Bad Boys 3: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence returning for mo’ bullets and mo’ drama

Smith and Lawrence return in ‘Bad Boys for Life.’

Will and Martin back for more.  

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MIAMI — After a 16-year hiatus, veteran entertainers Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back a third time for mo’ bullets and mo’ screenplay in “Bad Boys for Life,” scheduled to hit theaters January 17, 2020. Smith confirmed the exhilarating news on Instagram with a hip hop video that contains the caption: “FIRST LOOK! Theeeeey’re BAAAAaaaack!” The synopsis hasn’t been released yet but you can expect to observe a myriad of Miami PD fireworks from a star-studded cast anchored by Smith (Mike Lowrey), Lawrence (Marcus Burnett), Joe Pantoliano (Captain Howard) and DJ Khaled.

Good to see the fellas back together. It’s been awhile. Smith is 50-years old. Lawrence is 53. Filming is taking place in Atlanta as we speak. But the crew is expected to shift the set to Miami soon. Are you excited about the 3rd installment?Did Smith and Lawrence wait too long?

Watch the video. Share your thoughts.


  1. 16 Yearz Later 🤯


    can”t wait bad boys 3

  3. Alien Hunter46

    I’m guessing this movie will be based on their retirement??

  4. GrabberBythePuss

    Martin Lawrence is alive?!


    This movie is bout to be garbage 🗑 🤮

  6. It’s not gonna be good, people are just hyping it up

  7. William Faison

    2020 gonna be a 🔥 year for movies

  8. welcome back niggas

  9. 16 years…… it’s about time

  10. should be fun…….2 old niggas playin cops n robbers

  11. I am beyond hyped to see this movie!

  12. Will Smith drank from the Fountain of youth..

    My brother hasn’t aged. 👍👏👌😁

  13. Stupid crappy franchise, first one was Shit as was the second one, hey why am I even here?!

  14. They better hurry up and do it before it become sad boyz

  15. Laugh At LaMare'

    We Ride Together We Die Together Bad Boys For Life. It’s about dam… time. The wait is over

  16. they should change the title to AARP Boys…… hahahaha!!!!

  17. Santas Puterias

    Will Smith can suck it! Lousy actor, lousy father, homosexual in the closet.

  18. Can’t wait, been waiting years for this.. gonna be a party on the screen!

  19. Yeeeaaahhhhh….😘😍😘😘

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