Ex-NFL player T.J. Cunningham murdered following silly dispute over parking spot

T.J. Cunningham loses his life over a parking spot.

Cunningham dead over parking spot. 

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DENVER — Former NFL player T.J. Cunningham was shot dead Sunday morning in Colorado over, get this: a damn parking spot. He was 46. Cunningham starred at the University of Colorado before being selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the 6th round of the 1996 NFL Draft. He also served as assistant principal at Hinkley High School. According to police reports, Cunningham and his neighbor — Marcus Johnson — wrangled over a parking spot. The two agreed to meet at a local high school to settle their beef.

But the rules of fisticuffs apparently didn’t apply. Johnson, 31, showed up with a gun. Cunningham didn’t. And the rest is history. He leaves behind a wife and 5 kids. Cunningham’s quietus is eerily similar to that of former Kansas City Chiefs halfback Joe McKnight.

Like Cunningham, an unarmed Joe was shot dead over a silly automobile dispute. Ditto for New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Will Smith. Someone should tell NFL players people don’t fight fair anymore. Being bigger and stronger don’t mean diddly-squat when it comes to firearms.

This day and age it’s barmy and suicidal to bring fists to a gun fight.

Let’s chalk it up as a lesson learned.

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  1. Was it worth it

  2. dead over a fuckin parking spot?

  3. Now no one has the parking spot

  4. Tj dumb asf you a grown as man throwing your life away for a parking spot

  5. lyndia middlebrooks

    Parking space ain’t no joke these days

  6. Damn coward with a gun, put them hands up and fight like a man.

  7. dude was a principal, had a proud football background, had a beautiful wife n kids then threw it all away over a damn parking spot……… thats fucked up

  8. Rip, that not what we should be fighting over😔😔😥

  9. To all of the stupid people in here saying they shouldn’t have been fighting over a parking spot. Well is that some how suppose to warrant waiting hours with a handgun too plan out a calculated murder of an unarmed family man dumbasses.
    He could have got away with 1 too 3 shots during the first fight, but premeditated is exactly what this was dumbass people posting on here!

  10. Look people if you gave a problem with a neighbor and agree to box it out do just that box and move on. Shit ain’t that serious to bring a gun smh.
    Thoughts and prayers going out to both families as they live across the street from each other.

  11. A man killed over a parking spot dispute…. This saddens me since there is no reason for someone to shoot someone else over something as petty as a parking space dispute. May the family get the justice they deserve, and the other man gets the punishment he deserves. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so please be careful and make sure to tell your loved ones that you love then since this may happen to you out of nowhere.

  12. A parking spot is not worth a Human Being’s Life. There are plenty of Parking Spots, but there is only one Human Life. RIP

  13. Yes, we know he was a football player. Other than that, it’s essentially just one of the thousands of “black-man-shoots-black-man” stories annually. Move on.

  14. I had the neighbor from hell lived under me. I had to beat her ass too but i moved a month later tho cant stay that close to an enemy..

  15. Now he doesnt have that parking spot or his freedom lol 👏👏👏👏 great job bafoon

  16. Corinne Quinones

    Very stupid. What a sad situation that could of easily been avoided.

  17. BLM!! WHERE YOU AT!? There have been plenty of police shootings of unarmed blacks and racism, but the fact still remains that black on black murder is at the top of the list. We have to help ourselves before we can fix anything else.

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