Ex-Chiefs star Kareem Hunt suffers from fatherless syndrome, signs with Browns

Kareem Hunt receives 2nd chance in Cleveland/TMZ.com

Hunt suffers from ghetto syndrome.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

CLEVELAND — Sports talk shows nationwide are still buzzin’ over former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt who signed a one-year deal with the Cleveland Browns on Monday despite being captured on video beating a white girl’s ass. Once ostracized, Kareem figures to play this year. “First off, I would like to once again apologize for my actions last year,” Kareem said in a statement. “What I did was inexcusable. That is not the man I was raised to be… I’m extremely grateful that John Dorsey, Dee and Jimmy Haslam and the Cleveland Browns organization are granting me the opportunity to earn their trust and represent their organization in the best way possible on and off the field.”

Tuesday’s backlash came in response to Cleveland’s despairing decision to sign the embattled 23-year-old before the NFL concludes its investigation regarding multiple violent incidents involving Kareem. In the past year, the truculent negro beat the sh*t out of two dudes and a girl.

Kareem obviously has a problem and he has no business playing football.

The Ohio native has more salient non compos mentis issues to contend with.

Besides, NFL free agency begins in March. The prudent thing for Browns management to do entails waiting until the league imposes an comeuppance before offering Kareem a zero tolerance contract. Then suspend him for a year to ensure he’s both compunctious and au fait of his ghetto deportment.

That would’ve been fair.

Instead, the inverse took place.

Here’s the timeline:

1) Hunt whupped Abigail Ottinger’s ass last February inside a Cleveland hotel.

2) TMZ leaked surveillance footage of the beatdown on November 30th.

3) The Chiefs fired Hunt the next day after he lied to team officials about being involved.

4) The Super Bowl just concluded and Kareem already has a job.

The expeditious acquisition sends an eye-opening message to battered women and young players throughout the league. There’s also some history involved. Browns general manager John Dorsey drafted Kareem for the Chiefs in 2017. He took the Cleveland job last year after receiving a pink slip in KC.

Cleveland reporters are mostly opposed to Kareem’s employment.

Browns fans, however, don’t give a damn as long as the team wins.

“I want everybody to know we have done extensive research in regards to this case, this player,” Dorsey explained to reporters. “He understands and takes full responsibility for the egregious act he committed. He is extremely remorseful for his actions.”

Look, we can’t blame the Browns for being the Browns. They’re a moribund franchise seeking all the talent they can get. Prior to last season, the Browns claimed one victory in 2 years. In other words… if Jeffrey Dahmer proved capable of carrying the football, the Browns would’ve signed him.

Hell, when you’re 1-31 over a 2-year stretch, anybody will do.

Two more items of note:

1) In 2014, former Baltimore Ravens halfback Ray Rice was put on blast via TMZ video for beating a woman’s ass too. He’s been banned from the NFL ever since. What’s the difference between Ray and Kareem?

Ray punched his chick.

Kareem kicked his.

2) The NFL has experienced dozens of domestic violence incidents the past couple of decades. If I were a betting man, I’d say 99 percent of those cases involve black men. I raise this point because Kareem said “that is not the man I was raised to be” which is false.

He was groomed by his mother and grandmother in a fatherless home.

Kareem was indirectly raised to fail.

See, when a malcontent grows up without a dad (generally speaking), he’s bound to morph into a malefactor of some sort. That’s because conventional wisdom suggests urban women (generally speaking) are incapable of developing productive black men on their own.

When I was a kid, the community adage went “Black Women, Mothers of the Earth.”

You don’t hear that sh*t anymore.

That’s because there’s a morose minority of ebony chicks who’ve completely given up.

They’re not alone. Many White, Asian and Hispanic mothers are equally inept.

Sure, there’s exceptions.

After all, there’s a battalion of hard-working moms out here kicking ass. And you can make a strong argument deadbeat dads are most culpable for the mortifying state of young black men.

But, again, we’re speaking in generalities.

Would love for someone to disprove the aforementioned postulation. But I don’t see it happening. There’s simply too many urban mothers who are nefarious, pessimistic and totally unfit to manage a household;  let alone raise kids. Don’t believe me, read the Mass Appeal blog.

Not trying to dump on remiss thots in the ghetto.

But I gotta call a spade a spade.

Like many of his peers, Kareem is a fatherless young negro from the hood.

Sadly, his barbaric actions were inevitable.

Ok, I know whatcha thinking.

Where’s Kareem’s dad?

Who knows?

Crime runs in the family.

Kareem’s father has been arrested at least 35 times on a myriad of charges, including domestic abuse.

Kareem’s cousin is busy serving time for involuntary manslaughter.

Kareem’s mother, brother and step-father have also been arrested and convicted.

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  1. Nick Feria crique

    Cleveland bout to be Amazing!!

  2. Let’s go Hunt next time let them rich white girls get beat up by some females don’t retaliate. She knew what she was doing. Be smart next time get a woman to do it
    No one feels sorry for that girl except other white people who don’t make as much cash as u bro

  3. Even tho he pushed her down I felt that he actually showed a little restraint considering the girl slapped him a few times ..

  4. The browns must be ashamed of them self for signing this guy.

  5. christian mafia

    not a Browns fan but I like the move

  6. The Chiefs were not the same after the TMZ video surfaced. An injured starter out for the season they adjust or just flat out desensitized – which is the nature of the beast. Same with players with legal issues.
    The dynamics of what was going on with the chiefs held my interest and surely gave the league a boost. The strongest, fastest, the guy that flattens anybody in front of him etc. Thats all that matters. Perhaps the country has been desensitized ie. Trump. All of this is Kareem Hunt issue & how it had been handled is – the Culture of the NFL.

  7. Haha 😆 What’s wrong TMZ you couldn’t ruin his life ? Fuck you TMZ ! You ruined our NFL season fuck you ! That cunt shouldn’t have put her hands on him !

    Just admit he’s now making more money so you helped his career you douches !

  8. Piece of shit going to a shit team 💩

  9. Kareem Hunt vs Floyd Mayweather vs Chris Brown triple threat match

  10. Hes from Cleveland..why not..welcome home✊✊💪💪

  11. Worst move by Cleveland ever they are sexists

  12. This Kareem Hunt signing to the Browns sure kicked off this offseason in tremendous fashion

  13. So we just gonna keep acting like that woman didn’t call him several derogatory terms while putting her hands on him first

  14. Well the Browns needed a quality kicker so why not

  15. I dont understand why he was released in the first place. Like chiefs didnt want to do that, they were forced to do it. If it wasnt for social media he probably wouldnt be. Listen what he did was wrong, it was beyond stupid but for gods sake dont take this mans job and money away. They would probably be in the superbowl if they wouldnt release him.

  16. Antonio Fernandez

    Good for the Browns they got a Running Back and a Kicker for the price of one

  17. Second chances aren’t required if the players are out doing smoking and drinking. Messing with women who are not wife quality. Junk happens at junk time and junk locations.
    Change your life Hunt and it won’t be tough. Keep the gang mindset get in more trouble.
    He has a chance but it is on Hunt no one else.

  18. Browns petty af…😂😂🔫🔫🔫🔫

  19. Woman beaters don’t deserve to make millions of dollars, or play in the nfl at all, change my mind

  20. This is a Low risk High reward move by the Browns, worst scenario they lose 600k(which is virtually no money when considering they have 80 Million in cap space) in cap space because Kareem Hunt gets suspended the whole year best scenario Kareem Hunt gets a suspension for around 8 games and the Browns get All Pro level play from Hunt for low pay

  21. Nobody should get a second chance in the NFL if you assault anybody no matter what the circumstance is, He could have easily called the police and had them escort her out instead he took actions in his own hands. I’m a Browns fan but I will not be rooting for hunt, we didn’t need him and it’s a bad pr move

  22. DONALD Jean-Jacques

    If you have a problem with this move by the browns, you have issues in general because people make mistakes in life and deserve another chance.

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