony Gonzalez playing for the Chiefs erased from Arrowhead. Take his name off the ring of honor. Scratch his name off the record books.”

Justin Gann wrote: “I move that we redact Tony Gonzalez’s name, number, stats, everything from Arrowhead. His recent remarks are a slap in the face to every Chiefs fan that has always supported him, especially after being added to The Ring, and breaking his promise to enter the NFL [Hall of Fame] as a Chief.”

After learning Chiefs fans were peeved, Tony recorded a damage-control video to offer an apology. “Kansas City Chiefs fans, I just want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, ‘thank you,'” Tony said. “The 12 years I spent there were fantastic. I always tell people I became a man… in Kansas City. The fan support I had out there was second to none.”

In Tony’s defense, the Falcons were better than the Chiefs at that time.

Today, the inverse is true.

The Chiefs are in the playoffs every year. The Falcons ain’t

KC also appeared in more primetime games this season than any other team.

The Falcons are rarely on national television.

Also, Tony has one measly playoff victory to show for his 5 seasons in Atlanta.

One win in 5 years.

He also scored 76 touchdowns with the Chiefs compared to 35 with the Falcons.

So, when it comes to who made Tony’s career, it’s the Chiefs hands down.

Tony should shut the f*ck up and be grateful he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer.

He put up a bunch of meaningless stats in two cities and never reached the Super Bowl.

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  1. Tony simply should have said he was fortunate to play Pro Football in 2 great Cities & thank the fans of both for all their support. Period !

  2. fuck that yellow nigga

  3. You can blame Herm Edwards for his attitude. In Tony’s last season as a Chief he was going to set a NFL record and Tony wanted to do it in KC at Arrowhead. Tony flew a lot friends and family here for the event. Herm said that “the game is bigger than just one player” and didn’t make a point of getting him the ball one more time in the game. He caught that pass the next week on the road. In the off season he asked to be released if he could make a deal. He did. Herm Edwards was one of the worst coaches in the NFL and he proved it over and over in the four years he was here.

  4. Chiefs traded him out of respect to a contender when KC wasnt close to being one. Classy move. When Atlanta was stumbling during Gonzalez last season they refused to follow that example to give him one last shot at a ring. You can keep ATL gonzalez. I turn my back on neil smith, jamaal charles and tony g. Respect goes both ways Ese.

  5. Not once while with Atlanta did he have a 1,000 yard season. With KC he had FOUR. Only once with Atlanta did he have a 900 yard season, while with KC he topped 900 yards EIGHT times. His most receptions at Atlanta was 93 for a season. While in KC he had seasons of 93,96,99 and 102. He had higher reception and yardage rates at KC. His career yes total was 15,127 which 4,187 came in Atlanta. I think this guy has a Traumatic Brain Injury because it seems his memory is shot.

  6. 12 years in KC – 3 playoff appearances, 0 playoff wins, 6 losing seasons
    5 years in ATL – 3 playoff appearances, 1 playoff win, 1 losing season
    Yeah, if I were him, I would have enjoyed my time in Atlanta a lot more.

  7. He fails to realize that his career in KC means MUCH more to KC than to Atlanta fans, where he is an afterthought. Too bad, KC fans deserve better.

  8. As a Chiefs fan who absolutely loved TG, I thought him being on the Chiefs at that time was a waste of talent for a team that was much like this years – a whole lotta offense, no defense. I felt the same way for Jamaal Charles.

  9. I Am An American

    “I’d like to thank both Kansas City and Atlanta for doing me the honor of allowing me to play for both amazing franchises. I would also like to thank the fans of both teams as they supported for 12 years in KC and 5 years in Atlanta. It was an honor and privilege to have played for both franchises and perform ever week before those incredible fans of both teams.” There…………. was that so hard Tony?

  10. Four Putt Territory

    Makes no sense to burn your bridges with your old fans. For a guy who works the press booth, he sure didn’t articulate his point of view in a way that made both cities happy for him. Even Rich Gannon speaks well of KC, and he made his career in Oakland.

  11. Bye Tony!! Don’t come back to KC. Stay in Atlanta!!

  12. this was a low class comment by Tony..he is forgetting that KC did him a favor when they traded him to Atlanta..they knew they were in a rebuild and the Chiefs CHOOSE to trade him to a team with playoff chances when they could have franchise tagged him or traded him to a worse team that offered better better return value…

  13. And how many Super Bowls did Tony G win in Atlanta? What a TOOL.

  14. tony g was beyond washed-up when he went to atlanta. not everyone who plays a child’s game for millions of dollars a year gets to win a superbowl. Kelce is better anyway.

  15. William Thomas

    CHIEFS!!! KINGDOM!! U should of played harder

  16. As a Chief fan- he’s telling the truth. We didn’t do right by him in KC, can’t fault the man.

    … But yes, Kelce is still already better

  17. mr gonzalez is a dickless asshole……. he would be nothin without the chiefs

  18. Say what you want. TG was a beast. Just feel bad he had to put up with mediocrity. Nothing against the Chiefs as I have always loved them. He was a great player that elevated them, but no matter, the Chiefs were his home. If he defects to Atlanta because of a marginally better record, I am done. Seriously? So glad we have Travis Kelce. Hopefully he will appreciate what he has in KC. Great player, great town, great fans.

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