24 Hours to Hell and Back: Chef Ramsay critiques Kansas City’s Bayou on the Vine

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Chef Ramsay has his hands full at Kansas City’s Bayou on the Vine.

Chef Ramsay visits Bayou on the Vine.

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KANSAS CITY — Jambalaya anyone? How about some Étouffée? Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay brought his brash deportment to Kansas City’s ‘Bayou on the Vine’ recently to record an episode of his hit reality TV show “24 Hours to Hell and Back.” The conception (season two, episode 6) was filmed in November, but aired Wednesday night (Feb. 6) on Fox. The Cajun bistro, located in the historic Jazz District at 18th and Vine, is owned by Sharekka Byrd and family members. It opened in 2017.

“I’m so glad to be here,” Sharekka, 26, told reporters. “I’ve always known I would become a business owner… We kind of wanted to capture some of Louisiana and bring it here to Kansas City.” 

Prior to disclosing his identity, Ramsay patronized Sharekka’s restaurant as an undercover customer to sample random entrées, descry its ambiance, and critique her personnel. After witnessing a series of nightmarish events, Ramsay stood up, took off his costume, then issued a shocking behest.

“Ladies and gentlemen, can you listen for 30 seconds please?” Ramsay asked.   

“I’d like [you all] to stop eating.”

Patrons were flabbergasted.

So were Bayou staff members who had no idea Ramsay infiltrated their venue.

“I go covert, go undercover, whether it’s a jazz player, construction worker, or even the last couple weeks an old lady,” Ramsay told Fox 4 News. Once he blew his own cover, Ramsay had 24 hours to effectuate an emergency makeover. But it was hardly facile.

Mainly because Sharekka and her family don’t get along. As a matter of fact, they spend the entire interlude bickering and squabbling through impulsive episodes of profanity-laced tirades.

Fox producers had to beep out every other word.

Hell, Ramsay got cussed out too.

The good news?

The food looks damn good.

Anyway, what’s your take?

Is there hope for Sharekka and Company?

Do you plan to visit the eatery soon?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Jesus what a mess.

  2. How did the editors not bleep that 😱😱???

  3. Merri J. Beige

    Sorry but I still wouldn’t eat there cause the same trifling people who didn’t give AF still work there 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. This restaurant sums up KC in a nutshell 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙏🏽

  5. ThinkIts AGame

    Bunch of crackheads’ work here

  6. Best one so far! 🤣

  7. ramsay came in there lookin like a redneck and they couldnt detect his ass?

  8. blind leading the blind

    they didnt notice the cameras and crew members? dont women have intuition?

  9. smocking covfefe

    Mad cow disease strikes again

  10. y’all women are so damn MEAN!

    the man is only trying to help the business

  11. slap dat hoe, to the floor

  12. I love black chicks that can cook

  13. ramsay is a pompous asshole

    glad they put him in his place

  14. What a fucken dambbb black bitch !!! Kick her in face fucken slut she is !!!! Motherfucker slut!!!!!!!!!!?hope u read that , if I’m there I come see you bitch!!!

  15. black chefs are the best! nothing beats good southern cookin’

  16. bunch of nigas in restaurant…food looks like prison food. fucking disgusting.

  17. white people cant cook worth a damn

  18. black women and gumbo have 2 things in common: theyre good and spicy

  19. Chef Adam looks scared…..LMAO 🤣🤣😂✌

  20. Black women are angry and responsible for the problems in our black communities.

  21. Miss desire Independance

    Black women need to stop supporting tv shows and music that betrays them in a negative light. Our money and support is worth a lot so be careful what you support.

  22. What about the cameras and microphones everywhere? They don’t see them..? Three cameramen at least standing in that restaurant!

  23. They need to do undercover boss celebrity edition episode with Gordon Ramsay

  24. black women are loud n mouthy but they can cook

  25. chef ramsay is a cool nigga…. always welcome in KC

  26. How can people not recognize him?? His face and his eyes are very distinctive.

  27. Peppermint Patti

    gordon ramsey is an asshole and a bully

  28. Wooow..the staff are disrespectful. That’s the problem if you gave everything to your business but you dont have the right people working for you. Plus she lacks knowledge in running the business

  29. 😂😂😂😂 gordan ramsey is a savage

  30. Gordon is one of the greatest chefs in the world. Why? Because he has traveled all around the world learning new ways to cook, including 3rd world countries. He respects the ingredients, the animals, and most importantly he respects his customers.

    A lot of people say he’s a bully, but Gordon is just so passionate, he knows his shit, he’s knows what’s right and wrong. He has so much respect for his craft, he gets angry when he sees a chef disrespecting the thing he loves.

    You don’t go to a garage and tell the mechanic how to do his job if you know nothing about cars or engines, right?

  31. Gabriella Noordpool

    I just hate the fact that the staff is acting so unprofessional 🙄

  32. Unprofessional? A room full of black women….. what the fuck do u expect?

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