Drop the Mic: T-Pain vs Lonzo

T-Pain battles Lonzo Ball/Photo: Drop The Mic.

T-Pain and Lonzo took the gloves off. 

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ATLANTA — Autotune specialist T-Pain and Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball went blow for blow the other night on Turner Network’s Drop The Mic — a TNT talent competition hosted by Method Man and Hailey Bieber. Lonzo began the conveyance of disparages by trashing T-Pain’s appearance — saying the 33-year-old singer resembled an admixture of Lil Rel and Medusa. “T-Pain’s a wack singer, even wacker producer who looks like his parents is Lil Rel and Medusa,” Lonzo quipped.

T-Pain countered by lambasting the Ball family, LaVar in particular. “You talked about my looks, man, come on Lonzo please. You look like Drake if he had a blood disease,” T-pain cracked. “I’m mad that your dad pushed you the way that he did. He’s like Joe Jackson but with un-talented kids.”

“And I was looking at your jersey, talk about it real quick: did you go No. 2 because you play like shit? You’ll be a Laker legend long after you’re gone… um… wait, actually I was talking about LeBron.”

In a separate skirmish, 70-year-old Samuel L. Jackson destroyed talk show host James Corden. Sam’s rhymes were so dope, he ended the night’s festivities by dropping the mic on the ground as the crowd roared in approval. Ole Sam could’ve been a damn good rapper.

Watch the battles below.

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  1. T pain bars was so damn weak and corny 😂😤

  2. Sam motherf****n killed it motherf***a

  3. LONZO THe GOAT 🐐💯

  4. focus on basketball u bum this is embarrassing

  5. lonzo destroyed him

  6. Lavar lonzo liangeli … that make sense yo hole family take an L 😂

  7. WestCoast Ghost

    Samuel L Jackson Muthafucka!!!

  8. Lonzo was funny. Had homie backing up

  9. kerstin thomas

    All I got to say is damn Samuel L Jackson’s the OG

  10. I fuck with Samuel L. Jackson.

  11. Tpain killed it. But lonzo held his own.😂 Nice Show.

  12. Lonzo Ball won that battle #BBB

  13. Never new Samuel Jackson can rap🤯🤯

  14. wornoutshoes11

    Joe jackson but with untalented kids… Haaahh. Lol

  15. luther uzamaki

    Lonzo took another L😂

  16. Lonzo should be practicing free throws, not trynna be some rap comedian 🤦‍♂️

  17. That joe Jackson joke tho 💀💀

  18. All jackson had to say was muthafucka and it was over😅😅😅

  19. Sheriece McWilliams

    Lawd………SLJ did that!!! Sorry James lol!!!

  20. Erick Gonzalez

    T, Pain was upset while L, ball was rapping, so he decided to add L, Balls family to the barrs because he couldn’t take it, it was just between them so he didn’t know what else to say about him, and ball said everything about him with out saying anything about T, Pains family. Take the L TP.

  21. Sammy J is the fuckin GOAT


  23. Johnta Washington

    T pain killed lonzo ass

  24. Tpain was personal asf

  25. Lonzo took that dub tho 💯 .

  26. Everyone in the crowd is white and don’t know what good roasts are, the raps are also scripted lol

  27. Almighty FDR94

    Sam Jackson busted his ass 😂😂😂

  28. That was CLASSY Nash. Broke him down and built him up, I love it.

  29. Kimberly Wilson

    Lol Samuel L Jackson is the man .And those bank commercials paid him bank bruh. He’s one of the highest paid actors period.

  30. Neicy won….

  31. the ball family pisses me off smfh🙄

  32. Battle was 🔥🔥 but Cedric won it I think.

  33. Thatguy Youdontknow

    Not gone lie they mean af I would have my feelings hurt

  34. Lonzo hands down 🔥

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