McDonald’s Stabbing: woman ‘stabbed’ in cranium for taking spot in drive-thru line

Taco John's

Asalene Branch stabs woman at McDonald’s/Facebook

Lady diced over drive-thru spot.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

MEMPHIS — McNuggets anyone? Asalene Branch, 29, is putrefying behind bars after the blade-wielding damsel stabbed Jasmine Burress in the head for stealing her spot in McDonald’s drive-thru line. The sanguinary ordeal went down at the urban hamburger venue located at 905 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. A viral cell phone video shows both ladies quarreling over who jumped in front of who. Seconds later, a handful of Jasmine’s clique attacked Asalene who responded by pulling out a knife.

Jasmine was stabbed in the cranium shortly after.

“If five people are jumping on you, what would you do?” said Asalene’s mother who claims her daughter acted in self defense. Asalene is charged with aggravated assault.

Watch the shocking video.

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  2. Terrell Whitehead

    This must be the only McDonald ‘s in that town!

  3. What the fuck u expect at McDonald’ ass processed food shit ain’t even real n u raising all that hell…go somewhere else ..I do ..fuck McDonald’s

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  7. Antony Terranova

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  13. Elizabeth Gonzalez

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  19. BlackLivesMatter..... Sometimes

    This year’s honoree for Black History Month is…………..

  20. Mae N/A Holmes

    toddjones6463 Your wife is not the same race as Blacks born in this country. If your wife was born in Africa she African. Black people born in this country are Black Americans (some refer to themselves as African American but they are not African). Yes, sometimes they fight over crappy shit. Black women know or have heard how the white man treated their ancestor and most of us don’t want to have anything to do with you all some do. It’s a matter of opinion. When you see people fighting like that I believe it is an environmental mentally. I didn’t grove up like that and don’t feel like people are always out to get me. You live that way you usually die that way.

  21. Belinda L Frazier

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    What a mess

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  28. not trying to defend the girls but why does mcdonalds have 2 drive thru lines?

  29. I love watching darkies fight for my amusement.

  30. shouldve went to burger king

  31. I hate fast food. It attracts violent entitled ignorant trash

  32. Why is it always happening at McDonald’s?

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