Former KC Royals outfielder Brian McRae arrested, jailed for assaulting girlfriend

Brian McRae jailed for assaulting girlfriend.

Ex-Royals player assaults girlfriend.

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GLENDALE — Like father, like son? Former Kansas City Royals outfielder Brian McRae was really good at hitting baseballs. He’s also highly proficient at hitting women. The 51-year-old McRae had his bestial ass thrown in jail the other day after he allegedly beat the hell out of his ex-girlfriend for, get this: she wouldn’t give up the derrière. The domestic ordeal transpired at a Residence Inn Hotel (Room 401) around 4:30 a.m. on February 2nd in Glendale, Arizona. That’s where a truculent McRae proceeded to belabor and choke the petrified damsel after she insisted on going home.

The vindictive chick accused McRae of cheating and reportedly withheld sex, causing him to blow a gasket. The infraction proved costly. McRae was consequently fired as head coach of the Victoria HarbourCats. What a bad 24 hours. He lost his job and woman on the same day.

The team released the following statement:

“The HarbourCats organization always strives to meet the high standards of the community we are proud to represent. Once we were made aware of the allegations, the HarbourCats moved to terminate the contract. Due to respect for all involved, and the legal process and a desire not to impact or impede any ongoing investigation, we believe any further details on the situation best to come from the authorities.”

Word on the street claims McRae punched the poor woman multiple times before strangling her into near insensibility. He also hit her in the head with an iron. Police said McRae was shirtless and “under the influence of alcohol and drugs” at the time of his arrest.

McRae now faces charges of aggravated assault impeding breathing, unlawful imprisonment, threat and intimidation with injury, damage to property, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

McRae played 5 seasons for the Royals in the early ’90s.

He was also a baseball analyst for ESPN.

Whuppin’ people’s ass runs in the family.

If you recall, Hal McRae (Brian’s dad) went postal on reporters in 1993.

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  1. victoria harbourcats? what the fuck is a harbourcat? no wonder he went off

  2. Hostile Pacifist

    I was in a two year abusive relationship and this is exactly what happened.

  3. real men dont hit women

    mcrae is a pussy

  4. This is why I’m single.

  5. sometimes u gotta smack a bitch

  6. I survived Domestic violence! Im happy to be still alive! And live my life without all that abuse!

  7. Street Philosopher

    these niggas are stupid….. dude threw away his career over a bitch

  8. Feel so sorry for her. Please dont go back to him ❤️

  9. Caught Slippin

    nothin good happens at 4:30 am

  10. Garland Owls11

    Men are trash.

  11. Im shocked. B-Mac didnt come off as being a woman beater. Seemed like a nice man.

  12. I like pancakes

    Why are men always potrayed as abusers? Women are worse when it comes to domestic voilence especially since society likes to believe that women are so perfect that they can do no wrong.

  13. Women are attracted to guys that treat them this way. If a nice guy ever approached her and asked her out on a date, she would probably pat him on his head and tell him that he’s such a nice guy and that he will one day meet a girl that will appreciate him for how nice he is which is totally BS. The only types of women that date nice guys are divorced women with kids, older women in their 30s and 40s and women that don’t have careers that need a guy to take care of them.

  14. welp his career is officially in the toilet

  15. Choose the right man. End of story… 💯

  16. Guys chase these women for looks and image but when they expose their ugliness now yall suprised…chase what’s worth chasing 💯

  17. Why do these big strong guys always hit a woman????

  18. Sounds pretty bad but the guy has been retired for 20 years. My point is this : If a person has formerly been known in sports or some other area of entertainment, does that mean if they’re accused of criminal behavior at some point that it’s considered newsworthy ?

  19. chicken n waffles

    mr mcrae, kareem hunt got his job back…… hopefully u do too

  20. Bet he has no money left.

  21. Babe Ruth Sucks

    B-Mac’s most memorable hit came against a woman………. sad

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